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In this edition we’ll be discussing our transfer targets and primarily the striker and right back positions. We’ll be having a cup of tea and fielding questions from a live feed so you can either view it as it happens or as a recorded broadcast later on. . . . .  . . . I think it’s fair to assume neither of us will be looking to extend Zaza’s stay.

Live at 8:30pm


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2 comments on “Video: Live Chat

  1. Personally I think that Burke should come back to challenge for the RB and CB places.
    He is more experienced than Oxford and is more a proven player in both positions.
    That does not make him a RWB though. That position is more suited to Antonio, who has never complained about playing there.

  2. Another great show guy’s, keep up the cups of tea! ;]
    One of the main reasons why I want to see a right back come in is so we can go back to 4 at the back! jesus isn’t it obvious that we are fragile with 3 + wing backs?! I don’t really care who we get in, you guys have mentioned a few decent players i’d be happy with. The best thing for me going back to a back 4 would be having Kouyate back in midfield, he is officially my favourite Hammer! :] he has everything for me, and next to Obiang i’d feel we have a brilliantly balanced centre midfield. I love Noble, he’s got passion, composure and a good pass for sure, but unfortunately not much else. The game has changed a lot now, and its obvious to see he doesn’t have the full package to be a first team player anymore.
    If Carroll stayed fit for the rest of the season then i’d happily have Ayew running around him in a free role, we haven’t seen the best of him yet. Realistically though Carroll will get injured, fletcher has done enough for me to replace him as the target man if needed, he deserves his chance. If Bilic wants a change and feels Carroll can’t be relied on then i agree with Gonzo, Just go and get a proper striker, pay the money and tell him he’s the main man to get the goals. As much as i agree also with Gonzo, Sturridge could be that man, unfortunately i know someone very close to him who knows how bad his injuries really are. We would only get half the amount of games out of him at best :[
    Berahino is a forgotten man, he is proven in the premier league, and did it at one of the poorest boring teams in the league, which makes him even better in my book. £10-15m would get him, and he would have an oppurtunity to start a fresh in a team that has a lot more creativity than west brom! But as much as we can blame the board for poor transfers in the summer, i do believe they tried to spend the money on Batshuayi, Lacezzete, Vardy. As you said it was the way they went about it that ****ed it!
    Lets not kid ourselves though fella’s, its the JANUARY transfer window, and are many teams going to spend BIG on players?… No, very few will and always have done. I think we’re looking at a cheap option and loan realistically, we’ll wait and see :/
    Cheers boys.

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