Agent Silkman predicts nothing but gloom


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Leading agent Barry Silkman has declared that ‘players’ representatives are in for a very lean time indeed over the next couple of years !

And he is worried that should the game be played behind closed doors for the next year then 60 per cent of the clubs game could disappear.

In an exclusive interview with Claret and Hugh ‘Silky’ said: “Things will get worse before they get better and agents large and small are going to suffer. The big firms with a number of offices and staff to pay will be hit as well as the small guys with fewer clients.

I know of one Premier League club for example who were ready to move for four players this summer. Now it’s down to being able to afford only one because of the virus and the total lack of income. It can only get worse and agents will suffer along with everybody else.”

Silkman said that’ should games remain behind closed doors next season Leagues One and Two plus some Championship clubs could disappear altogether.

He said: There’s a threefold problem. 1/The likely reduced number of clubs 2/Lots of players who were told to wait for a move by their representatives won’t be getting them and be blaming their agents and 3/ out of contract players won’t be in as strong a position because the wages once on offer to them won’t be there anymore.

“Also, players who, for example, could once get £50k a week will be getting perhaps half of that.”

He disputes that all agents are parasites adding: “There’s good and bad in all walks of life. I know horrible people in the game doing the job and some really nice people.

“However, with no season ticket money, sponsorship and commercial revenue, football will be left only with the TV money whilst being committed to long term contracts with players the future looks very lean.

 “If the current situation goes on over a couple of years we could easily see this as being the end for football as we have known it. We have to be realistic and things are looking very grim right now”

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  • Hammered says:

    Well it’s a good thing you have all made millions then isn’t! Parasites don’t pretend you care now that clubs are potentially going under if you hadn’t bleed them dry maybe there be more in the bank for tough times.

  • Razorwine says:

    Not really a matter if the geezer is nice or not as a person it’s the leeches of a sport that needs to be gone for good and the leeches are the so called jobs of being an agent for players too lazy to talk and read a contract themselves so would rather play golf and leave that up to the agent to make himself rich for doing nothing to help the sport club or player who has to pay these leeches money for doing sweet f all. Hopefully the agents now can disappear and look for a proper job which helps the nation and players stop thinking they are gods and have to take way less wages as it’s world wide this problem coming up. Personally want to see clubs get financially richer as they are the only ones that help supporters by cheaper seats better facilities and don’t kiss the badge and then f off to another club paying more wages. Greed will be one plus coming out of this dreadful pandemic at last controlled when we get back to playing with a full house of fans again. Imo

  • David May says:

    Those poor poor agents, my heart goes out to them.
    Some one should start a whip-round, its the decent thing to do.
    That said they have ruined the game I used to love, so SCREW them.

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