A transfer window “spend” question that needs no answer

Romelu_Lukaku_3156402bTime and again I see the same question on various forums – why are Everton being so successful in the window and we are doing nothing?

Is this a question that anyone really believes need a serious answer?

However,  first and foremost we are not doing nothing although apart from one free signing I’m aware of course that nobody has arrived – the story is the same at most other PL clubs..

And  unless some have been living under a rock for the past few months they will surely have realised that the only thing happening is that they are spending the Romelu Lukaku money.

It’s now pretty much a given that Chelsea are going to buy him back and pay nearly four times as they sold him for so it’s not only the Irons who make the odd mistake in the transfer market.

West Ham are making moves in all directions but it remains very early in the summer although I have no doubts had they been armed with a definite £80 million prospective sale a player or two would be in by now.

Personally I believe the club will bring in two strikers this  summer with Giroud the most likely as it stands with hopefully Iheanacho and Andre Gray as a third.

So can we calm down  little and stop using Everton as an example of our own failures in a window that has barely got underway.

If we fail to bring anyone of anyone consequences be assured we will be screaming about it from the rooftops and giving it very large to the board.




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25 comments on “A transfer window “spend” question that needs no answer

  1. I think we all understand where Everton are getting their money,but they haven’t got it yet.Last season we sold Payet for £25m and what did we spend ours on,old man Fonte,who is gonna need replacing soon and Snodgrass who is nowhere near as good as we were led to believe.The difference is that Everton identify their targets and they are straight in with an offer,which is how they beat us to Onykuru.With West Ham they identify their targets and every one knows about them and while we’re thinking whether to make an offer and how can we save a couple of million,the likes of Everton and now Leicester and Newcastle jump in front of us.

    • They have a load of cash already. Have you seen how much their recent investor is worth?
      He helped Usmanov fund his share purchase at Arsenal and Usmanove id hardly short of a few bob!

  2. I think they beat us to Onykuru as he couldn’t get a work permit and we need players for this season, also who have Leicester and Newcastle signed in front of us and, if we know their targets, then their targets are common knowledge too, as well as Chelseas, Man Uniteds, Arsenals, Man Citys to name a few, if I understand it correctly our main targets are not available yet as the selling teams want replacements before they will entertain bids, when Arsenals purchase of Lacazette goes through and Man Uniteds of Morata then things will begin to move

    • That is true. Everton already had £100m for their Kitty this summer. Selling Lukaku will just give them more and Conte doesn’t want him from reports and Roman won’t pay more than £80m so it is still up in the air.
      Honestly Lacazette is set to sell for £44m and is a much better striker.

  3. Calm down and Giroud in the same sentence, going down and Giroud in the same sentence lol lol Seriously can I remind you that he spent last season on the bench for the most part and Sanchez or Walcott who are not strikers were preferred in his role. And here we are being linked to this guy regularly. I am sorry for repeating myself but if he cannot make the arsenal team and we believe he is the player who is going to move us into the top 6 then we are a laughing stock (same applies to Hernandez). I would much prefer us to show some imagination in this transfer window and buy quality in the form of young hungry established strikers (BATs falls into this category) rather than spending ridiculous sums of money on players who are basically near their sell buy dates.

    • I would like younger players too but The board want proven premier Henry O was a big missni wanted Kelechi before even linked I would like to get Michy but he would be a loan or £30m plus and Everton would be smart to ask for swap and money for Lukaku surprised haven’t seen that but could happen not to mention many ligue 1 suitors.
      As for Giroud he is a great striker he came of the bench as a super sub bc they moved Alexis to CF bc Wenger wanted more pace. But Giroud scored ore of the bench than any other player and more than any of our players period. And he stays for in 5 years he has only missed 28 games.
      And you don’t start with #2 rated Fifa Intl team France who arguably has the most depth in talented strikers. He gets so much stick but he gets goals and for a big bloke he has decent foot work too.
      And Walcott was a striker Wenger converted him and he played on the wing this last season to as cover for Alexis going up front. He is 2 footed and is great in the right but can play left too. Welbeck came in towards in bc Walcott was dropped when they went to back 3.
      We would be lucky to get Giroud and he fits our style of play very well. We like the traditional string CFs who can play with back to goal

  4. They can afford to go in high end prices with the Moshiri dough & possible Lukaku & Barkley money.We just aint got the same cash as them & 2/3rds of the Prem aint got the same amount of dough as them this window.Its a fact & it aint difficult too understand.
    Next summer if they aint got the same kind of dough some of their fans will be wetting their pants & sulking because they aint spent big again.You can just see it happening.
    Personal they can have Pickford for 30 mill & Keane for 28mill 😀

  5. Everton are spending what the have a IOU for, we can’t or wont match them on any player so expect more WHU targets ending up at Everton. Don’t forget the transfer surplus from last year £15m plus to add to this year budget so thats I believe should be approx about £50m plus at our managers disposal. Providing our joint chairmen are serious about investing in the playing staff to insure PL football 2018/19

    • From what we were told it would be a substantial amount for our Kitty and was £50m or more but under £70m. So with that extra £15m should be £65m plus profits from sales.
      Something is off. Hope it is takeover talks. Bit something just seems wrong
      One good thing is we are set to get a Director of Football which would make a huge difference with scouting, transfers, and youth development.

