£75k a week Reid? Take a reality check guys


ReidThe alleged £75k a week demands by Winston Reid’s for their client begs one question: “If he’s worth that sort of money why isn’t a big six club in offering it?”

ClaretandHugh broke the story exclusively yesterday that the softly-spokenn almost shy central defender, was at the centre of such demands from his advisers.

We want to make thing one thing clear from the start! It is always the agents who decide the numbers – never the player, who merely employs them to do what they can on his behalf.

And with just two transfer windows a year to work in, the agents make every second and five pound note count.

Winston Reid is my favourite Hammer although we certainly didn’t see the best of him when he returned from injury last season and he will go into the new one with something to prove.

That he is being put in a position where his advisers seem to believe he is worth the figures they are demanding is pretty ridiculous.

For weeks he has been linked with Arsenal and Liverpool. Absolutely nothing has happened and were it about to,  then talks with West Ham wouldn’t  be going on.

Should either of those or even Chelsea, Manchester United or City come in, £75k would be on the agenda.

But outside of those the going rate will be around the £50,000 – £55,000 the Hammers are likely to put on offer.

The whole scenario is ludicrous. A bit like one of us going to the boss through a representative who says: “Double my clients wages or he will leave.

“He has nowhere to go by the way because nobody has shown any interest but don’t let that stop you paying him – right now!

Winston is clearly a quality bloke and a terrific player at his best but his agents need to take a massive reality check which starts at about £50k unless they can back the “what he’s worth” claims with a major club.

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • Owl says:

    Agreed £75K is over the top, but he IS one of the players we NEED to keep at the club and I hope common sense prevails at the end of the day. I hope its a case of shooting for the sky and being happy to hit a few branches on a tree.

  • stevec says:

    law of supply and demand. The more people that can do any given job the less it pays. The better the player the more wages he/she can command.

    • That sort of wage is only p[aid by top 6 clubs – where are they – they’re not

      • IronsAndJags says:

        Only paid by top 6 clubs? Carroll is on more, and is in a bottom 10 club. I’d happily get rid of Carroll to keep Reid.

        Who contributed more last season? Granted, that isn’t a good argument for Reid to get 75k, and I do think that is too much – for anyone. However, it does bring to attention the fact that Carroll gets paid too much – and way higher than the rest of the team. This is just what happens when you bring in one player with a wage far higher than the rest. The agent looks at the team, sees his player is one of the best, and performs better than players on more than twice the wage.

  • Ohiord says:

    It would be good to see Reid stay. We can’t afford 75k a week though. He won’t get it off us. He showed form in the World Cup with the All Whites but remember, he has progressed a lot playing for us. That works both ways. Love to see him sign a long term deal & he is young enough to take a captains role in years to come. Time to talk yet, & if he gets some form back playing in his own country & the new season, very few supporters would not want to lock him again on a bit more money.

  • jaybs says:

    Can you really blame Winston, when we completely give in and paid Useless Carroll the alleged weekly wage he gets, which is nothing less than Highway Robbery! to make it even spearheaded paid fir Andy Carroll and at a time when No Other Club wanted him and I doubt ever will! There is more chances that club’s will come in fir Reid, yo u can guarantee No Club would take Carroll off our hands! But still the West Ham Propaganda Unit continue to treat AC as a god, something he will never be.

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