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A Familiar Game of Blame

I’ll not beat around the bush, Hugh has voiced his opinion in the article below and I have to say that it’s one that I share.

Moyes blaming Declan Rice and then suggesting that too many attackers cost West Ham dear today was poor judgement and quite reminiscent of a Sam Allardyce interview.

Declan is a possible future captain of West Ham so I was disappointed to see him hung out to dry when a public show of support would have been far better management. It’s also worth noting that Rice’s mistake was no greater than Joe Harts last week against Stoke yet that was handled very differently.

Double standards in the way that a manager addresses his players is no way to man manage. Like all of us Moyes would have been frustrated at the final whistle but he would have done better to have taken a deep breath or send Stuart Pearce out for the interview in my opinion.

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4 comments on “A Familiar Game of Blame

  1. No Gonzo, Moyes did state that Hart made an error which cost us against Stoke. And he is both entitled and right to call out Rice today. Shocking error made when we actually looked comfortable. Declan will learn and won’t duck out again but please can we stop moaning when Rice messes up and it is commented upon. These individual errors (HRt, Antonio, Carroll, Obonna, Zabs, Adrien) risk costing us our place in the PL. my 16 year old is a centre back and his whole team would destroy him if he ever ducked out of a header like that. Rice and the rest of us need to grow a pair.

  2. I don’t come here enough but I expect Jimbo is a troll.

  3. The only explanation I can find to Rice’s action is that someone told him something. Whether it was one of ours or an Arsenal player remains to be seen, why would he duck like he did ?

    As to the criticism, I also thought it was less demolishing against Hart than in this case. Between “it is the life of goalkeepers” and what he said about Rice, there a strong difference, and that is what the people are commenting abut,

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