Aguerd Sale Hits a Roadblock

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Sometimes the devil is in the detail, and the belated revelation that West Ham defender Nayef Aguerd has switched agents is revealing in its timing.

It’s relatively common knowledge that the Moroccan centre-back changed his representation in a bid to secure a transfer away from West Ham. However, the fact that his new advisors have chosen now to reveal his availability shows that all is not well.

It would appear that there is not the perceived clamour for Aguerd’s services which many had predicted. A move to Saudi Arabia seems a distant hope, and the fact that the Moroccan’s agents are screaming his availability from the rooftops would indicate there are not a queue of clubs lining up for his services.

We’ve all been in a situation before where we list an item for sale on eBay; it doesn’t sell, so we tweak the adverts and then ultimately re-list it. It’s an act of desperation and quite possibly this is what’s happening with Aguerd right now (although presumably not on a 99p listing).

I may be completely wrong, but I have a suspicion that the defender believed he could do a lot better than West Ham, and quite possibly he’s now finding out that this might be his level after all?

Aguerd still has a West Ham future

I’m also somewhat confused as to his reasoning for leaving West Ham. I would subscribe to the theory that the 30 million pound man never truly suited David Moyes’ Hammer’s tactics. However, we now have a new head coach in Julen Lopetegui, who enjoys playing a more expansive game.

Is it really beyond the realms of possibility that Aguerd gets back to pre-season training and finds the new West Ham environment more conducive to his skill set? Maybe, or maybe not, but what is abundantly clear is that Nayef Aguerd isn’t half as sought after as he believed he was.

I sincerely believe there is a good player in there somewhere, just one who wasn’t suited to a team who relinquish possession as part of the tactic. Perhaps I’m being unrealistic but I’d like to believe there is still a future at West Ham for Aguerd.

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  • Colin says:

    Usual rubbish. There has not been one comment where he has stated that he wants to leave. Ultimately, he is a player whose religion is Muslim hence people linking him to Saudi Arabia. I for one hopes he stays as under a new regime, I believe he will become more consistent which is his only flaw. To me he is our best defender and has all the attributes to be outstanding and playing under a new manager who does not give away 80% possession every game will see a much improved defence from all our team. Feel free to correct me and show me a quote where he has stated that he wants to leave. After all, none of us should be commenting on hearsay or what the local Butcher says. Cheers

    • rollercoaster hammer says:

      “usual rubbish” but i think i’ll grace it with a long-winded paragraph, replete with my valuable opinion. 😒 you can’t live without this site

  • DB says:

    Yes I agree , Aguard has not really worked out so far with us but he has a reputation as a ball playing defender and J LOP might look at him and man manage him better than Moyes (who is terrible at man management as we all know).
    We actually have a good core atm I’m hoping Downes gets a chance too especially with Alverez out with a hamstring we haven’t any def midfield cover if Southampton buy him.
    I don’t know why we are linked with Kilman if our budget is so small this summer or why we would spend 20 + mil on a untested talent from Brazil that few/nobody has heard of this side of the Atlantic .
    Truth is speculation is just that .
    We have been surprised by the quality we have signed the last 2 yrs let’s see what Tim S can do without shackles..

  • Chingford says:

    I would try him preseason as DM

  • Geoff says:

    Takes players time to adjust to the pace and physical aspect of the premier league we would be crazy to sell him for a loss so soon.

  • Booking_Brooking says:

    Good article Gonzo, always believed he was decent. But after a few injuries and the occasional mistake, he seems to have either lost a bit of confidence or maybe lost the confidence of Moyes – possibly a bit of both. I think he will flourish under J-Lo considering the way he sets his teams up and how he wants them to play. I don’t think he really suited Moyes system where we have less of the ball. Aguerd was always good with the ball at his feet, good at bringing it out and picking a decent forward pass – definitely not a clear the ball to row Z kind of player. And being honest, the loss of Dawson and his vocal organisation (although I understand his reasons for leaving) made the whole defence a hell of a lot weaker. I think if Aguerd takes a step back and gives his career with us a chance, he will be exactly what we paid the money for unde J-Lo. COYI!

  • Eddy Trivett says:

    I hope he stays as having Moyes as your manager must be hard for a classy cenre back. Not a hacker like tin man

  • Mark D ⚒ says:

    I think you’re right ! The new manager needs to look at him first and then decide!! Central defenders need to be able to switch to a back three and that’s what he struggled with in my opinion

  • Ian says:

    Zouma is the centre back that needs replacing not Aguerd.

  • Triumphant Andy says:

    I agree that Aguerd should have a future with the Hammers. Given his ability to play the ball out and distribute, he’d make an excellent defensive midfielder, who could either play alongside Edison Alvarez or when he’s not fit or suspended! Also in central defence if necessary.

  • rollercoaster hammer says:

    agree that he could still come good for us, possibly at left back. though that means we still need to find another cb. he has a great passing game, esp his long ball pass, which is excellent. he’s incredibly quick and let’s not forget he ripped up the last world cup before he missed the semi-final through injury. still think he could cut it here

    • Jeeps says:

      Apparently finding premier league a bit physical.
      This may be due to having no backup from other cb/k, the snail Zoom(a).
      Move him to left back and sign two new c/bks (not necessarily Max Kilman being one).
      Wolves manipulating whu like a puppet and wasting to much time on one individual.
      Move on and get some hard core players needed for other positions.
      Aguerd is a pedigree player hopefully he stays and is accommodated in new system.
      Zoom(a) digging his heels in regarding move, give him a brush only sweeping he’s likely to pass a medical for.

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