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Adrian’s chance arrives!

adrian-west-hamJoe Hart will take an enforced rest against Manchester City under the terms of his loan deal … and the sad truth is it’s the right time!

Ok, we understand that there’s more to conceding 30 goals in 14 games than goalkeeping errors but mentally the guy must be shot and the return of Adrian will see a man on a mission back between the sticks.

He has a lot of points to prove!

Hart was unlucky to have saved a penalty he GAVE AWAY against Everton before being beaten by Rooney’s simple conversion from the rebound.

And whilst no one will odds the quality of the former England striker’s strike from inside his own half, not many have spoken of what led to it – a lousy clearance from Hart.

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So now Adrian needs to put the pressure on for the sweater and there could be no better match than to do that the Man City clash – a team averaging three goals for per game and is thus far unbeaten.

Hart needs his rest – Adrian needs his chance and this will be a little sub plot in a game from nobody is expecting a thing.


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23 comments on “Adrian’s chance arrives!

  1. I hope he plays a blinder and becomes main keeper for the rest of the season, good luck Adrian !!!

  2. Hart should be sent back to where he came from, loan deal terminated.
    It disgusting that he has robbed Adrian of his rightful place for so long now.

    • Pretty sure that Moyes has noticed it ;; if not we are in deeper s*it than can you can imagine. Ffs , Hart shouldn’t even be at West Ham .

    • I agree we got him bc of his name. But we really needed a CB. Adrian his the better Shot Stopper & faster also Hart we go to organise & be a leader but haven’t seen that. Adrian to me & stats is better Hart was good a few years ago but I don’t see us keeping him past summer bc wages he cost we should have Oblak or De Gea.
      But I’ve said if we can send him back do it & use that money on proper defenders

  3. Adrian all day long.

  4. God sent!

  5. Its interesting that people forget that Adrian isn’t actually that good. Last season he was replaced by Randolph but suddenly he’s regarded as the best keeper we’ve ever had!

    • Excuse me , Thaughwaits but Adrian is very good and a darn site better than Hart .
      Bilic dropped him for good or sensible reason . Now we have the Man City reject who’s head is bigger than his gloves . Probably washes his Gloves in Dove Shampoo .

      • Agree Kevin. Adrian got dropped bc are defense was horrible & he was the scapegoat but then came back & did well. Some ppl don’t like stats but they show Adrian is the better shot stopper he is also faster & I think he fits into the team better.
        Hart’s scares me every time he goes to his left & his punching. He was a good keeper years ago. But it isn’t worth the wages it cost like I said we got him bc his name & status even tho he had a horrible season before. When we should have got a CB recruitment was senseless.
        Adrian will hopefully be brilliant & stay in. Bc I would hate to lose him too.

  6. Firstly , Young Jack Sullivan was right with his criticism,,,, although he should stay quite .
    It was both embarrassing and horrible to see us lose so badly after giving it all the big one because we drew to Leicester . Players need to shut up and perform instead of getting ahead of themselves . Everybody and every team use West Ham to solve Thier losing streaks and it’s got to stop . We are a laughing stock and nobody takes West Ham seriously anymore ,,, and who can blame them ???.
    It hurts because there I was supporting them and being positive and optimistic only to be let down by a load of pooofs . Why we signed Hart is and will be forever a mystery to me .
    Adrian must now surely be our No 1 . Hart ain’t worth the shirt ., actually never was .
    To be ruined like that against a Everton side ( low on confidence, hhhaaaha ) that has lost back to back games by four goals is disappointing and disgusting .
    We got rid of Bilic ( and rightly so ) just to be replaced by Moyes !!!! .
    Where was the passion , commitment , will to win , running and support ?.
    A 1 nil loss would have been acceptable but to lose 4 nil was shameful .
    There is a huge amount of Pride for us Fans that is being squandered by this current crop of talent ,,, haaahhhaaa , talent . OMG . Couldn’t run a stall in a church bizarre .
    No point in picking on any individual because collectively they are S*IT .

  7. I remain optimistic though , it’s getting harder and harder to find a reason for such optimism.
    Surely it can’t get any worse !?!? .
    Got to say that Rooney ( hate him or love or other wise ) is still a great player .

  8. As I’ve said on another site please don’t slag him off after the city game if he let’s so many goals in especially with THAT defence in front of him? And it IS money bags city? West ham have exactly not been loyal to him of late so why should we as fans put it on his shoulders to get us out of this mess the rest of the team have put us in???? Good luck Adrian 😊 your gonna need it !!!!!

    • I only use this site old mate . On here you find true fans . Not saying other sites are bad but , other sites are full of abusive people that don’t talk Football .

  9. Can’t help thinking about playing Barnsley on a cold winter’s night in front of a half empty LS.

  10. I’m all for Adrian #1 never even should have for Hart.
    But I do wonder as much as his wages are & I don’t know if we can send him back. If Moyes/Bilic get pressure to play him bc England #1 & his wages.
    Adrian as competition in De Gea & other great stoppers but he was getting called up last season.

  11. Adrian must be wondering what he did in a previous life to deserve this! Can’t get into a p**s poor team and when he does, it is City away. I’m feeling sorry for him now. Hope his back can stand up to picking the ball out of the net so many times!

  12. Personally, I thought the swap of Randolph for Hart was a bad move. Hart doesn’t use the ball wisely when he has it 80% of the time. The constant boots down the field resulting in loss of possession are infuriating. He doesn’t seem to realize that possession starts with the goalkeeper….aim to keep it in the team. Adrian is a much better choice.

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