£40M Signing Teased By West Ham

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As we reported late last night, West Ham’s latest transfer, Max Kilman, has completed his medical and all of his documents ahead of his transfer from Wolverhampton Wanderers.

An unofficial announcement is expected from the club within minutes; however, it’s clear that the West Ham media team is as excited as we are about the announcement.

They clearly could not contain themselves, posting a cheeky little teaser on social media with a sneaky play on words.

Posting on the official West Ham Twitter (X) platform, the club wrote: “A new (K̶i̶l̶)man at the back… 👀⏳”

It’s now safe to assume that all the relevant documents and registration have been signed and the player has already completed all the usual media pleasantries.

So, I think it’s a case of welcome to West Ham, Mr. Kilman. Let’s hope this is an excellent signing to bolster a defence that was in serious need of reinforcement.

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  • Cueball says:

    New Gafa says he’s the man so more than happy to welcome him with open arms regardless of the price. The only way I could be happier is if he convinced his mate Ballon-Dawes to join him and come back into the fold.

  • David says:

    Those who have been doubting West Ham spending should go and take a jump! I believe in Steidten, he hasn’t given me any reason to doubt him. Just look at the side he built at Leverkusen! It will take time to achieve but the early signs are good. Now go out and snare Tolido! I honestly believe that we have more than the reported £100M to spend. Let’s see how the remainder of the window pans out. COYI

    • mibatch says:

      Well done David. We have had enough lows over the years and i personally think that Moyes last year was a BIG disaster and apart from the pathetic football left us with a very poor squad. The odd leak of names Steidten liked but refused by Moyes said it all. Yes let us (WHfans) really support our club and push for a new era. (We have never had atransfer update before or chat from the manager like this) COYI

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