Allardyce discusses Hammers fans

allarcheeksSam Allardyce has this morning chosen to give his view on the West Ham fans.

We publish his quotes in the Telegraph without comment:

“I think I was appreciated by the majority of fans. It was a small minority who made themselves very loud and very clear about how they felt about me at the time. That wasn’t just me, it was all the managers who have been at West Ham.

“Appreciation from the fans is always very important. Nobody wants to be booed or be told to get out or get off, but it happened. It happened at Newcastle, too.

“You want to try and deliver what the fans want. At Sunderland, they want to stay in the Premier League and I want to keep them up, too. They’re appreciating how hard we’re trying to do that, I think.

“I think they’ve been very lenient with our players, compared to West Ham’s. Sometimes the players at West Ham suffered far greater than me. When I was there the fans used to get on their backs.

“It is easy for me to take it on the touchline because I’m not playing. Man management, a lot of the time at West Ham, was calming them down about the criticism they were getting off the fans, that they didn’t actually think they deserved.

“In many cases they didn’t, but I told them they had to accept it. You can’t let it affect your game or you’ll get even more stick.”

“You accept that’s the way it is at that football club,” Allardyce added. “And because it’s like that, no matter what you do, at some stage you’ll get criticised. I knew that before I went there, because you ring people up who used to manage and that’s what they’d tell you.

“I don’t suppose, if you spoke to Harry Redknapp or Alan Pardew or Alan Curbishley, that they would admit that, because they are West Ham boys, but I’m not and they’ve said it to me privately.”

“Hopefully people will appreciate what I’ve done there. In the main, going around East London on several occasions, nobody ever expressed anger or ill feeling, it was just a small minority at certain times.


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12 comments on “Allardyce discusses Hammers fans

  1. The man obviously was krap at Maths 12% of fans wanted anything to do with him FACT
    and that few are still in love with him,WHY ?
    Secondly which Players that were being asked by the fans to perform for the very high wages they receive are we talking about
    Nolan ? Being played out of position by him and not able to do the new duties He turned the fans against him by trying anything to make him fit in the team,
    Jarvis ? His fault again not playing him in a system he had a hope performing in,he was labelled as a great crosser of the ball ( he needs lessons from Cresswell ) not worth the money Hippo paid out,
    Taylor ? Just to old and not up to the premier any more,
    JOB ? Still stuck with the same problem that’s why he is still getting stick
    Magia ? Another great buy by Hippo not good enough
    Vaz Te ?fans loved him but not consistent
    Just can’t think of one player unfairly treated,if you want the big bucks then you must earn them we spend our money to watch football that gives us a fair return for our money
    We paid for blue ray and got Betamax
    He needs to start talking about his own club
    He also needs to explain why Nolan JOB ere good enough for us but not for his new club ?

    • Can’t think of any others? Well, apart from that extensive list already, how about Noble and Collins (which endures to this day)?!

      • Noble & Collins took some flack after a few poor performances but so do ALL pro footballers . Collins is called ‘Ginger PELE’ by the fans & Nobes has just sold out 35,000 seats for his testimonial …. I think they are ok with the fans 😉

        • Many pundits Including, Alan Shearer, Glenn Hoddle, and Jamie Redknapp have had nothing but praise for Nobes, even touting him for the England Squad. Ging always gets applauded for his brave never say die blocks, multiple headers clearances, and his bravery, No way should those two be considered with the likes of Maiga, JOB & Jarvis.

  2. “I don’t suppose, if you spoke to Harry Redknapp or Alan Pardew or Alan Curbishley, that they would admit that, because they are West Ham boys, but I’m not and they’ve said it to me privately.”

    All you need to know about who he is.Other people say something to him privately & he puts its all over the media.Great guy,untrustworthy b#stard!!!!

  3. (Pardew wasn’t an old boy; he didn’t play for WHU unlike Harry or Curbs – Sorry Sam!).

    Brilliant story from Curbs: ENJOY:

    When he was manager at Charlton, a fan said to him “Team not doing so well, are they? You’ll sort it out, I expect”.
    This was the response when he was manager at WHU: “Team not doing so well, are they? Well ****ing sort it out then”! ….
    WHU fans don’t take prisoners!

  4. ahaha…he is undoubtedly my favourite comedian, as well as a visionary. Maybe Fat Houdini lives in a parallel reality where he’s the king of his world and there he’s intelligent, strong, beautiful, cunning and loved by the people.
    I really hope WHU fans will bring him down the earth on Saturday showing how much the so called “small minority of fans” loves him…


  5. Quite right Sam…coz honest hard working fans who spend a high percentage of their salary to go and watch multi millionaires play football have no right to express an opinion. How silly of us.

  6. Our Board and Manager have shown class and said nothing but nice things about him yet all he has done is blow his own trumpet and attempt to wind up the Hammers fans. Be carefull what you wish for Sam winding up the fans is not a good idea IMO LOL

  7. Can’t believe his naivety, he admits, Newcastle fans booed him as well, so who is the common denominator Sam ? You or the fans. His one dimensional style was just so predictable and boring, no entertainment value, just dire bottom of the table relegation football.

  8. Sunderland fans have to decide do they want to throw good money away watch dire football
    And scratching around at the bottom of the league,
    Or a fresh start even if that means dropping down a league,
    But that has nothing to do with the problem of Hippo,
    As a Manager you take on a lot of responsibility not just the power,yes you have you staff and players to work with but in football you also have the owners all the employees not just players and the public that provide the income and future of the club,
    This man only thinks about himself and those that give into his total control,
    There is no place in this world for people like him anymore, he said he thought about retiring
    Before he decided to abuse a few thousand northern humans for a couple of years,
    Put up your BFS out banner now before its to late,blame you owners who have wasted millions for many years buying second class overpaid players coming from big clubs and producing nothing for their wages,
    Never mind in a few hours the team we love will produce football that will see them applauded of the pitch,thousands in their free green shirts standing wondering why their team is so poor and Hippo walking away saying how this new Westham team is all down to him

  9. Why are e bothering to discuss this man, he has nothing to lose…… he loses, he says i set the back bone of the side he wins he says well when i was there i did…….proves him right.
    Ignore the man, he did get us back he did keep us up just….. but he got paid bloody well for doing so, so he got paid for doing his job. When the new owners came in they settled everyyhing and started to spend wisely then the true colours of this dinosaur came through, he cannot handle talent, talent that plays with their heart for the fans that follow with their hearts and sole (and money) i watch BFS and WHU in New Zealand and what i saw was appalling, now i watch a different team with belief who play fantastic football. Bilic clearly knows his stuff unlike BFS who played the same way the same formation even with players out injured Bilic has people and other managers wondering who will play and how, with our superstars all fit we are are a top 4 side and rightly so. Ignor the big fat wa**er get behind our team sing songs about our players and manager, BFS is putting up a smoke screen so his under performing side are given an easy tide, make the place a cauldron of noise all singing one tune “forever blowing bubbles” COYI (Sorry rant over)

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