Allardyce admits: “Perhaps no smoke without fire”

waving sam_allardyce_1528056cSlowly it seems the facts of the matter are dawning on manager Sam Allardyce!

He has used his London Evening Standard column today to make it clear that maybe there is a threat to his job after all.

He declares after explaining there was a sizeable turnout for his press conference yesterday: “It doesn’t take too much working out, does it? Just over a week before the end of the season and still no news on my future.

That doesn’t stop the constant speculation and, from my point of view, when I see name after name being mentioned as my possible successor, I think perhaps there’s no smoke without fire.

Maybe the owners are considering their options — maybe they’re not. The fact is, I’m not in a position of demanding when we sit down and talk about a new contract.

That has been crystal clear for some time but the speculation continues and I have to carry on answering the questions until we sit down and talk about things.”



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16 comments on “Allardyce admits: “Perhaps no smoke without fire”

  1. ahaha… poor Sam, we wants to sit down and talk about his future… Maybe Sam you should sit down on your toilet thinking about what you did, it could be a good Ex-Lax if you are a bit constipated…lol


  2. He finally received my message…

    • ahhaah… Nav, are you talking about smoke signals? lol 🙂

      • Yes, I figured an archaic method of communication might work in talking sense to him since he has referenced a magician that died about 90 years ago.

        • ahahahah…. loool… Nice job Nav… 🙂

        • ahah.. Nav OT: I know you lives in Las Vegas, sometimes here in Italy I watch a tv program called “Pawn Stars”, the original shop is “Gold & Silver Pawn Shop”. Did you visite it? The owners are really funny… 🙂

          • *live

          • Thought you preferred Porn Stars Matte,not Pawn Starts,lol,btw its disappear,not desappear.If your going to be clever at least do it properly,lol 😉

          • ahahahah… thanks Chicken, now I correct my name… lol If I don’t watch football or I don’t show my trophy cabinet I watch Pawn Stars…. loooool

  3. Poor Samuel,he is feeling solemn & unsure.Pity 😉

  4. Getting the message now are you sam,good,we will send you on the way in a barrell,XXXL just for your fat ass.

    • He wouldn’t get the message if you tarred and feathered him and dragged him by his hair up Green Street to the train. I dunno about ‘Hippohead’, this chancer has skin as thick as a Rhinoceros. Damn him. Ha.

  5. Maybe we should chain him to the crossbar at St.James Park last game of the campaign,see if he cant get out of it by the start of next season.

  6. Would have to be a reinforced crossbar.Maybe the Toon Army can chain Ashley to the crossbar at the other end,two hogs roasting on the spit,lol

  7. After BFS takes his usual team selection to St James and they get the points they need to
    Stay up, he will be a hero instead of now as a ********,
    But it might mess up his Sunderland dream,
    At least we missed out on buying the Hull junkie 8 mil not wasted,
    Matte I watch that as well but it’s all repeats now BFS would be small horse on that program
    He should go to America he would be slimmer of the year,
    They loved Houdini in Las Vagas ( sorry Nav )
    Still not going to say thanks

  8. ahaha… Hi bubs, how are you? It’s nice that program… it’s amusing, but sorry I would rather watch Sam’s huge football… Better than Megan Fox in lingerie… lol

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