Allardyce breaks his silence

spittingsamSam Allardyce has emerged from a self-imposed silence to speak to the Sunderland media!

He expressed his passing of Gus Poyet in the Newcastle Chronicle Live and told Hammers fans not to expect us to brush them aside on Saturday evening.

Allardyce himself is of course a hot favourite to become the club’s next permanent boss but a Black Cats relegation could change all that.

Commenting on Sunderland’s position whom we meet on Saturday evening, he said: “I think the appointment today and last week’s result, will make life very difficult for us on Saturday.

“We’re just as desperate for a win as they are, so it will be a very tough game – I’m sure of that.

“And I hope the West Ham supporters don’t expect us to just breeze past them 4-0 like Aston Villa did last week.”

“For me, it’s always a sad occasion when a manager loses his position,” said Allardyce, who spent one season as a player on Wearside in the early 1980s and later had a spell as manager at Newcastle United.

“When you saw the result on Saturday it seems that was the final straw for the board.

“It’s a shame for Gus after what he did last season when he almost created a miracle with his escape from relegation with the club, and it hasn’t gone as well (since) as he would have wanted, I know.

“Obviously, his son Diego is playing with us, so I hope he is OK.”



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10 comments on “Allardyce breaks his silence

  1. Even though they have a new manager which could make them a tougher opponent Sat. I still believe it would be virtually impossible for the two D’s to withstand the storm that would result and hang on to Sam until the end of the season if we lose this one.
    It would be the final shocker to see a team who had taken out the likes of MC and Liverpool early on, to now surrender to a team hanging on to the PL by their fingertips

  2. Perhaps Sam will turn it around this week and we can all sing his name again

  3. What I’d like to know is what reason do the board have for getting rid of the manager if he carries out what’s been asked of him (top 10 finish)
    “We’re letting you go because some of the fans don’t like you”
    “You’re sacked because, even though we finished higher than expected, we did go on a dodgy run against the rich clubs elite and 4 back to back London derby matches”
    “Some of media and a section of the fans are not happy with your physical appearance, so we’re going to have to let you go”

  4. We will have a weakend team, and they will have an 8 man defence under Advocaat, but there will be no excuse for not winning this one.
    If we do then 8th place is well on the cards, and Sam will have again done what was asked. Wether it saves him is up to the chairmen and I will go with their decision, but if they fire him it had better be for a better option.

  5. They won’t sack him, when will people not understand this, he has 3 months of his contract left, and your right he does achieve what is asked, but only what is asked, nothing more, he only just does the bare minimum expected, I guess if fans are happy with that then excellent,

  6. whambam, are you serious?

    You say some of the fans I say the majority of the fans don’t like Allardyce; as regards your comment about his physical aspect I prefer to pass over… do you think is this really an important factor? I just want you remember that BFS contract ends this summer, so he’ll not be sacked, he’ll be replaced. He is the 13th highest manager in the world, I think he was paid too much in comparison to what he showed: boring football, mediocre results, no development of young players, bad purchases: Jarvis, O’Brien, Taylor, Vaz Te, Demel, Maiga, Carroll (15 mil. / apps? instead of Bony).
    Why should still he remain? Why? 1 win in the last 12 matches… here’s what I can’t figure.
    Allardyce seems to be more important than West Ham, that without him we have no future. As fan I don’t want to settle, I want much more than this.
    Is that too much to ask?

  7. Some people are just happy in life with achieving the bare minimum & being pleased with it.It doesnt matter we have watched two seasons of dross largely apart from earlier in the season & one or two matches since.They are happy to shell out over 3m for the 13th highest paid manager in the world as long as we finish 12th or 13th.Stability is what they crave,in other words going nowhere.But they assume the man who has never won a damn thing of significance is a managerial god.Real visionairies.

  8. this season our football has been very good. ( only a handful of poor performances ) It’s the results that have not been good enough in recent months. Of course losing is all that people notice because it aint nice to lose.

  9. Sleeps we have played crap since Nov with a few exceptions not the other way around and if Nolan and Carroll had been fit at the start of the season we would be bottom,
    You are sounding like conkerpot the more I read,
    We need a new manager,anew captain and to play entertaining football.

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