Aguerd shock hits the Hammers

Shock on the way for Moyes?

CandH Exclusive by Hughie Southon

West Han’s hopes of signing Nayef Aguerd have hit a potential problem.

No sooner had we posted the news per the London Evening Standard that he was believed to be in London for a medical that we were contacted by a Hammers insider saying there could be a problem.

And it seems that once again Newcastle United could be the thorn in our side as they take a late interest in the player.

It it may be that David Moyes’ hopes the Rennes defender will become the club’s marquee signing this summer could now be in danger.

CandH’s key Hammers source, having explained that we were likely to see the central defender sign before the end of the week, revealed when we asked the length of deal he was set to sign: “Who knows, Newcastle are trying to hijack the deal.

It could be a massive blow for Moyes and Rob Newman who have put an incredible amount of time into scouting the player and negotiating with Rennes.


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26 comments on “Aguerd shock hits the Hammers

  1. Shock horror! We could have done the deal earlier but decided to wait till after the internationals, so you snooze you lose! Our marquee could end up in the middle of St. James Park! 😂😂😂

  2. This is an extremely worrying situation again, whilst other clubs are getting their transfer dealings over the line & wrapped up quickly, as usual we are dillying & dallying with ours & before you know it other clubs will come in & scupper our potential targets, Newman must be wondering what the hell he’s let himself in for, coming from a well managed club like City who get their dealings done & wrapped up, to coming to our shambles of a club when it comes to transfer windows, this could have a very detrimental affect on Dec’s situation if we are down to the bare bones again because “Dithering Dave” won’t make a decision. If this transfer window turns out to be another disaster the surely Moyes has to go !!!

    • Other clubs getting dealings over the line??? Like who?
      Clubs like Man City have ‘money no object’ budgets because they flaunt the rules and have the most expensive squad ever created… not the sort of club I’m interested in…

  3. Typical no surprise is it really why wait to get deals done . Sami old same old !

  4. As things stand money talks and if you take notice of the papers Newcastle want to buy everyone that’s available We all know that players will go where they can earn the most money and as Newcastle is Saudi backed,everyone’s a target. The way West Ham conduct their transfer business is farcical.We underbid for players,try to keep their wages low and when a player says he’ll join we take forever to do the deal,letting other clubs in.Areola will go the same way,it’s why Lingard won’t come back and why we are looking at freebies and cheap options.

  5. Spot on Bella 100 couldn’t say it better .Newman doing his job and moyes sleeping again as usual. Hence why moyes has won fa in his career

  6. It’s not a surprise at all, our board are incompetent, this is just another in a long pattern of players being about to be signed only to end up signing for other clubs, usual PR from our club, we have directors who like to change the terms late in negotiations according to various insiders, you reap what you sow. Let Kretinsky take over these negotiations or hire someone with integrity to do so. Whether we get this deal done or not GSB are toxic when it comes to buying players we need fresh leadership.

    • Newman is doing it. Everybody wanted the board out of it. Now they are it’s their fault?

      • Are you saying that Newman is actually negotiating deals? I thought he was just a head scout.

        • This blog often gets accused of being an attack dog for GSB. Hugh always denies it. Yet just read his interventions here – only where there’s direct or indirect criticism of the board does he jump in – and surprise surprise, it’s the usual defence of the board.

          Actions speak loud than words of denial, methinks…

          • Of course it is attacked but attacks on this website are a total irrelevancy. The board has been joined by Kretinsky. No decisions are made without a vote…they re-apponted Moyes with a brief to develop recruiting and Newman does the negotiating for players. You can call it us defending. I call it us being balanced . Please try to remember it is no longer GSB it is GSKB and if that spoils the fun then there we are! We have no problem standing by the board nor do we attack those who don’t. Sadly the news appears to take second place to personal snipes in your case.

  7. 😴 YOU SNOOZE YOU LOSE! … dillying and dallying and all the nonsense that goes with Westham making a signing. We cant even get Areola over the line 😂… if he wants more in wages just give him a bigger sihning on fee … its still cheaper than going and spending 15m on someone if the his price is 7.7m as reported …. Shameful …

  8. Sadly this is the norm now so i’m not shocked at all

  9. Spot on Bella it is embarrassing how long it takes for every transfer we undertake and it is always touch and go to the very end. Shambolic when Villa can get three done before we get one -both January and now. – even Areola who is ours already! We need six this window – can’t see it. We just keep signing young players who Moyes won’t play.

  10. How many more mistakes can Mr Moyes survive ? Not his fault really, but he will get the blame. The Board should simply not let him get involved in transfers, the man is not only a disaster in the market, he is a real jinx.

  11. I imagine the first home game of the season will be a dark affair with fury vented at the board. We haven’t properly delivered the message that last January was a completely unacceptable mugging of fans, manager and team. I know experience should have told me better but I actually thought that they knew how vital it was that they got their act together this summer.
    We all know we have lost a raft of players since the end of the season. I didn’t even see Aguerd as an addition since he is a replacement for Diop.
    Of course they could surprise us and swiftly add the 6/7/8 quality players we need. Yeah right.
    I am off to polish my pitchfork.

  12. IF Aguerd is interested in Newcastle, it’s likely (IMHO) to do with money, let him go P155 up a rope…

  13. My father was a West Ham fanatic, but had a philosophy that I think other West Ham fans could benefit from. If the Board let us down for Transfers, cancel Season Tickets on mass and vote with your feet. If the team play well attend the next game. If they don’t stay away.

  14. were a joke, it will be the same as last few windows, once they got or dosh for season ticket renewal, 97 per cent by the way, transfers are a whole lot less important.

  15. The reality in today’s money grabbing world is that after we have offered double what Sevilla offered for this player I suspect his agent is touting around for more given he is on a juicy percentage!
    So we lose out to those clubs who flout the rules and get-away with it.

    • Sounds about right. Agents casting around to secure the highest price for their players and themselves – probably Moyes’s fault, then … I also blame him for climate change and the cost of living crisis etc.

  16. My crystal ball tells me we’ll be making some panic buys near the end of the window. Players who nobody else in PL wants.
    Moyes dithers too much.

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