£30m bust-up on the way if Moyes and board don’t get busy


It may not have been the most exciting deadline day – or indeed summer transfer window – but the reality is Declan remains with us, Felipe Anderson looks to be on his way …and the best – HOPEFULLY  may yet be to come!

So it’s not all bad!

A sense of perspective in all things remains incredibly important and during the window, many judgements were made by many punters on the back of newspaper stories as is always the case.

There was much that happened which needed to be strongly addressed – notably David Sullivan apparently looking for sympathy on talkSPORT whilst regularly holding out the begging bowl and sending all the wrong messages to clubs and players.

James Tarkowski was probably the prize example of that – after all which of us would go to a club that is apparently going skint.

However, to take a stick to people on the back of a few ridiculous rumours which by and large are made up by bored journalists duri9ng a quiet time is silly.

Sadly it happens regularly. Blame the ‘papers such as The Express in particular which has claimed for weeks Declan would be gone and worse!

We now look forward to a couple of weeks when we will hopefully get a central defender from the Championship and cover in midfield given there is absolutely nobody who can adequately compete for places with Rice and Soucek.

This is the market in which Moyes claims to be something of an expert which of course then begs the question: “Why hasn’t somebody been signed from it by now.”

Ours is not to reason why but should we not have done so by October 16 given we still have around £30 million in the bank otherwise plenty of stick will be handed out.

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • Craig says:

    We could ha e signed championship players anytime since early August

    The fact we are going for them now is down to the inability of our pathetically inept bird to bring on any of the many other targets our manager wanted

    Every championship player rose in price at midnight last night

    Yet another example of how poorly this club is run

    The only transfer that will make us happy now is one of ownership

  • Lee Dean says:

    So you mock ‘bored journalists’ for publishing made up transfer links and yet publish all those ‘reports’ here for click bait.. .. Priceless

    • LOL – jealous **** – go do something with your life. Not even sure I excused myself. Idiot. Go back to Twotter where you are no doubt appreciated. What’s the point of running a site without running stories.

      • Lee Dean says:

        ‘what’s the point of running a website without running stories’??
        You criticised others for ‘ ridiculous’ rumours and ‘silly’ fans for believing them but defend your own right to publish exacerbating the negativity when no one signs. Your lack of insight is impressive.

  • jonnyd says:

    Would you have kept Cullen given that Wilshire and Sanchez have gone and Nobles legs are slowing? A hungry player who has impressed in the Championship!

    • ralph bolland says:

      Damn yeah? Letting Cullen go was a mistake. More than able to deputise for the middle 3. Who else can: Nobes? Maybe Snoddy? Lanzini? I feel as down about Cullen going as Grady D.

      • mooro66uk says:

        Did Cullen and Diangana want to stay knowing they would be bench players? Cullen is 24 now. It’s no good criticising their leaving until you know the details. Who knows when they would have got a start with us?

    • JRS says:

      I would of kept Cullen. I’ve always rated him though Morro66uk makes a point especially with Wilshere on his comments about a club that wants you. Cullen has publicly always wanted to stay & he even said clubs by 25&26 year olds from the Championship all the time so I don’t think me being 24 makes a difference & he is goals as always been to get into West Ham squad With injuries & Covid if Souček and/or Rice get Injured we are in trouble. I rate Cullen he might not be the best but he loves the club & always puts in a shift I don’t think I’ve seen him have a bad game in a West Ham shirt & most the times he stands out even in bad cup games the Juve game few this preseason etc. But he as only got 6mins over 3 subs in PL so he never got a chance to prove himself in PL which I think is shame especially when we are saying we want Hungry players who will bleed for club & he has literally. Plus low wages I think he would be a solid option for CM he is tidy passer gets stuck in good engine & looked decent playing further up in person too. So I think for £700k we left our self short in mid. There are some good CDMs in Championship but most clubs will be looking at them like Joshua DaSilva who has done great & is an illford lad tho played at Arsenal before left go, left footed but good with both very well rounded mid & strong. If love him but Brentford don’t want to sell. We are light in CM & for natural left footers yes we have a lot of wingers but most or all our left footers prefer inverted & Grady I really think we would have more points if we kept plus he would offer cover for Arthur at LWB too if he gets I hired or just does something crazy like he does sometimes. Tbh I don’t think we get Coufal if Frederick’s doesn’t get injured he signed new deal back in August or July after we kind of drop interest so we where lucky to get for so cheap but could of got for half.
      Smwith back 3 CBs will be a worry too if two text positive tho I really do love Cresswell in back 3. I got Moyes point on going for older players at positions at CB but forwards the end we made a lot of ‘bids’. Robson I like tho he will have other suitors until the 17th & is ankle injury worries me a bit. I thought we wanted a pacey CB so I thought someone Like Aissa Mandi been great 8mo left on deal openly wants move to PL played over 100 games In Ligue 1 & La Liga great range of passing good pace strong well rounded from RB to even LB & of course CB was around €10m. The likes of young Baptiste can gets down games too & grow into the team if can. Now in EFL I’d look to a player we where linked with before under Moyes I think in Liam Moore at 27 he is a pacey CB too who also cover RB has been very solid in Championship for years & been super steady in Reading’s new style with old Serbia U20 manager. He was aroun £4-5m tho think did 2 year extension. £5m for him be a solid coup imo. Ethan Pinnock left footed CB at Brentford I really like too but Brentford I think will sell Benrehma & that’s it from what Frank is saying. We need to basically copy Thier model works so well Ankersen has down amazing there & at Midtjylland & they use Analytics so well. Not best window but we kept Rice & had we kept Grady too I’d been very happy b/c not like we sold having a deal lined for a CB we didn’t. So we could of waited & tried to offload Yarmo who I like but gets figured out quicker & Grady has more potential & pace. Just hope we don’t get too many injuries or test positives & I wish Cullen the best. Hope he smashes it at Anderlecht & ends up playing In Europe or getti g picked up in Serie A where I thinked he’d excel

