Allardyce explains the days off!

james-tomkinsSam Allardyce has given his reasons for the training break he handed the players this week declaring: “They can’t get any fitter.”

The manager came in for much criticism over the three day ‘holiday’ and added “The lads have had a few days off, but not five. The best way after a long season is to spend some time at home with the families.

They can’t get any fitter. They could do with a physical and mental rest. A few days training with a reminder of the basics, which we always do. ”

Nor is he too interested in a revenge factor when he goes to St James’ Park today after being sacked from the club seven years ago.

He said: “It’s not about Newcastle for me; some people have suggested I am all up for winning to try to send them down, I want to win it for West Ham because that’s where I work. I want to finish with a win away from home and finish with 50 points.

It’s been a long time since we parted company. For me, looking back is not what I am really about. Since Newcastle, I have had a fantastic time at Blackburn Rovers and a fantastic time here since then, which is nearly seven years. Time flies doesn’t it?”

“From a player point of view, James Collins is out (calf), having to leave the field after a few minutes. There was another fantastic performance from Reece Burke. James Tomkins is fit to join the squad again. ”


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24 comments on “Allardyce explains the days off!

  1. If they’re so fit, how come they lose so many goals late in the game?

    I know a lot of it is down to tactics, because they fall too deep, invite teams onto them and try to cling on, but what part does lack of fitness play?

    Just thinking…

  2. Blah,blah,blah,whatever Hippohead.Not interested,Goodbye 😉

  3. It’s not the fitness that matters it’s having a game plan,
    BFS you could have gone over the tactics for them,
    1 When you get the ball kick as high and as far as you can,
    2 When you get the ball kick as far and as high as you can,
    3 when anyone has a chance to score pass it to Kevin,
    4 in the last 30 mins crowd around are area and don’t move and when you get the ball kick it as far and as high as you can
    5 and don’t forget pass the ball to Kevin
    6 and I forgot in the last 25 mins I will take any attacking players off and replace them with Joey and Carlton

    • Ahah… cunning plan A bubs… And the plan B? Lol

    • You forgot to add on #6 kick as high as you can to Carlton because he so effective at holding up play and distibuting. Lol 🙂

  4. The only thing I want to hear the self serving arrogant hippo say is he is leaving our beloved club. Rumour has it that he’ll be confirming it after the match today.
    Roughly 510 minutes left!

  5. Ahah… I thought the Big Ben was malfunctioning… But I was wrong… Lol

    • Haha the stress of the week made the clock malfunction, the minutes will turn to seconds very soon for one of the only times under the genius the excitement level is rising

  6. The time is almost upon us.Will be a happy day for sure.Unless of course youre a sammerette who loves us not winning away for almost 6 months or having relegation form over the last 20 games.Then today is heartbreaking.I can understand their disappointment,i mean why would you want to get rid of a manager who has us playing so well over the last 5 months.As fans we are supposes to be jubilant about this last 5 months.Why would you want to get rid of a manager who has us doing so well.What a bunch of w*nkers!! 🙂

  7. People who want to keep Hippo are weird,just plain weird,end of story 😉

  8. So i guess if hippo says the players are fit as they can be & will have fresh minds after a few days break the first excuse he will use if we lose is that the players are fatigued,lol,he has a habit of talking so much sh*t he ends up forgetting what glorious rubbish he came out with the day before 😀

  9. What he meant to have said….
    ” I decided to give the players a rest so that they had time to chat with Mr Curtis and sign up with him. It also gave me the opportunity of fulfilling a life long dream of touring the Pukka pie factory with Mrs A and submitting my version of I am the Walrus for next years Eurovision Song Contest as I can guarantee that it will prevent GB from being relegated. I have also taken the time to find suitable treatment tables near my new club for AC and KN when they sign and also to pay the full amount for my holiday in Spain also to treat myself to a new pair of rose tinted glasses”

    • Whilst at the pukka factory he brought a Wrigleys representative to work on his ultimate dream steak and kidney chewing gum

  10. Him & Curtis are bloody bandits,sooner they go the better & take all Curtis client has beens with them.The truth is know about these two in tandem,one day it will come out for the fans of clubs to see how they have been mugged off by the pair of them.Cant wait for the day they both get whats coming to them.It will be long overdue

  11. WBA got rid of curtis years ago because of dogging dealings when he was megson,then wba manager,agent as well.Just look at the crap we still have at the club from the championship season,4yrs on we still have players from then.About 80% have curtis as their agent.What a surprise.

  12. 66 dogging don’t start looks nag in windows at night you might come a cross the Cookie Monster messing about with Kevin,
    Tomkins is the only one needs to find a new agent,

  13. The shine on Bilic should be well and truly dulled after sackings in his first two club jobs after limited time at both clubs but bookies reckon he is favourite!Pragmatic view should ask can West Ham attract a manager that can operate with a squad that is limited in numbers and talent while ensuring Premier league status.Moyes was the man but if he is staying in Spain and the citeria is Premier League experience I am afraid there is not going to be a lot of applicants.Wild card is big money contract for Gary Monk after all everyone has a price.

  14. The board have said they will be investing in the transfer market again so the squad should get stronger,why will Bilic not have learnt while playing for Moyes and the Hammers all he needs to know about small squads ?
    Let’s not start knocking any of the applicants till we see who gets the job and has a go
    We can knock them down when they fail but surely not before they start

  15. I agree bubs and if we can manage 11th under BFS then there’s surely a bit of leeway for the new man to find his feet. You’d have to think with decent additions we should be potentially be in the top 6 to 8 squad wise

  16. He’s gone , hurrah

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