A rebuff for Antonio


A rebuff for Antonio

Following an interview on The Footballer’s Football Podcast, Michail Antonio has said that his West Ham United teammate, Lucas Paqueta, has told him that Richarlison ‘won’t shake his hand’ when West Ham United next meet Tottenham Hotspur.

It is all about a comment that Antonio made last season when he remarked that Richarlison had more yellow cards than goals and how he always celebrated a goal by taking his shirt off.

But it seems as though Antonio was keen to make sure that there was no issue between the two, as he has spoken to  Paqueta, also a Brazil international, about the situation.

He said: “I have gone to Paqueta. They play with each other. I have said ‘what’s wrong with your boy? It’s a bit of banter. I don’t understand why he is taking it so personally’, to the stage where his manager has to talk.

“Lucas is like ‘it’s just how he is, Mickey. I told him that’s how you are. But he says ‘no, no, no. When we play against them. I am not going to shake his hand’.”

On December 5, West Ham will travel across London to take on Spurs and it will be interesting to see if Richarlison indeed decides against shaking Antonio’s hand.

Of course, that’s if he is still at the club because there is the talk of a possible transfer to Saudi Arabia this summer.

Either way, it does seem as though the sensitive Richarlison has taken his comments to heart, even though Mikey presumably meant no disrespect, as this was just typical dressing room banter being played out in the public eye of a podcast.

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