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Allardyce delivers Hammers survival verdict

Sam Allardyce has given his verdict on David Moyes and West Ham’s chances of dodging relegation, while talking to talkSport.

The Hammers have some excruciating matches ahead with the likes of Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham, Southampton, Chelsea and Wolverhampton Wanderers on the agenda.

Let’s be honest, it’s almost impossible for even the most devoted fan to remain positive It’s extremely hard to stay positive right now for even the biggest West Ham fans.

But Allardyce is refusing to write the team’s chances off when he appeared on talkSPORT for one of his regular gigs.

He and Moyes are big buddies of course and produce not dissimilar teams and a particular brand of football. He reckons that the previous experience Moyes has had at the club.

He also called on the fans to get bang behind the team at the London Stadium although admits there are difficulties when not seeing what you want to see.

He said: The position that they’re in is because of a lack of confidence, that has drained out of the players. It’s why the previous manager got the sack, and David has came in to try and bring better results. But it’s been a difficult period and even more difficult with this group of fixtures that are coming up.”

But giving his verdict on whether they can escape the drop he added: Yes they can. David did it before, he got them out of trouble and they stayed up. One of the important things is for the West Ham fans to stay with them at home. I know it’s hard if you’re not seeing what you want to see, but if you want to stay in the Premier League, you need to get behind your team.”


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8 comments on “Allardyce delivers Hammers survival verdict

  1. Well I think last nights team selection has a hell of ‘let’s do damage limitation’ rather than a team trying to pick up points. Antonio worked hard but somesome up close to him would have certainly caused their defence much bigger problems than what we caused.

  2. And so this is what is appearing in the newspapers more and more … Fans must get behind the team , you can bet your last pound that once relegated it will be the fans fault that we have gone down and not the years of under investment that has been happening at the club. Those journo’s and ex managers and pundits that are in the footballing fraternity will do all they can to shift the blame from multi million pound footballers to the working man in the street cause we can really make a difference sat three miles from a football pitch. Millionaire footballers not running, jumping , tracking back doing basic footballing stuff will not be to blame, most goals conceded aren’t done so out of genius like football they are conceded cause some one F***ked up or lost their man.
    Come end of May , you mark my words its cause the fans are so demanding and deluded that the pressure was too much to bare and we lost 90% of games played.

    • Wrong – the media is entirely anti whufc

    • WOW – much of a ‘working class chip’ on your shoulders?

      Do you think player confidence is affected by what they hear from the stands?
      Do you think a lack of player confidence has a lot to do with where we are right now?

      When people say “we played well on Saturday” it’s because we are the club and we do make a difference.
      Be against the board, hold demos etc BUT inside the stadium SUPPORT THE TEAM.

  3. I don’t think that Spurs, Southampton, Chelsea and Wolves are excrutiating fixtures at all. Spurs no attackers, Soton no better than us, Chelsea we beat them away, and Wolves well who knows. I am expecting at least 6 points from those 4 game, maybe even 7.
    All as long as Moyes plays our best team of course, with some attacking intent!!

  4. Difference is last time Moyes was manager he got Arnie playing and we saw some fantastic winning football. We had strikers like Hernandez and Perez as back up options. This time round we only have the ineffectual Haller.

  5. Ref the comment above, I don’t think all media is entirely anti West Ham. I don’t think claret and Hugh is entirely anti West Ham.

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