47,000 season ticket holders renew at the London Stadium

Eaststand2Nearly 47,000 season tickets holders have renewed their seats at the London Stadium when the deadline passed at 5pm this evening.   With 52,000 season ticket holders, it means over 46,280 supporters which account for 90% of all season tickets decided on retaining their seats.

Less than 6,000  of supporters (5,720) have decided not to renew which well below the 20% average of the Premier League non-renewals.

Fears of a mass revolt by season ticket holders voting with their feet did not materialise.

In a London Stadium survey completed in March by over 6,000 supporters such 58% said they would renew with a further 25% undecided at the time. 17% at the time claimed they would not renew but today’s record figures show many of these changed their minds when it came down to it.

Joint-Chairman David Sullivan told WHUFC.com: “Once again, our supporters have shown magnificent commitment and devotion to West Ham United. When we took the decision to move our football club to London Stadium, we did so with the belief and confidence that our fanbase was deserving of a bigger and better stage.    
“The Season Ticket renewal figure for next season only serves to emphasise that fact, but I am still amazed and overwhelmed by the loyalty and dedication of our supporters.  They have followed us through thick and thin, and shown tremendous faith throughout the first season at our new home.Our focus now is to do everything we can to reward that faith with success on the pitch next season.”



About Sean Whetstone

I am Season Ticket Holder in West stand lower at the London Stadium and before that, I used to stand in the Sir Trevor Brooking Lower Row R seat 159 in the Boleyn Ground and in the Eighties I stood on the terraces of the old South Bank. I am a presenter on the West Ham Podcast called MooreThanJustaPodcast.co.uk. A Blogger on WestHamTillIdie.com a member of the West Ham Supporters Advisory Board (SAB), Founder of a Youtube channel called Mr West Ham Football at http://www.youtube.com/MrWestHamFootball, I am also the associate editor here at Claret and Hugh. Life Long singer of bubbles! Come on you Irons! Follow me at @Westhamfootball on twitter

21 comments on “47,000 season ticket holders renew at the London Stadium

  1. Thas funny sh1t.It must be a real kick in the nuts for the fans who said we would be playing in an empty stadium next season.90% have renewed pmsl.

  2. And according to polls around 40% of them said they wouldn’t be renewing, just goes to show you can’t trust the polls and no I am not quoting from the UKIP manifesto, watch out Theresa May the political equivalent of Bungle is likely to beat you in the general election hehehe

  3. Its not looking good for you No32 and your quest for a season ticket.Fingers crossed though matey.

    It doesnt surprise me fans have renewed.Its easy to fall in to the trap of reading the more vocal on blogs who can so easily write that them and none of their twenty-five friends will renew.The sombre posts from fans who say after fifty years they wont renew.Hell anyone can write that and it can be complete poop from a fan who isnt even a season ticket holder.
    Im glad to see our fans havnt walked away.I didnt expect them to.The six thousand who havnt renewed probably have many various reasons for not renewing as is the case every season.

    And the ones who havnt renewed because of the stadium,well life moves on with or without them.

    • Yeah I am trying to find out where I am on the list mate, no one seems to answer the phone or they are massively understaffed, so I sent them an email, I have done it numerous times at one point they used to reply to say they would be in touch now they don’t even have an automated response, multi million pound turnover run worse than a cornershop, customer service zero and they want you to hang onto premium rate phone lines for the privilige. As for the renewals like all of us, even at the Boleyn where I never had an ST I used to hear the same people complaining they weren’t renewing yet every season they were back, so I hoped for the best but expected something similar to what happened, we are a loyal lot us hammers fans, either that or masochists 🙂

      • I thought they had finally ditched those premium rate phone lines ?
        Not that it would affect me, I tend to communicate with them by mail or in person at the ticket office when I am over…

        • Well its an 03330 number so not premium in the most premium sense but not local rate either, I generally avoid it also HH I have sent a number of mails to them about a variety of subjects occaisionally they respond but quite often not at all. If I was going to be local I would pop in but I live the opposite side of London and am also doing some home improvements for the next 5 weeks or so, they always said I was a tool now I really am 😉

          • Lol 32,thats it now whenever anyone on here disagrees with you they will just say ‘you tool 32’ 😁

          • Lmao 32 they have your number on recognition. The whole office stops when you phone and the staff hide beneath their desks. They probably get the tea lady to take your call. I think they’re pretty good at replying to emails now. Credit to them for having that service as I much prefer to drop an email about anything and await a few days for a reply. The big companies over here don’t have email addresses as they want you to get bored sitting on the phone picking options all day long.

