£10 million extra to make “Slaven a hero”


David Gold reckons he and David Sullivan have done everything they can to help make Slaven Bilic a hero.

The widely held belief before the transfer heated up was that the co owners would spend around £25 million in the summer transfer window.

But the pair have gone about £10 million more than that as they have attempted to bring real depth to the squad in their final Boleyn year.

Gold – speaking exclusively to ClaretandHugh – said: “We’ve gone as far as we dare and we really hope it’s enough to make Slaven a hero.

“We’ve had a decent team to put out for a couple of years when everybody was fit but now we have that and a very good bench.

“These are two incredibly important years for us and we needed to go the extra mile  to give ourselves absolutely every chance.

“I believe we have done that and it’s excellent to hear everybody speaking so positively bout the business we’ve done and the future.”


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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

7 comments on “£10 million extra to make “Slaven a hero”

  1. Although appreciated its peanuts compared to the so called top 5 or 6 !!!
    But the players on the books now can put us up there and what with the OS move
    It can only get better !!
    Looking forward to the journey !!!

  2. Weren’t they quoted has possibly having 35 million to use this summer?

  3. Dont think it was ever a particular figure quoted Nav.Though 25m was the figure being thrown about the most.They did say that they have spent more than they originally intended though.I read Sully or Gold mention that they went further money wise than was the original plan 😉

  4. Is the cupboard empty in January now.Hope we dont need reinforcements then anyway.We should have a big enough squad.
    Seems nice & peaceful tonight,no notsoclever to worry about for now.Couldnt happen to a nicer bloke getting blocked.Pity someone else had to be the fall guy elsewhere though.Guess however you look at it if he hadnt been wrongly accused imo it wouldnt have kicked off,lol

    • That place made me sick today.Had enough if it.Seems the people who dont get a certain type of banter,wind up or a certain type of humour call all the shots.There are many who got Banjos humour & interacted with him.But no,thats not allowed,you must have the same type of humour as certain other individuals for it to be acceptable.Well i got news for them,we aint all lovers of a certain person,some of us enjoyed Banjos stupid,frivilous comments & general chit,chat.Still good luck to them,they will slowly **** everyone else off so they are left with their own little group of chums chatting to themselves.

      • First time ive commented on C&H although i read the excellent articles and browse through the comments most days. I do comment regularly on WHTID under the same user name (nothing to hide) and am dissapointed to see the agrevation between the users of two sites. ‘Thats the way i like it’, i dont know what name you post under on the other site but i talk to everyone that comments on there and so have probably chatted to you. I didnt/dont have any issues with anyone on there but would like to give my opinion of what you say. There is room on for everyone on there, as you rightly say people have different senses of humour and different ideas of what banter is. Everyone generally gets along. In this instance it had been clear for a while that liddy wasnt on the same wave length as banjo, that shouldnt matter as lots of people like them both. Liddy had asked banjo several times not to comment on her articles because she didnt like his style, thats all she asked. If he had been sensible he could have carried on with his usual stuff with others without making comment, but he wouldnt and kept digging at her, this bust up has been coming for weeks. The outcome is a great shame as they both contributed, however it was avoidable. The point is, everyone can comment on there in their own style but we all have to respect others (some people are more sensitive than others) and if someone asks you to stop its not unreasonable to just move on and go with it. I hope you dont stop posting on there as its good to get a range of comments.

  5. Many of us including me,i hold my hands up,complained they wouldnt go the extra mile.Well i guess they pushed it as far as they could so fair play to them.
    Lads,let it go,the guy was sentenced without a trial,haha,was always going to happen though when you go head to head with one of the chosen few.Thats the way life is 😀

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