  6. I still think there is something fishy going on at Everton.Mosheri money from a man who works or worked for Usmanov of Arsenal.Usmanovs company sponsoring the training facilities…
    I smell a big fat Russian rat….

  7. I would love to have Kelechi and Giroud. But we will face Competition for Kelechi from multiple clubs and Everton joined to the race for Giroud which sucks but they see him as good replacement for Lukaku. That’s why we need to bid with Lacazette deal wrapping up.
    I would offer AC and £15m for Giroud bc Arsenal want a big traditional target CF to come of the bench and AC would be good for that with his fitness. And then we would save on his wages to pay Girouds. Win win for me. But we have to bid.
    And I do not get the fascination with Gray he is very similar to Ayew and has some attitude issues and wants a huge increase for an ok performance but he played up front with Vokes and is a poacher we already have Ayew for that bf he is best behind as #10 or in front 2. Seems a waste let Everton have them if they want.

  8. + 42.

  9. According to Slav we will only sign top quality, I interpret that as players that will go straight into the first team, some of the targets such as Gray are not definite starters, maybe even Iheanacho isn’t the frustrating thing for me is their are players like Nolito, Wellbeck, Martial, Perez, Walcott, Dembele at Celtic who are ripe for a transfer supposedly Tony Henry is a top scout and the club have links to numerous agents yet we can’t get in the front door with these clubs and players and get a bid accepted. Put Brady in charge of transfers she knows how to get a deal done, she should be running the show not Sully.

    • We cant get our mate Nolito 32,he wants out of this country to go back to Spain with his family.He is a definate no go 😉

    • Negredo scores 15 goals better than Gray and I agree Have said Perez at £12m is a good deal he is at a prime age and he sign get much of a chance bc Sanchez went to CF. But when he pkaued he scores goals and assisted. 8 goals 7 assists I believe in premier hames and UCL. Good striker for money.
      Would love Dembele or Martial but you know they won’t spend the money they want £40m for Martial and that’s at a loss and Dembele £30m and won’t even think of selling until after UCL qualifying. Nolito can’t wait to leave England otherwise I wouldnt mind.
      And Welbeck is brilliant but not for sale and also toany injury issues which we don’t need.
      Walcott would be great for left wing but he doesn’t want to leave even with being phased out with his beat season by going to back 3 but his pace and fact he is 2 Foote’s would be great on left wing

  10. You shouldn’t have to ‘answer’ the question Hughie but you do because there are bed wetters that just can’t see this simple fact. Everton are spending the Lukaku AND Barclay money. That’s like north of £100M they have in credits. I bet now that West Ham’s NETT spend this season will still be more than Everton’s. This compares with West Ham selling Lanzini and Antonio for I dunno £70M and hitting the market. If that happened our lot would be up in arms. Everton have done well but let’s not forget they will lose 2 of their best players and there is no certaintity that young Pickford and Keane at £70/80M will work out. Our “support” would melt in that event.

    • They have £100m Kitty before sales bc can’t aaaume especially with Barkley will sell for £50m and even Chelsea Roman himself doesnt want to go higher than £80m for Lukaku and price is so high bc they don’t want to sell if they can hole on to him. With the signings they Made and even before I think Everton is perfectly suited for Lukaku. Add new signings for service even Pickford he is brilliant at distribution.
      Anyway they had more money before us to spend and Walsh is a great scout and director grab of Sandro for £5m was brilliant sign.
      If they sell they really have £200m plus to spend!!!

  11. I think you’ve missed the point here…it’s not how or why Everton are spending money, it’s how their ruthlessly and quietly doing their business. There’s no “leaks” to the press, no public “grading” of targets. It’s been quiet, efficient and professional.

    • Not really,its easy to be ruthless and professional as you call it when money is no object.They can afford to pay what clubs want this window,even if it is over the top.
      If you read Sky Sports yesterday they were running a story from an Everton source or leak whatever floats your boat.
      All clubs have supposed sources and leaks.Read other clubs fan sites they all quote club sources or leaks.

      • Everton’s “leaks” literally happen with a done deal in the bag.

        We went through last summer banging a drum about unrealistic signings and not signing any of them. We’re doing the same this summer.

        Payet happened because no one talked about him – we signed him before anyone was alerted to the fact he was available.

        Spot the difference.

        But as it stands, we’re struggling to make signings. Even Watford and Southampton are bringing in players now. There has to be a reason for that. It’s not about money. It’s about being realistic and just getting it done. We need actions not words for Blog feeds.

      • Spot on James every signing they made with exception of Henry Onyekuru everyone saw coming. Henry O surprised me bc they weren’t pubilicly linked and we wanted to pay in 3 installments while Everton paid upfront and sent him on loan Instead of waiting to buy for permit.
        So he was certainly ruthless and went for what he wanted no hesitation. And having Steve Walsh as Your Director helps bc he is brilliant at getting class players

  12. Maybe Everton has a better manager? Just saying!

  13. So who exactly have the owners been banging the drum about this year Ray?

  14. No one to answer your question mooro and watford have signed a middle of the road player from spain while southampton have signed a polish u21 player.Not really anything to go getting in a two and eight about.We could have signed those two but why ?
    to make fans think we have signed someone.Thats ridiculous.
    Everton signings sandro and keane were in the press for weeks.Actually Sandro has been in the press since the seasons end.

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