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Another defeat and three more goals …the fans react

The Hammers have suffered yet another defeat despite a brave climax against Tottenham’s ten men.
Here’s how the fans reacted at ClaretandHugh’s Facebook forum

O I’m more satisfied than I thought I would be. A lot of West Ham players looked like they really cared

O To paraphrase a certain phrase… ‘Potential lions led by a moron’.

O I’m so fed up of having to give teams a 2/3 goal lead before we start playing

We were in unlucky to go 2 down it was against the run of play

O It wasn’t bad luck it was blatant mistakes that cost us all three today.

O  I’ve never said this before. I don’t care how good we played, can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think we need a new boss, and I’m a Slaven supporter, I give him till next week , if no win , not a draw, got to go, 

O Looked to have so much passion, until the spuds put one in.

Good to see we showed some fight but it’s a sour pill to swallow 

O  Too little too late, no passion until the sending off, derbies should be more fired up than that especially vs the enemy.

OBilic still doesn’t do it for me I’m afraid – needs to motivate them more It wasn’t that bad. We made some silly mistakes and were a bit unlucky.

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

21 comments on “Another defeat and three more goals …the fans react

  1. Sorry guys but Bilic’ s obsession with Carroll has finally finished me. His starting game plan was spot on. But when Antonio went off he surely should have replaced him with Sakho not Carroll. He could with his pace had played down the right and kept Hernandez as striker. As it was Hernandez was pushed out wide to be ineffective and Carroll made two mistakes that cost goals.
    As for Ayew, where do I begin. He has no pace, cannot beat players and should not even be on the bench.
    Cresswell had another very poor game and should be replaced by Masuaku.
    And captain slow ball! Well he has been a great servant for the club but he is now way past his best.
    Finally our delivery of a dead and moving ball is dreadful. What work do they do in training?

    • I agree about the starting line up.We matched them well and possibly edged the first 30minutes.Agree that Sakho was a better choice than Carroll to play the same system when Antonio, unfortunately , had to go off.Disagree about Ayew, he would also have been a better sub for this match, and these opponents, then Carroll.Him replacing the lethargic Arnautovic made sense and it would have been braver for the last ten mins to also replace Carroll with Sakho.Thought Noble had a decent game and with Lanzini,Obiang and then Antonio injured it was necessary to play him.

  2. The starting eleven looked spot on today but the decision to replace the injured Antonio with Carroll was another catastrophic decision and reason that fans question Bilic as a manager here.All the pace and momentum went at the same time and before you know it we are 2 down.Easy to be wise after the event i know but surely Sakho or even Ayew should have come on to keep the intensity.Again for this reason people will say that there are managers out there who could do more with this squad of players.Swansea is massive now for Bilic as anything less than 3 points could be the dagger in the heart for him.

  3. If you have a plan and a particular set up, Carroll was not the man to come on. He should have used either Ayew or Sakho. It went tits up from there.

  4. Ha Bilic must go replaced by the social media clowns who know everything.Wretched bunch of supporters.

  5. I just don’t know anymore.. until they had a man sent of I don’t think it was great then he went and we got a goal and then it lkooked different. ..is that right ?? I think with bilic as manager we are just an average team ..he didn’t look comfortable at all! Again and the players well I just doing know really no confidence and the mistakes just keep happening and we are always behind before we start ..spurs and the other top 5 are Miles ahead of us …IMO I think he has to go if we want to move forward but also Sullivan and co need to spend d decent money or we will all way be averages at best ..IMO

  6. Too slow, too ponderous, too predictable and too old I’m afraid. Cressie was shown up when Arthur came on, Koyuate and Noble Lack pace and direction and the quality of crossing was beyond belief, especially from Anto. Unless we can physically bully teams into playing our way, we will continue to be passed through at will. I’ve supported Bilic til now but today was a hot mess. Could have been 5 or 6 if the spuds hadn’t taken their foot off. Sure we had a go towards the end but too little too late. Issue for me is who will want to come in and what can they do with what we’ve got? Quality players on paper who seemingly cannot gel into a cohesive unit. I’m off out now because if I don’t the dog will get it!

  7. We have little hope while Bilic refuses to accept that Noble is a complete waste of a shirt . Before you all start shouting watch the first two goals .For the second goal Noble was goal side of Ali 30 yds out but was rooted to the sopot as Ali ran hopefully past and was picked out to score a simple tap in . Noble is appalling . He is so far past his sell by date it is embarrassing . . We have talented youngsters waiting to run their socks off for the team but Bilic seems to think loyalty is better than talent . Noble is awful and there is no prospect of improvement . Get rid of him now . COYI

    • Not sure how many times i can say this. You are an idiot. A repetitive clueless moron. No one who saw Noble today could say he wasn’t up to it. It’s time you hung up your keyboard warrior pen and went else where.

    • Xxxxxxxx, heard it all before.The real reason is the lack of pace when Carroll was used instead of Ayew or Sakho.We were doing absolutely fine until then.

  8. You obviously know nothing about football . He was awful again . You are obviously a moron who thinks puffing out your chest and using a threatening pose is being up for it . He is bloody awful and you are clueless . Best save your limited intelligence for filling out your Social claim . T—ser

    • Tw.*t. You clearly weren’t at the game /didn’t watch the game and are spouting bull based on your extremely limited knowledge. Dic.*head.

  9. Don’t know what to think any more . If we thought today was a very important game , then wait till we play Swansea . The only thing I am sure of is that with this squad we should be doing a lot better than we are . ( I have been of the mind that Bilic should be moved on and I’m not seeing any reason to change my mind just yet ) .

    • Agree Kevin. With 22 man squad would say top 8-10, add 2-3 class players argue top 6. But we need some one who can motivate them every game not just get a result when needed. And we need to press we look so much better pressing. So add pace and creativity.
      And I agree Swansea is a must we are 18th and our 1 win Was against a not good Huddersfield and lackluster game.
      I haven’t thought Bilic was right for a while but I like him nice bloke but was saved by Spurs win and Board being indecisive.
      W have been linked w Sarri don’t see him leaving Napoli tho if we could bring him we would be mad not too. Then Inzaghi possible but still Mancini not sure use to big budget to me Jokanovic would be our most likely option And plays lovely attacking football tactical smart and would love to be able to pick players where he can’t at Fulham.
      Its a tough call but if we don’t get 3 at Swansea then might happen over Intl break. Have to wait in see but w £100m I doubt it will be like Grant. And even if Bilic does keep us up I don’t see his Contract get extended…

  10. Let’s stop messing around. Give Slaven no more games to mess up. SACK HIM, SACK HIM, SACK HIM. He could not pick the winner at a winners conference.

  11. Have to agree with bubbles, noble has to go. I know he gives his all but I’m afraid he is well past it and the longer we keep him in the team the worse it will get.

  12. O To paraphrase a certain phrase… ‘Potential lions led by a moron’.


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