Abraham: Desperation or Calculated Risk?

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West Ham United‘s reported pursuit of Tammy Abraham for the striker position raises eyebrows. Is this a desperate attempt to replace Michail Antonio, or a calculated gamble on a potentially resurgent talent?

There’s no denying that Michail Antonio’s dominance is fading. West Ham needs a long-term solution at striker, and Abraham emerges as a potential answer.

Abraham’s loan spell at Chelsea showcased his goalscoring prowess in the Premier League. His first season at Roma, with 17 Serie A goals, further cemented his attacking potential.

However, Abraham’s inconsistency is a major concern. His dip in form in his second season at Roma and his frequent injuries raise red flags. Can he recapture his early brilliance?

West Ham isn’t alone in their pursuit of Abraham. Competition from Tottenham, Aston Villa, and other clubs could inflate the transfer fee, making a potential misstep even more costly.

But it is easy to understand West Ham’s interest in Abraham given their need for a striker. However, his inconsistency and injury woes make him a gamble. Before committing to a potentially hefty transfer fee, West Ham needs to be certain Abraham is the right answer. Exploring other options and carefully weighing the risks involved is crucial.

Abraham could be a shrewd acquisition if he rediscovers his early form and stays healthy. But the risk factor is undeniable. The Irons needs a calculated gamble, not a desperate lunge. Can they manage that and find the striker they so desperately need?

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  • Phil McDonald says:

    Personally I wouldn’t offer more than 15m and 60k wages. That might be an acceptable gamble given his age. But any more I wouldn’t even consider it. We don’t need another Zouma/Carroll for big bucks.

  • My left foot says:

    Of all the strikers being linked with us, he’s down there with Broja. Neither have lived up to their expectations and both injury prone

  • Lazaridis’s right foot says:

    It’s the salary. Look at Ings’s salary. Don’t want to be stuck with him as well.

  • PaulP says:

    Surely we can do better than Abraham.
    What is it with us and strikers?
    Why do we always chase the has-been who is simply looking for a pay day.
    There must be younger, more ambitious players in the Championship or overseas (not Brazil) who would jump at the chance of playing at West Ham Utd. Bring Tim home and get him onto checking out the home talent, based on current and past form

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