            Agree with Rads below, there was plenty they got wrong early doors but they’re getting more right now than wrong. They just need to deliver a good transfer window now and the noisy moaners will start to clap happy a little. Hey I can dream!!

          • hehe if you can’t laugh at yourself you shouldn’t be a p1sstaking b@stard thats what I have always said 😀

      • 5,000 tickets will be made available, they have modelled that about one in three will buy a season ticket so you could be lucky in you are in the first 15,000 of the 55,000 strong list. No update on the extra 3,000 for capacity increase, looking doubtful at the moment.

        • Cheers Sean I know I was in relatively early on the waiting list but they were already starting to mention that there were big numbers on it, hopefully it will pan out 🙂

  4. The noisy minority. I’m walking away. They didn’t. My 20 friends have all said they aren’t renewing. They did. I only hope they now accept the stadium and do not spend the whole of next season with the same rhetoric. It’s pointless and tiresome. I’ve said all along that I didn’t know a single person not renewing, close and casual acquaintances. That proved to be true. My hope also is that those that have renewed do not leave their seat empty as that’s selfish.

  5. Its easy to say you aint renewing but when it comes to it & not going to watch the mighty irons it aint that easy.
    To be fair some of the early issues were worth moaning about & pretty valid but some of the reasons for moaning about the place where total shyte.
    Lol john you must be deluded or on the happy pills if you think the same old farts wont still be moaning next season 😂

    • Yeah I know Rads. One thing Sam did get right is that we are all deluded to one degree or another that’s for sure. That should be included in the West Ham way description. “Open passing football playing on the floor watched by deluded fans” 😂😂

      I really hope the eternal moaners and groaners, the doom and gloom mongers, are pi55ing in the rain alone next season as the owners get more and more right, inc transfers in, it’s much fun being a happy clapper than a miserable phunt. I live in hope mate.

  6. On a purely selfish note im gutted as i wanted a move from block 104 to somewhere in bm lower . I renewed pretty early but little chance of the move now. So anyone in bm lower with block of three sests wanting a move to row 6 in west stand block 104 give me a shout!! Its a bit quite for me. Unless you included stamping feet lol

    • If you like stamping feet then it’s block 113 for you lmao. Apart from standing the whole match so was knackered at the final whistle my ears were ringing and I felt like I had sat through a stampede lol.

  7. Well well well it seems i was proved right the other the day when i said most the moaners who have been crying all season about not renewing where just full of p1ss and wind….The blog gobsh1tes must be mortified..

    • You and the rest of us Travis. The pull of the mighty Irons is too much. Now shut the fook up Moaners and enjoy the experience!!!

  8. As we all know there are serial moaners who would still not be happy if Slav delivered the PL & FA Cup double. Something would be wrong & it will be the boards fault.
    if we can get two top..ish strikers & game changer in the middle to replace the ponce along with bringing a few of the youngsters in to the squad & give them game time. Start to introduce Oxford in place of ginge.
    can’t we get the china doll on breach of contact, he was given a contract as a player ie playing for the club…

  9. Yesterday was the Jack Sullivan ladies team news.The ones i expected to make a drama out of it delivered on cue.Carrying on about the owners making the club a laughing stock…Do these chaps realise what a laughing stock they make themselves with their moaning because i sure as hell cant stop laughing at their predictable moans..

  10. I really dont mind moaning or moaners. Some have valid things to moan about. Me included. Its all about points of view. Some say they have a poor view well mines cracking. Does that make them wrong.? Some say they are miles from the pitch im quite close. Some hate slav i love him. Some just say stop moaning about everything …..stuff that im gonna create if i feel the need too.little bit of growing up needs to happen.

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