Adrian: We need to be at 100 pc for every game

adrianAdrian has told manager Sam Allardyce and the fans that the players need to be at 100 per cent for EVERY game!

The manager claimed after yesterday’s defeat at West Brom that he would not criticise the players given their energy levels were down after their efforts against Manchester United and at southampton in midweek.

But Adrian was seemingly having none of that as he spoke after a game which most will want to erase from their memories as quickly as possible.

He told the official site: “Of course we are really disappointed. It’s a really, really bad result.

“They played well but we never had an opportunity to get back into the game. They deserved the win, and now we need to stand up and put in good performances in the league.

“Maybe the games we had this week had an effect, but we are professionals and need to be at 100 percent for every match.”




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9 comments on “Adrian: We need to be at 100 pc for every game

  1. Good to see one of the players fronting up and saying it’s not acceptable. Sam if you’re reading this you could takes leaf from Adrian’s book and take some accountability too rather than making excuses when you get it wrong.

  2. 1 speaks the truth now let’s hear it from the other 13 involved in yesterday’s game,
    If you are the man you think you are BFS ( sorry conkerpot ) it’s you who should have said this not one of the players who did not give up right to the end,
    Mr Nolan if you are the great leader your mentor tells us repeatedly you are then you do what our goalie has the guts to do or hand in your armband and let a real leader do the job.

  3. There was so much wrong yesterday and tiredness was not the key thing. Amalfitano should have started instead of Nolan.
    Alex Song is not at his best and drops us in it with some poor passes in key areas.Not sure he works well with Noble either and given the choice I would keep him in as Song seems to want the ball at the back and then give it back or make a risky forward pass that is not coming off.
    Valencia is not ready for life in the Premiership and needs to be toughened up and stop whinging on whenever he is tackled and make better choices when he does have the ball; as he loses possession too easily.
    Amalfitano got suckered by Blunt and he has to learn to walk away from being goaded.
    Just when the team started to improve in performance yesterday in the brief time he was on the pitch, then BFS takes Sakho off and puts on Cole. Why not have given it a bit longer as it WAS the likely team to play Spurs next week?
    BFS will make any excuse he can find that excludes him from any liability.
    Surely the Daves’ must realise now this is a flawed position that has to be changed come the summer if we are to progress.

  4. Nice to see a player say how it is or should be.I have little time for people who claim Sam Allardyce has ben great for this club this season.With summer recruitment & standard of players we had arrive im sure any manager in the premiership could have taken us to what will probably be a middle table finish.The difference is that many are not taking a whacking wage for doing it.I will never shout for him to be sacked but i just hope come the summer his reign will be terminated.He has no empathy towards the fans,no connection with us.He is aloof & at times riducles us.His conduct in the press recently has been embarrassing as well.In many respects he is not good for our club.He certainly isnt GREAT for this club as some will have us believe.

  5. In the press this season he has claimed to be more flexible than most of the top managers,more sophisticated than them.But i ask one question.How many trophies do you have to show for this flexibility,sophistication & belief that tippy tappy football is b*llocks?.A little humility would go along way to making people be more tolerant of you,if only as a person if not a manager.

  6. Very good points Tyson.Alas on here if we dare to show dissatisfaction or question Sam Allardyces managerial credentials we are told we know nothing about football or are moaners by a select fewThey dont understand that we support the club,the magnificent chairmen & the team when on the pitch.It is the manager with his erratic team selections,formations & egocentric manner we dont like.He himself does nothing to endear himself to a large majority of fans.We could maybe accept his false beliefs in his own ability if he had the pots to show for it.But he has won nothing & will probably finish his career winning nothing.Does that really make him the great manager he believes himself to be.Sam lovers on here say we hate him.Well no i dont hate him,i just have contempt for a man who thinks his star shines far brighter than it actually does.

  7. Great posts Tyson, really great posts. I totally agree with you. I hope someone will listen to our prayers…

  8. BFS is the only one who believes his own hype – never seen a more arrogant person in my life! Humility and hands up when things go wrong would indeed make him more likeable, more human even!

    Got nothing to play for now except pride – don’t want Europe yet – our squad not ready in skill or depth, season after perhaps !

    Now forget journeymen non attached players – let’s give the kids a chance and bed them in gently otherwise give up on the academy altogether!


  9. Maybe I am wrong but a bunch of guys who earn in a week which the average man in the street earns in a year (much more in some cases), keep fit, have first class medical and training resources, private cars, planes and suchlike should be able to play 100% in every game (provided not injured of course).

    The world has gone mad on the money and with the way modern footballers are pampered they should have NO excuse for not giving 100% or being ready.

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