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  1. The future now looks a whole lot better

  2. I can sleep well now. Goodnight

  3. In a statement, Joint-Chairmen David Sullivan and David Gold have paid tribute to Mr Allardyce’s contributions and explained what they will be looking for in their new manager.

    “We would like to start by thanking Sam Allardyce for his valuable work since arriving at the Boleyn Ground four years ago,” they said.

    “He leaves the Club in a considerably better state then when he arrived and, for that, the Board are truly grateful.

    “However, we have made the decision not to renew his contract, so we now have the chance to appoint a new manager with a new philosophy to lead us into two of the most exciting years in our great Club’s history.

    “Our target is to recruit a manager that will build a team capable of saying a fitting farewell to the Boleyn Ground next year and do justice to the outstanding surrounds we will call home from August 2016.

    “We have already been impressed with the quality of candidates that have expressed an interest in the role and fully expect to appoint a manager with the credentials to take this Club on to new heights.

    “From our point of view there isn’t a more exciting job in the Premier League at present.”

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  5. Yes,get in there my son!!!!! Thank god for that.Sorry Sammerettes but i dont buy into a guy who has given us 3 wins in 21 & no win since the first week of december.Only an imbecile would.

  6. What a relief.Sam lovers can give their spin anyway they want but this has been awful & he fully deserves to go.Ofc you will get people want him to still stay but they are beyond saving πŸ˜‰

  7. Big Sams EX Claret & Blue Army!!. Fantastic news.One season too late in my opinion.Sorry lads,but you just took the bait too well,lol πŸ˜€

    • Hahahaha,i thought you were someone on the wind up.But Lil Kevin is really,thats a scary proposition πŸ˜€

  8. Bye Sam,enjoy your next big pay packet for being an arrogant old relic of a manager.Thank god managers of your ilk are fast being put out to pasture.

  9. BFS interview on BBC states what a great job he’s done, thanks everyone and wishes them well but obviously no mention of the fans

  10. Thats because he has nevr given a **** about us.One of the reasons i think he is a fool.He never made the effort.Still i sont care as long as the guy has gone πŸ˜‰

  11. Did they announce this at half-time???


    To be fair…he did nearly gets us 10th. We are only 40 points out of first place and a massive 12 clear of relegation. Had the players not been given time off this week, we could have lost by even more. And finally…the outstanding performances put together in the Fairy Play League. Full credit!

  12. BIG SAM for Liverpool ?

  13. Just going on wetpants to have a laugh

  14. Dainon, most on WHTID are happy as punch! Did Burke take a knock during the game ? Why was he substituted and why did Tomkins (Curtis player) come on ? Final parting shot from Allardyce maybe ? πŸ™‚

    • Burke came off because his fitness was not up to par. He was so tired after only taking two days off this week with the squad. Sam should’ve given them 3 extra days off. The only one who didn’t suffer was Nolan – due to his conservation of energy tactics that he has employed this spring.

      Adrian must’ve take the whole week off – he was able to stop a 4v1.

    • Its funny how suddenly there is jubilation H,especially when Sam Out fans were called the minority.Good work over the months fighting for your beliefs in a difficult land called wetpants,lol πŸ˜‰

  15. Not before time!

    Time to move on, a big, black cloud has been lifted from the club. The useless way the team played this afternoon was typical of the BFS era. No flair, no attack to speak of, mystifying substitutions, dubious team selection …. you could go on all day!

    I have a feeling that David Moyes could be the new man, whoever it is he’s got a big job to recruit the required number of players and give us a good enough team for next season.

  16. It feels like we have won the league and cup double,
    Just hope it has not cost us the friendship of our Italian buddy Matte,
    2 saves be brave no soft option this time,bring in a exciting manager and back him with 5 or 6 great new recruits,
    If you do this we will bring this club back to where it should be and when you sell up in a couple of years you will double your. Money

  17. Yes,i think matte should return.Comeback matte!!!!,lol πŸ˜‰

  18. Twinkle, it wasn’t good work on my part. I just expressed my view which I always do.
    Time will tell who was right or wrong. But hopefully we can all move on now.
    I for one alΓΆready feel excited about our new opportunities, who our new manager might be, who we could bring in as new players etc.
    Breath of fresh air, renewed hope, positive energy and most likely European football too.
    Loving it already!

  19. Exciting times in my eyes H,cant wait for the next few years.Unlike some im not scared of getting relegated just because the genius has gone πŸ˜‰

  20. Guys, read the latest column from ExWHUemployee: Exciting times ahead indeed!


  21. Bloody hell H,i bet that has got you all fired up & dreaming again πŸ˜‰

  22. H just don’t get to down when klopp does not get the job I know how much you want him to be our next manager,

  23. It is an exciting project for a manager lets make no bnones about this.Taking a club into a new 54k stadium,if sold to them the right way it could be a great post for someone.Thats why hippo had to go.But ofc Sammerettes dont see the bigger picture.Just sh*t themselves about gettting relegated next year,fools.But others are the blinkered ones,i dont think so.They are!!

  24. I know he may probably go to Man City or Liverpool unless we move quickly of course.
    It is at least encouraging that he seems to be interested in our project and keen tolisten to what Sullivan and Brady have to say.
    I won’t get too down if we don’ get him. As we will get a decent manager in either way.
    Worst case scenario seems to be Bilic and what a massive step up would even that be compared to Allardyce!

  25. Lol,unless youre a sammerette,then it is a sideways step.They are a strange breed of creature The Sammerettes πŸ˜‰

  26. Ok Hamburg that’s how I feel,I will trust the board one more time to get it right but this time I hope they have some balls and don’t play it safe,

  27. Ancelotti, Klopp, Emery, Benitez, Bielsa or DeBoer – massive statement of intent. All decisions showing some balls.

    Moyes, Bilic, McClaren – play it safe options.But all three of them still a step up and much more inspiring than Allardyce.

  28. Yep time to take the challenge.But having said that they have shown balls by getting rid of Mr.Stability.Could have easily bottled it & kept Sam’never gets relegated’ Allardyce.They have already take one major step imho πŸ˜‰

  29. I’d like the board to hold their nerve and wait for the managerial musical chairs to stop and then make a brave move. De Boer has always been my choice but having read up on Emery he sounds great along with most of the names in the article. I have doubts on Bilic but would still welcome him,now it’s all down to the Daves drive and ambition.

  30. Montrose want someone, mind you,you might be turned down, Sam!.

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