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 A Farewell Clouded by Communication Missteps

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David Moyes‘ impending exit from West Ham United has left a cloud hanging over what could have been a more amicable parting. While the decision itself was in fact warranted, the way it unfolded raises questions about the club’s communication strategy.

West Ham’s handling of the situation lacked transparency. Vague pronouncements about “end-of-season decisions” and “contract discussions” offered little clarity. These were further undermined by leaks regarding potential replacements, creating a sense of confusion and disrespect towards Moyes.

Everyone agreed that a change in management was necessary for West Ham to move forward. However, the lack of professionalism in handling Moyes’ exit leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Open and honest communication, along with a proper farewell, could have fostered a more positive atmosphere surrounding the departure.

This isn’t the first time West Ham‘s ownership has come under fire for their communication style. Karren Brady’s famous sacking of Avram Grant, who was reportedly fired in the tunnel after a match, is a prime example of a mishandled exit.

While the decision to part ways with Moyes was the right one for the club’s future, the way it was managed suggests a need for improvement in West Ham’s communication strategy. A more transparent and respectful approach would have benefited all parties

All in all, not the clubs greatest hour !

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  • Anon says:

    Sullivan and Part time overpaid Brady need to go

  • Deathblow says:

    Imagine a new manager sitting across from that sleazy slug and listen to him .
    I cannot believe any coach worth his salt would work for him.
    Amorim must’ve wished he’d brought his sick bag.
    Repulsive plankton of a cretin

  • Andy ⚒ says:

    One word CIRCUS 🤡

  • The Demon says:

    But how much was West Ham and how much was Moyes? Moyes told the world he had a contract to sign, but didn’t. Sullivan always let’s contracts expire before deciding – after all, if the second half of the season had unfolded like the first, surely we’d have been in fifth or sixth place and Moyes would have been – probably very unpopularly – secure?

    It’s important to remember he’s an employee, albeit an important one. But the level and scale of recent failure made continuation unlikely. They say you’re only as good as your last game, currently 5-0 at Chelsea,but probably ending even worse at the Etihad.

    The long term pursuit of Kelvin Phillips – and refusal to sign a striker worthy of the title – shows that he’s absolutely clueless and had to go.

    Thanks for the cup, Dave, but you and your team of pensioners are stinking the place out now.

  • Hammeroo says:

    When I see that picture of David Sullivan I can’t help thinking of Benny Hill. Except Sullivan doesn’t make me laugh!

  • Tezzard says:

    It’s a bit of a joke it was allowed to drag on so long . Moyes said he was offered a new contract months ago .its on the table. Why didn’t he sign it ?? I assume because it would mean relinquishing certain powers over transfers, giving to steidten.

    If that was the case , the board should have said, this is it pal don’t sign it . We will part ways.

    They were waiting to see if moyes could qualify for Europe or win europa ? Then willing renegotiate and give Moyes more power , then steidten would surely walk.

    Weak leadership imo. Make a decision and stick to it .

  • Jon says:

    Well said. What do you expect from an uncultured spiv porno merchant ?

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