£1m investment in London Stadium Wi-Fi


StadiumappLondon Stadium owners E20 Stadium LLP and operators London Stadium 185 plan to invest up to £1m to install free Stadium wide WiFi in the former Olympic Stadium which will installed in the Summer and is scheduled to be ready for the start of next season in August.

An original plan to install stadium Wi-fi this season was abandoned when a £4.5m per year naming rights deal with Indian company Mahindra collapsed. The technical arm of Mahindra had planned to install Wi-Fi as part of the deal.

wifiWe understand that the operators re-tendered the Wi-Fi contract in recent months and they will attempt to find a commercial sponsor to offset some of the investment which will ultimately funded by the tax payer.

A new smart app is also due to be launched along side the WiFi  called ‘The Stadium app’ although this maybe re-branded once the naming rights are sold later this year. Many supporters say they currently struggle to connect to mobile data services within the stadium at peak periods while other supporters claim fans should spend more time watching the game in front of them and less time looking at their mobile phones.

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  • StanThe Man says:

    I like many more of us watching MOTD have just seen Slaven is the quickest manager to reach 25 wins in our history.It really does make a mockery of calls for his head & fans already search for our next manager.Especially the few fans i have read in the past two days who seem to want to wear rosettes or carry posies because they are proud that they had previously been critical of Slaven when others havnt.The ones who have a got at others & accuse them of thinking Bilic can do no wrong.
    No we just dont fold like a pack of cards as fans because of a few bad results that intersperse many wins.Its called loyalty & certainly not blind loyalty.If these fans had been at St.Marys they would understand we are totally behind Super Slaven and a few internet wally brains wont change that COYI

    • Stratford E20 says:

      25 wins out of a possible 62. If thats the best the it just shows how rubbish we have always been rather than how good the current manager is.

  • slaven a laugh says:

    Well said Stan. Slav is definitely the best manager we have had since John Lyall. Too may fickle fans and self appointed experts about nowadays with no patience and little understanding.

  • Hammer64 says:

    No national outcry over crowd trouble at West Brom I see. Double standards?

    Also noticed CP fans streaming out before HT at Selhurst. Again this doesn’t attract as much attention as when it happens at the LS.

    This is because the ‘media narrative’ is that our move is a badly managed shambles ‘financed by the taxpayer’. And in the case of the second non story it is because CP fans are ‘fantastic’, Selhurst is ‘a fortress’ ( even though they can’t win there’). Talk about lazy journalism…

  • John says:

    Well said Stan. These idiots know feck all. I just wish the internet never gave them a platform.

    Well said H64 too. I get tired of the negativity that surrounds our club.

    As to WIFI am I only one who wouldn’t give a toss if the stadium was a wifi free zone? Who wants to use the internet while you are watching football? Can’t people manage without for 120 mins? I’ve had people around me who look at their phone the whole game. Why’d you do that?

    • Stratford E20 says:

      I must admit that at 0-4 against City I gave up like the players had. I didn’t watch any more of the game and just read the news on the BBC.

  • Hammer64 says:

    Agree entirely John. Maybe you are above a certain age?…

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