A Tale of Experience vs. Raw Potential

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West Ham are looking to bolster their attack with the exciting young Brazilian winger Wesley Gassova, but how does he compare to their current starter Jarrod Bowen?

Bowen: Proven Premier League Quality

Jarrod Bowen boasts impressive Premier League experience, having scored 16 goals and registered 6 assists in 34 games this season.
These numbers highlight his goal-scoring prowess and ability to create chances for teammates.

Gassova: Exciting Young Talent

At 19, Gassova is less experienced than Bowen.
His 2024 stats (5 goals, 3 assists in 25 games) are lower than Bowen’s, but this is understandable given the age difference and league disparity.

Gassova’s Hidden Strengths:

Underlying statistics reveal Gassova’s potential. He excels in dribbling, averaging a very high number of attempted and successful take-ons per 90 minutes, placing him among the best young wingers in similar leagues.
Furthermore, his crossing ability is impressive (0.65 crosses per 90 minutes), which could create opportunities for a target forward like Bowen.

Complementary Skills:

Despite playing on the opposite wing (Gassova – left, Bowen – right), their skillsets could complement each other. Gassova’s pinpoint crosses could find Bowen, who excels in aerial attacks despite his height.

Signing Gassova could significantly improve West Ham’s attacking options. His dribbling skills and crossing ability could add a new dimension to their attack, making them more dynamic and unpredictable. While Bowen offers proven Premier League quality, Gassova possesses exciting potential.

Gassova’s development and Bowen’s experience could create a formidable attacking duo for the Irons !

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  • SydneyC says:

    So his impressive crossing ability results in just over half a cross per game?
    Do you have an editor Simon? Perhaps you should consider getting one. It is getting harder and harder to take this site seriously, and I have been trying to be supportive. Much more of this type of lazy writing and I’ll find somewhere else.

    • David Pope says:

      Clearly you don’t understand the significance/meaning of stats such as 0.65 crosses per 90 I don’t.
      Gassova averages 0.65 crosses per 90 minutes, which ranks him in the top 9%….apparently that’s rather good!

  • Steve Wells says:

    And with the disparity of the leagues he should be doing a lot better.

  • Zahama says:

    I agree with many recent comments that it might be better to wait until transfer talks are more advanced before posting a story

    I know that we need at least 6 new players and perhaps up to 10 – but if one were to believe everything that’s written on the site it looks like we are signing over 50 new players

  • Martin B says:

    Everyone jumping on this as a negative , we are buying potential, just like we did with bowen , why are we comparing him to anyone

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