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After three tough games let’s balance the Moyes row

Ok, I often call for balance in thorny Irons rows and there aren’t many more prickly than the David Moyes scenario right now,

It’s known that CandH believes the guy should be replaced – that he passed his use by date several months or more ago.

However, when the issues started arising in a big way the board made it clear they were gonna give him the chance to show that he had spent money wisely on players this summer and he has had more than his fair share of injury problems..

Now another issue has arisen and is only three parts played out following games against Newcastle, Chelsea and Spurs with Forest to come this weekend.

First things first, the man has been hit by a dreadful series of injuries at a time when Nayef Aguerd has clearly made a difference, Zouma is unavailable and Paqueta has started to look business at a time when things were looking better.

Draws against Newcastle and Chelsea were heralded as very decent results and the Spuds result not unexpected.

Following the weekend there are some tough games on our plate but were we to gain five points from three tough looking and a seemingly more comfortable one at the weekend we may well have settled for that.

There are many reasons for the man to be fired of course and we have gone into all of them in the past but should he collect three points at the weekend taking the tally to five from 12 with three very tough games in there there will be some hope.

Given the other games involving relegation threatened teams this weekend though we need that result BIG time:


Fulham v Wolves


Everton v Villa

Leeds v Saints

Bournemouth v Man City

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

11 comments on “After three tough games let’s balance the Moyes row

  1. We got a point against an off colour Newcastle and got away with a point at home against a Chelsea side that promptly lost at home to Southampton the next game. We then lost against a Spurs team that were marginally less bad than we were and conceded two goals despite having an 8 man defence. The injuries have not helped but the main culprit is the dreadful negative tactics that Moyes uses – there is not one ounce of creativity in our strategy.

  2. The only thing in your equation you have not considered is the training methods being used at West Ham. Why do we always seem to get such a lot of injuries with David Moyes ? I submit the possibility that he is over training Players who are in many cases getting to old to train that much. Other Clubs don’t seem to suffer any where near the injuries our Team have. Who is to blame for bad training ?

  3. Injuries are part and parcel of football, we played Newcastle they were missing several players, we played spurs at the weekend and they were missing players after a long trip to Milan too.. Injuries are not an excuse or should they be, he was given 150m in the summer to ramp up his squad and he messed that up too. Secondly the performance on Sunday against Spurs was a dire as you could wish, performances are deteriorating to such a degree that the fans have lost all enthusiasm the team is announced and the entertainment on show is horrific down to this clueless fool. We have only won one PL game since October, we are now at the end of Feb. There is no defending Moyes but the saddest thing of all is that the board have decided to back him again even though the players are clearly indicating they want him gone and the fans are as equally defiant. The board have decided to go against both the players and fans to back Moyes. They don’t know it yet but the west ham fans will not tolerate this treatment by the board, I personal will not forgive the board if we are relegated and I will not be renewing my season ticket.

  4. Looking at small batches of games here and there really ignores the scale of the issue.

    We’ve been terrible for more than 12 months on balance. He’s had more than enough time to turn it around. That he’s not been able to is 100% on him.

    He started the season saying he hadn’t got the squad ready to go. He dithered and delayed over signings all Summer. He spent more money than any West Ham manager has ever been given. He squandered our chance in Europe and the league last season by failing to strengthen in January when it was so clearly needed. He played no less than 9 defenders against Spurs, and then told the press afterwards he is trying to do something to ‘resolve our goal scoring issues’. He persistently fails to pick up points against perceived top sides. His football ethos if no longer valid. He’s delusional about the source of our problems.

    Articles that look to ignore all of these failings by ‘giving him benefit of the doubt over a three or four game window are part of the problem. The guy isn’t going to turn this around. If we scrape through this season somehow, he’ll have us rockbottom next season. What are we waiting for? Why have we waited so long…it’s pure exasperating madness. Avram Grant all over again.

    He has to go. It’s a dereliction of duty by the board to have not moved heaven and earth to find a replacement. A manager on the up, with talent and a modern ethos. Villa got Emery. Brighton got De Zerba. All in a time period where West Ham’s attractiveness to candidates is being eroded further and further by the relic in charge (you can decide if I mean the manager or the chairman).

  5. Out of curiosity, if the owners dump Moyes now, how much will they have to pay him. Weren’t they hoping he’s leave so they wouldn’t have? Bite the bullet guys and..as much as it pains me to say it, hire Rafa. As we’ve all said, this has gone on waaaay too long. Moyes is one paced, lacks any creativity blah blah. Its a shambles. Do something different Moyes. Play the kids. Play Lanzini… bloody sad.

  6. West Ham under Moyes prior to this season were about average for games lost through injuries (8th in 21/22 @124 games according to Ben Dinnery on Twitface)

    It may be to do with the players of importance that were injured this year and a lack of depth in some areas and new players taking time to fit in/settle ?

  7. I previously said they’d give him till the end of Feb to sort things out. 8 defensive and 3 attacking won’t cut it on Saturday. I still think we’ll be safe if he changes it around and has to attack one of the worst defences in the Prem. By the middle of March we should have a full squad to choose from.

  8. The injuries and the subsequent unbalanced side this season as a result is not an excuse. It’s an absolute fact. Important players missing including new players that were bought in to make a difference but haven’t fully settled yet. It’s not all on the new players though. Players that were scoring in previous seasons, the likes of Antonio, Bowen, even Souchek, this season have all but dried up in front of goal.

  9. He has not had enough time to gel the team, he has been unlucky with injuries !!!! Pkease stop injuries are part of football we played Newcastle and spurs recently who had as many players injured as we had !!! Moyes spent 150 to build a squad !!!! Moyes continues to be negative tactically and continues to play a system that just does not suit us, and he continues to ignore flair and he continues to play players out of form. If you dont believe me look at the PL stats. Thus weekend will tell decide what happens next. If Moyes plays 3-5-2:at the weekend he must play Paqueta, Fornals or Lanzini in midfield with Rice. He must play a 10 behind two strikers. The team I wud be happy to see is Areola, Coufal, Kehrer Zouma, Aguerd, Emerson, Rice, Paqueta, Fornals, Scanacca and Antonio. If he goes back 4 then Kehrer comes out and play a 4-4-2 with Fornals and Benrahna wide of Rice and Paqueta.

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