  • Hammerpete says:

    Xande out on loan means DM doesn’t think he’s ready – Seb H needs to get his head down and work rate up to push Mickie. We need defensive cover but Dawson does not fit the brief. Alarmed that other Prem clubs have signed EFL defenders with no fuss – what are we doing? A last day attempt at a Chelsea boy does not smack of a plan.

  • HammerJ says:

    I really dislike the way this hugh guy responds to people who challenge him…he clearly can’t take any criticism and I’m having suspicions that he is just a mouth piece from the board, the fact you are attempting to justify a poor transfer window is beyond me even when the owners are basically admitting it on a live talk show before the deadline even ended…wonder if this will get approved to post as the last time i tried he didn’t accept.


      • JRS says:

        Really I actually like when writers comment back either way most don’t even if ask a question. Though I might not always agree with High everyone has their right to Thier own opinion & he defends his but at the end of day we all want our club to do well & we have the last 3 games unlucky not to have more points imo. But I do worry if we get hit with injuries & players testing positive for COVID. Think Cullen deserved a chance & from the way he talked publicly his goal as always been to be in West Ham squad just like comment he made on buying 25&26 year olds from Championship. I think he deserved a chance in PL only got 6 mins over 3 subs but to my imo always looked good in preseason & in cup games & literally bleed for club. He fit the type we’ve talked about young hungry players who will put in shift. Shame bc I think he would bee a plaid squad option maybe more even given chance on low wages but hope he smashes it for Anderlecht I don’t think was bad window I was expecting a lot, I get Wilshere bc wages & Injuries. Had Grady & Cullen stayed & we got a CB I’d been thrilled especially with back 3. Though we have a lot of wingers all are left footers are best inverted so Grady could of played LW added that pace creation threat from range & great skill plus cover for Arthur who has been great but Grady do well In LwB role too. Masuaku is fast great skill lowr but I always worry he will do something crazy which we’ve seen before. Cresswell I love at LCB he slotted In great there last time under Moyes & he actually seems to get In game more sometimes when gets freedom to get fwd.

        On that Hugh I have a Question I use respond more on Claret & Hugh now I mainly just read. But I was wondering is there anyway to get notified if someone replies to your comment or do you still just have to go back in-app or page and check?

  • Edward says:

    Looks like the owners are stripping all the assets out of west ham before they sell to the yanks
    The owners are the real west ham transfer clear out priority I can see

  • GaryD says:

    Watched Newcastle v Burnley match on DAZN. Tarkowski is so important to Burnley that the would have been mad to sell. 30KK quid is peanuts compared with being relegated.
    We have academy players and should look for journeymen to meet our requirements to cover in case of injury.

  • the next window closes on the 16th if they don’t sign at least 3 back up players in positions or left back centre midfield & back up striker could be a struggle in January window look at Fulham signed alot of mercanarys y/day could be worse as Burnley bought nowt but our owners have a cunning plan come the 17th & no players in wouldn’t it be nice if that’s the day they move there circus out of town🤡🤡🤡

  • CT Peter says:

    As disappointing as yesterday was as far as new arrivals was concerned, we should not panic and purchase second rate players from the Championship just because they are available. The next transfer window begins in less than three months. I would rather we wait and get 1-2 quality players in then than panic buy now.

  • Tim Boughen says:

    Hugh, I was baffled by the “ours is not to reason why” comment. As supporters/season ticket holders we are ABSOLUTELY entitled to question why the club is getting left behind and why a billionaire is claiming he is too poor to spend some money. I am very much in favour of balanced reporting but 1) we can’t ignore the background behaviour and failings of GSB and 2) we shouldn’t be signing dregs when the best ones have already been taken

    • The word was reason Tim. I use my words quite carefully – question uyes but reason comes from knowing ALL that’s going on. Much as I, you and everyone else likes to think we know in reality we don’t so it’s difficult to reason

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