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Aguero receives three match ban for Reid elbow

aguero-2Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero will miss the Premier League derby against Manchester United on 10th September after being banned for three games. A Football Association panel found the 28 year old striker guilty of violent conduct after he elbowed West Ham’s Winston Reid in City’s 3-1 Premier League win on Sunday.

Aguero is also suspended for City’s home league game with Bournemouth on 17th September and the EFL Cup third-round match at Swansea on 21st September.

Manchester City have contested the violent conduct charge and argued that “the standard punishment would be clearly excessive”.

West Ham has suffered from two poor referee decisions in their first three Premier League games. Most commentators agreed that Diego Costa should have been sent off in West Ham’s first Premier League game of the season. Now it appears a referee has got it wrong again and Man City should have been reduced to ten men also which could have drastically changed the game.

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The mistakes bring up the age old debate whether referees are afraid of making big decisions against the so called top four sides. Surely it is time to introduce a video referee to the Premier League like FIFA have just announced.

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16 comments on “Aguero receives three match ban for Reid elbow

  1. Spot on … Costa should have walked and so should have Aguero. Quite possibly cost us 6 points !! The referee on both occasions was right next to the incident and there is NO excuse for missing both incidents that were blatent assaults . The refs are totally of off the pace , have no balls and are worried about their popularity with the big clubs fans .
    In cases like this there should be a ban for the ref matching that of the players with no pay . It is a disgrace but in line with most of the crap that comes out of the FA.

  2. Why wasn’t the Costa assault reviewed by this panel? It was premeditated to do damage. If the ref says he didn’t see it then they can review. If he says he saw it and didn’t deem it late and/or dangerous then he is a blatant coward and a liar who took the easy way out. Big teams get away with it all the time. Why do ref’s give yellows and then bottle it when a second booking is deserved? In Costa’s case it wasn’t a second yellow it was a straight red. For fecks sake refs grow a pair.

    • I think it was because the referee saw it Mooro and if asked about it said he saw it, its such a weird set of sub rules, if the referee sees it and takes no action then it is not allowed to go to the panel, if however they are asked if they saw it and say they didn’t then the panel can act… its absolutely ridiculous, only an old boys club could write these sort of rules up, notice also who will benefit from this Man Utd, then they have two easy games where they could put Carlton Cole up top and he would score a bagful so the big clubs get the best of it again…

      Here is a common sense solution
      For all decisions related to retrospective dispensation of cards (in games)
      Video ref should be allowed to intervene to ensure the laws are administered consistently.
      If a player should have received a yellow card (their first) then the video ref should send a text to the ref’s watch at the next break in play ref can speak to video ref confirm the player and the action to be taken and player should then be booked.
      If a straight red or second yellow should have been administered, game should be stopped immediately ball returned to the point of incident for free kick to player fouled and straight red or second yellow can be handed out and player sent off.

      It ain’t rocket science ffs but will the FAPL do that ?

    • Here you go Mooro, proof from Halsey stating that he has been told by the ref’s body to say he hadn’t seen incidents which we had, http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/former-premier-league-referee-mark-8760242#rlabs=1%20rt$sitewide%20p$1

      • Its obvious 32 that they are at it ! Lol.maybe Halsey should have opened his mouth much earlier while in the game, fukin mug , he used and abused the system to benefit and only now comes clean , hippo rite , has there been an inquiry yet , has there funk !
        They need to be taken to the cleaners by the FA , and sevearly acted upon ?
        Is it legally accepted or is it illegal ? Its certainly bringing the game into disrepute !
        They act like a little national socialist state ( Nazis ) . 🙁

  3. So why didn’t Costa get a 3 game ban? He’s far more of c*nt than Aguero. This is costing us points already, and the season has only just started. BRING IN TV REPLAY REQUESTS BY MANAGERS…I’m sick to effing death of WHU losing points because of a f*cked up antiquated system where even hockey now is showing up football for being in the dark ages.
    Hey, start a petition? If fans promised not to turn up and/or watch on a certain day, the changes would happen over night.
    Petition anyone?

  4. When I played and managed teams and was dealt acard and appealed an extra game ban orheavier fine resulted as per the rules ?
    Why wasn’t aguero given a extra game ban and fine for re representation ?
    Its bent like a fish drying in the sun Ffs ! Until its taken out of the wannabe celeb refs clutches it will only ever benefit the big 4/5 , just look at who sits on the FA committee, a bunch of old tie pith heads with ties to clubs in the prem ? Be it directly or by shareholdings,
    If marriner never saw it then he needs to be put in the pasture , its corrupt , top to bottom,
    The FA should be cleansed with ex pro’s like niall Quinn who says it how it is !
    Never going to happen , video tech is the only way forward with punishment given by the video viewer as in hockey ? Takes seconds ? The refs should not be allowed to make card or crucial decisions , Just referee it without the pressure / bias ,? No arguments , nothing !
    How fukin easy is that !! ,-)

    • Lol John I am glad Halsey has spoken out, now the cat is out of the bag I hope this gets blown up and changes are made so that the playing field gets levelled, I doubt that will happen but it should!!!

    • effing right…right the way down the line…

  5. Not sure that video refs will stop the biggest teams getting away with it at all.
    Money talks, sadly, they have more. The perception is that people want to see them and their players. As a result, refs tend to be more lenient on the biggest players and clubs.
    It might work. But with FIFA, UEFA and the FA being such money grubbing toads I have an idea they’d just say they somehow lost the footage – even when everyone can see it on Sky/BBC etc.

    • Probably Rich, the whole thing is a Cartel where they only want a few big teams to do well we have already had a number of decisions go against us, it is at the moment impossible to prove but I suspect after last season they are not going to let teams like us and Leicester get any significant momentum, they want Man U, City, Chelski and in an ideal World Liverpool to occupy the top 4, the Gooners and Spuds can fight with Liverpool for 4th – 6th positions then they would let the likes of Everton, Leicester, Southampton, Stoke and us fight it out to finish top of the rest. That other than the top 3 is unlikely to be how it will pan out, I think with fair refereeing anyone in the top 12 could win the league, for all their fancy passing with the correct refereeing despite playing cr@p we would have had results possibly even wins, no one is unbeatable in this league.

  6. It’s always good that incidents like Sunday’s get punished eventually…..but I think it’s time that bonus points were awarded to the opponents of teams whose player should’ve been red-carded during a match. e.g…. West Ham, who should’ve been playing against 10 men in both away games so far.
    And also for the teams who have a player mistakenly sent off. e.g. When James Collins had his red card rescinded last season.

    Too often, teams are hard done by (costing them points) when the referee fails to give the correct decision.

    • I agree, but of course we keep thinking that the authorities would want to make it work, and they just clearly don’t; THAT’s the problem. I think they will only wake up if fans went on strike for a game and refused to watch it on telly….Changes woulld happen OVERNIGHT! But the get everyone to cooperate with something like that? Not likely, so the b@stards stay in charge, and we have to put up with this sh1t year in year out…sickening

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