£50m too much for Irons target?


£50m too much?

Is £50m too much for the undoubtedly talented Fulham midfielder Joao Palhinha ?

That is what Fulham appear to be asking for apparently.

We have been here before, Felipe Anderson and Sebastian Haller come to mind – it is an extraordinary amount of money, nearly half of our Declan Rice funds.

There is a lot to recommend him, as he would fit in with our Supremo`s tactics of playing on the counter attack, although he is no Declan Rice he would still make a positive difference to our team.

He is probably Fulham`s biggest asset and it is doubtful that the Cottagers would drop their price.

What with less than 4 weeks until the start of our domestic season, I hope we do not do anything rash.

But with still no sign of any new players making their way to the London Stadium, it is all getting a touch concerning.

Mayve, and hopefully, things will change quickly with the Dec deal done!

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  • Limey says:

    What would be the point of bringing in the ‘Pearl Diver’ only to go blow half his budget on 1 player?
    Surely the logic is to invest in long term Academy development?

  • jim_lakers says:

    Love to see this one over the line. Tried and tested premier league quality. Or we could buy a yet another big centre forward who doesn’t fit the system and sell him for a big loss this time next year. Hmmm! What to do?

  • westhamsteve says:

    Of course £50m is too much,nobody else is after him as far as I know.He’s only been put at that price to put clubs off of bidding for him.

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