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“48 hour wait” for Bacca decision

baccaCarlos Bacca will decide whether or not to join West Ham in the next 48 hours claims Chairman’s son Jack Sullivan. Posting on his twitter account while on holiday in Spain Jack posted:

“We have agreed a fee with AC Milan on Bacca and he has said, he will tell us in the next 48 hours if he is coming!!”

West Ham are thought to have agreed a £25million transfer fee with AC Milan for the 29 year old striker who scored 18 goals in 38 league appearances last season.

Bacca removed the words AC Milan from his Instagram social media page in the last twenty four hours causing fans to speculate he has made a decision to leave Milan. He also posted a photo of himself with bags packed with the title “We left new goals, new dreams, new hopes, new season”

West Ham are thought to have offered the striker a financial package worth up to £90,000 per week according to Mirror journalist, Darren Lewis.

Jack Sullivan later posted an update to defend his news saying “This is why I posted the update! I’m sorry if some of you are not happy with it, however we like to be truthful with the fans”


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22 comments on ““48 hour wait” for Bacca decision

  1. The talk supposedly is that bacca has had no offers from the likes of the arse , etc , ACCA c/l
    Teams , so he may come to us no for the dosh !
    I personally would not entertain this bloke at all , call it dumb pride but the bloke will not be made welcome by many fans , at 29 and £ 25 mill , he will need to work his socks off but according to gossip he doesn’t do graft ?
    Also who is the ish x 2 players ? Ffs give it a rest , take his phone away from him , mini me what are ish. !! Turkish , Swedish , polish , ***dish , dummish ???
    Tell daddy to go buy yedder and Eder and save 7 £mill and enjoy watching 2x west ham type players . And tell us when deal is done , not before,ish ?? Capish.

  2. I have just read your comment twice & it still makes no sense.I assume hidden in there somewhere is your usual slagging off of Sullivan.Not sure,it is all too random to understand.

  3. Which one are you Richard Pryor or gene wilder ?
    I’ll explain just this once , it was mini me quoting on 2 signing’s but wasn’t quite sure what was going on ? He quoted it as ish ,
    As they say gene , like father like son , ish .

  4. I hope Bacca takes his precious bags somewhere else…It might be ungrateful of me after clearly the massive amount of work DS has put in, but I really don’t like the sound of him from all angles.
    I’m also worried that Slav has gone soft; he should make an example of Sak before he leaves, or all the players will start taking the p1ss…
    Both are cancerous IMO: With allowing Bacca to be so demanding (and being pandered to), and Sak taking the p1ss, I’m REALLY worried for team spirit next season…and that is everything; just look at Wales…or in reverse, Chelsea…

    • Yes CTM time for Bacca to be told “sling your hook”

    • Wow, looks like the whingers out in force again! Give over and quit moaning. Bacca will be the best striker we’ve had in years. Stop judging people from what you’ve read in the papers and actually give them a chance.

  5. I do agree we shouldn’t entertain this mercenary but like Tone I can’t understand a word your saying !

  6. Don’t shoot me but I’m all for bacca. He is a champions league worthy player who fair enough does not know much about West ham and therefore has no allegiance to, and is attracting offers from teams that can offer him champions league. If we can get him to our team it would be a fantastic signing and we will make him one of our own. Have faith in our team.

    • Couldn’t agree more mate, sick of all these whingers. They’re deluded if they think a striker of his quality is going to just choose us in an instant and ignore any interest from Champions League clubs. We’ve just been given a good indication that we’re getting closer to signing who is now our top striker target, a top, top quality striker…And all these mopes can do is complain and want him to not join. Wow..

  7. Some people have very short memories.Payet was called a mercenary who should sling his hook last summer as well.Have people forgotten he kept us waiting for weeks & in fact told the Marseille president he was definitely going to stay there while we had a bid on the table.Then did a full 180° to join us.Would you still call him a mercenary who should f#ck off.Merecenary is a stupid term anyway,players move for the best deal as do many people in life.They have no affiliation or love or West Ham so why should they jump through hoops to sign for us if they have other options possibly available.Who knows what’s going on with negotiations anyway.We know Nada,only what fans are naive enough to believe in the press.

  8. If he joins it’s nothing to do with the CL it’s all about the extra 1 million a year we have now increased our bid by and the pressure from AC Milan for him to leave,
    I hope he is a good signing and will not judge him until he plays at least a dozen games,
    If Callerie joins as well then we will be in a good position,
    But I can understand fans getting frustrated but who is a fault,
    A player with a max of 5 years left to earn his lifetime wages,
    The agent trying to make a really good living as we all want to do,
    Our owners trying to get the best deal for them and our club,
    Who cares as a fan I just want our season to be as good or better then last year,
    Just hope we get our new people in fast now to blend with our squad and the leavers to go so they do not cause any more friction

  9. Another day another anti-chairman rant by johnboy. Even when his son tweets something you jump at another chance. I think when you pump £10’s mil of your own money into the club you can pretty much do & say what you want.
    Bacca is a good player but has messed us about with his comments ‘I wont be joining West Ham, I want CL football’ etc, if he joins then all good & well but if not I wont be losing any sleep over it. Maybe we are aiming too high & trying to sign top top players who of course do want CL, finish 4th this season & these same players will be wanting to sign for us. You can’t blame the club for aiming high though.

  10. What ALL of you have ignored is that his demands SEEMED to be about getting a better deal than all the others; THAT is what makes me sick about the guy…BIG TIME! (Team minded from the off? Ha! I don’t think so! It’s loike saying to Payet or Noble et al “I’m Mr Big round here” – vomit vomit!)
    AND paying SO MUCH for someone at the twilight of his career – Massively more than anyone else at that age.
    I have absolutely NO PROBELM WITH:
    1) Bacca keeping us waiting; as a sportsman, he has a limited shelf life, and is perfectly entitled to take his time to see what best offer materialises.
    2) Wanting to try to get Champs league 1st
    3) Wanting to play in a country where he speaks the lingo
    4) Anything else of that nature – Fair enough.
    I didn’t realise I was only entitled to your opinions!! Personally, I don’t call that wingeing, but if you do, then I’m OK to agree to disagree….

    • What YOU seem to forget is that he is a quality striker who is worth a large wage packet compared to others.Have you ever seen him even play I wonder.As for a huge wage packet in the twighlight or is career,since when has 29 been that.Havnt Leicester just given a 29 yr old a 100k a week new contract.Vardy has far less pedigree than Bacca.

  11. His wages are not so much the problem, its 25 million over say 2 years (= 12.5m per year) as opposed to say 15 million over 6 or 7 (= say 2.5 per year); THAT’s the huge cost. No other player has EVER cost anything like £12.5 million per year in just the transfer fees, and even if wages + bonuses are thrown in, the cost would still soar above our most expensive…
    If that’s the case, then I would rather have Lukaku at £75 million! It would still be £12.5 per year!….You getting it?

  12. The money really isn’t our problem,if the board think they can afford it then let them worry about the financial package.Leave the money men at the club to worry about the dosh 🙂

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