Noble: “It’s not been an ideal pre-season”

NobleMark Noble has finally admitted that the excursion into the Europa Cup is a hindrance to the pre-season Premier League build-up.

He said quite frankly: ”It is not ideal preparation for the Arsenal game – simple as.”

He explained that after the trip to Malta from which the squad returned at 5am: “When I got in my front door, it was light. We had to come in for a warm-down, so the lads had only two hours’ sleep.

“Other teams have done it in the past, but you look at Spurs and Everton last year and they struggled in the league because those journeys take it out of you.

“You don’t want to go and play in Romania three days before the opening day of the season – and at Arsenal away, of all places.

“The football people, the people who understand football know that it is not ideal. But we have to deal with it and, hopefully, we can come away unscathed.

“We have the resources to handle a Premier League season. It is tough at the moment because we have players suspended and those matches are our pre-season games. The suspended players have got to play in one of the other games we have arranged.

“It hasn’t been an ideal pre-­season, if I am honest.”

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14 comments on “Noble: “It’s not been an ideal pre-season”

  1. Hold out, I am beginning to have doubts about this management set up, I for one want us to qualify for the next round of the Europa Cup. Remember the winners of the Europa qualify for the champions league. As a supporter I will be very disappointed to go out on Thurs night. Secondly the premiership is the most important but if Bilic is stupid enough to think we will beat Arsenal away well I am sorry. Lets play our best team on Thurs night and then look at the picture for Arsenal. The worse case scenario come Monday morning is to be out of the Europa League and to have lost to Arsenal, I know which game we should be targeting.

  2. Why return at 5am then.
    Sleep over there then return refreshed.
    Why the hurry to get back only to be knackered.
    It’s not rocket science

  3. Johnham,how the **** can you have doubts about this management.You want Bilic to do an Allardyce & pick & choose matches to turn up to & games to go to & lose with a whimper.Yes we may well lose at Arsenal but lets at least give it a go & not go there like wimps as you seem to want us to do.Until i used forums i never used to hear talk like this from people who are irons fans.As for Noble,he needs a kick in the nuts.How often is he going to get the chance to play in europe in his career & he is crying about it.Stick him on 12hr shifts in a factory 6 or 7 days a week & then maybe the tart might have something to moan about.Whimp!!!

  4. I’ve always thought the Europa Cup is a waste of time, particularly for a team like West Ham where the squad doesn’t have much depth.

    Now we’ve lost Valencia for the foreseeable future and now find ourselves light up front and being forced into the market for an attacker – held to ransom for some Brazilian deadleg or whatever – it’s like Deja Vu all over again!

  5. I said from the start we were not ready for Europe, getting in the back door may not do us any favours! it’s okay looking at the extra income, but next season is so important with the last season at The Boleyn, and the ground move, we need to build and Slav needs to get working with the players, not trips abroad.

  6. Wow,what a cheerful lot you are.Do you only come on to forums if you have something to moan about.So far this morning i have read that the europa league is sh*t,Austin woukd be a sh*t signing & we should not care about playing Arsenal because we will get hammered anyway.Unbelievable,time for a sunday lunch pint ot ten before our joyful,cheerful supporters make me depressed!

  7. Here we go again,out come the cowards with no backbone,
    We have plenty of players good enough to win on Thursday and give it a good go on Sunday,
    We can beat Arsenal,on Thursday we can start are best players and bring on others at half time if needs be, the flight is bull all the flying we did last year,and if playing to many games is a problem why are we playing any first team ears today,
    Keep Sakho,Payet,Kouyate,Burke ( for right back,) Cresswell ,back for Sunday Collins,Tomkins,are not avalible keep Ried to mark sure he is fit,
    That still leaves a very good side for Thursday,
    Rudolf,Jenkinson,Oby,Henry,Page or Hendrie,
    Poyet,Oxford or Noble or Alfitano
    Magia,Zarate,Jarvis,Lee or Samulesun,or Cullen,
    Obiang could be fit Lizzy the Argie could be fit,
    Then we have other promising youngsters,
    I rest my case

    • Be careful Bubs that’s almost the same team (I suggested for the Astra game) and I got berated. Only exceptions are Jenkinson & Zarate for Lee which I also said could be an option.
      So obviously its a yes from me.
      What do you think Brooking !!

  8. Si mere muppet supporters like myself always look on the bright side, we’ve got a good new manager some skilful signings, some defensive reinforcements and a midfield with some depth… 35 years+ as a fan that’s seen Roeder, Macari prowl the touch line without a clue a hippo with a one dimensional brain and a fondness for his chosen few, an alleged manager from Israel… To much Wikipedia, YouTube and football manager 2015 has made these fans believe that they are the fonts of all knowledge…

  9. westham need a site for the manic depressive,
    Bit like the Samaritans, sorry forgot we have one
    Wet pants til indie .com

    • Or just simply call it the Samamitans, dial 1 to get over Nolan not playing, dial 2 to get over the loss of Downing, dial 3 to hear inspirational quotes and help in blaming everyone and not yourself, dial 4 for Mystic Bradders Horoscopes and future signings , dial 5 to for the ” Be careful what you wish for telephone party” …

  10. Really struggling to understand the mentality of some of our fans.Some say dont give a **** about the Astra game,others say dont give a **** about the Arsenal game.When did we become a team with so many lily livered supporters.Age of the internet i guess.Only come onto a forum if you have something to moan about.Get a grip for god sake!!! (& yes i know i am moaning as well,but some people do my head in).As for Noble,man up,im sure you slept on the plane.Sure many fans got back just as late & went off to to do an 8 or 10 hr day without a warm down 😉

    • Spot on Bob, I remember going to Oldham plastic pitch, Frankie Bunn scoring a hatrick in a league cup semi fans still singing we’re going to win 7-6… Banter all the way ,the age of the premier league has created fans fascinated by stats, money and analysis of everything.. Better a pint and banter and a laugh about what’s actually happened after a game not using opts stats to have an opinion.. But then again I’m just an old school muppet after all lol ..

  11. Ffs,we know it aint ideal but if you dont want to play in european competition as a footballer then you shouldnt want to play football.It is about a 3hr30min flight to bucharest,i have done it.It is in europe not south america.Show a bit of backbone for christ sake!!!

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