Gold voices Defoe doubts

Gold2West Ham joint chairman David Gold has  questioned the resale value of Jermain Defoe.

It has been suggested it would cost the Irons £15m to leave the Black Cats and that he may want a minimum two year contract to improve his 18 months at Sunderland.

This would leave no resale value at the end of his contract as it is likely to be the end of his footballing career.

Defoe is currently thought to be on £70,000 per week at Sunderland and would want on an increase on those terms to join West Ham.

 Wages at £80,000 per week would cost the Hammers £8.3m over two years and together with the transfer fee it could reach a total investment over £23m to land the former Hammer.

One Hammers fan tweeted co-chairman David Gold: “I think £15m for Defoe would be a good buy. Yes he’s 34 but his goals could be priceless.”

Gold replied: “How much do you think you could sell Defoe for when he’s 36?”

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13 comments on “Gold voices Defoe doubts

  1. I’ve got to agree with Gold here. We will finish 8th at best and won’t get relegated with or without him. I can’t see him play another 2 seasons at this level.

    He has never been a 20 goal per season striker with 18 his best and the 15 of last season his next best. He is way better than what we have but I would rather try and buy someone younger who we can build a team with.

    Last season was the best I’ve witnesses as a West Ham fan. It would’ve been hard to replicate it even if we stayed at Upton Park. I would much rather let us try and consolidate and settle in our new stadium.

  2. I know gold is a business man but his comments about a resale ( his correct ) its not something you publicly say as we could still see our selves going for Defoe and if he was to see those comments would he want to leave Sunderland if all we are thinking is flogging him back off again. Tbh all this is a shambles we should of identified the player (s)
    We wanted in November giving us enough time to negotiate then come transfer window get it over the line quick and hassle free giving them more time to gel

    • So why has there been so little transfer activity thus far in the window for all clubs.If it was that easy all clubs woukd have their business done in the first week it opens
      January is a sellers window in the main.Clubs can hang fire & hold on to their players until the last couple of days.January is a window for struggling clubs & selling clubs no that.

  3. With Defoe Sunderland aren’t going to sell him anyway if they had zero chance of avoiding relegation they probably would have bitten our arm off for the 6.5 million or whatever we offered. If one of the teams at the bottom does a load of business or one of the teams at the top then it will all start to kick off, its the same most years until someone starts the money flowing with a big deal it remains fairly static.

  4. Just think what the sell on value of the club would be DG if we went down ! 22m doesn’t sound to bad now does it 🙂 🙂

    • Remember not to read any other sites today GW,you aint allowed too 😂

      • I’ll remember Rads 🙂 Don’t want HH coming back and issuing me with a WHTID asbo do I 🙂

        • Poor old H the wild mustang,his timing is shocking.He came here yesterday to say if you dont like a site dont read it at almost exactly the same time some his mob were slagging off an article about Hogan on here.Nothing like a bit of badly timed irony.
          Funnily enough he didnt pass on the same mantra to them 😁😁😁

  5. Thing is I like old HH Rads but he’s got this sudden urge to come on and defend Dale’s sites honour for some reason when someone’s had a pop 🙂 But never says boo to a goose when a pillock over there rips into C+H ! Ah well each to their own 🙂

  6. Live & let live fellas i say.You know you get arrogant people in all walks of life.The internet is no different.I read the post yesterday about brands of fans.It isnt worth getting wound up about.People make their own beds & in time others soon get tired of their arrogance & fat head attitudes.
    Im not getting entwined in this anymore other than to say others rarely take any notice of them eventually,they just smirk behind their backs about their arrogance & swollen heads..

    • Agree 74 but just wait for the we need the Slug back bandwagon to start if god forbid we get a ropey result at the weekend 🙂

      • Pls dont get me started again im still fuming from yesterday.
        I wonder what i will be branded as because i dont moan on webs as i schlepp my way up to The Boro next weekend.
        Im sure from the comfort of the sofa a new brand will come out.FFS!!
        Oh & my 74 year old father is going as well.Well he doesnt complain about the club at all,he has seen it done it bought the tshirt.Does some imbecile want to brand him a suck it up fool.Would love him to say it to my fathers face.

  7. Just get Defoe in.

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