Allardyce has always wanted to boss Man U

West Ham United v Nottingham Forest - npower ChampionshipSam Allardyce has admitted he he has always dreamed of managing Manchester United.

His admission came in an interview with BT Sport thatΒ he would love to work at Old Trafford.

Asked by Clare Balding if there was one dream club he’d want to manage, Allardyce said: “I think that if I said West Ham wasn’t a dream club to have managed then I’d be in trouble with the West Hams fans [and] it has been a dream club to have managed.

“But there’s always been one and that’s Manchester United so when I was trying to get promotion with Bolton to the First Division I always used to go and watch Manchester United play at Old Trafford.


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47 comments on “Allardyce has always wanted to boss Man U

  1. This latest Bollox from him about attacking football being the root cause of us not having more points…

    He highlights it for the lack of clean sheets…excuse me if I’m mistaken, but didn’t most of the points we lost happen as a result of him making WHOLLY DEFENSIVE substitutations, going on the back foot and trying to hold onto leads rather than keep attacking, inviting teams on and subsequently caving.

    No one that I’ve never met has ever made me as angry as this utter **** of a man…mostly because his lies are so brazen, thin and self serving. I still can’t work out if he lies or is just so deluded as to not see it.

  2. ahhahahahaha… Yes, and I’ve always dreamed a night with Megan Fox… Sam is the best…he’s my favourite comedian…

  3. I’ve always dreamed of being 6ft 2in but I’m still only 5ft 10

  4. Im sure Giggs,Sheringham & Andy Cole to mention a few would have embraced Sams tactics fully πŸ˜‰

  5. Yet another article, designed to have a negative effect and put more pressure on the Manager, get the fans talking about him in a negative light. All he’s done is be brutally honest, ask nearly every PL manager (former and present) and many would’ve said they would’ve loved to have Managed MUFC. The agenda is clear and pretty sad to be honest. Regarding size, believe me, some are actually much smaller than just their height.

    • Ahhhh poor little Sam,being put under pressure by a website.Get a life,ffs,im sure he feels no pressure from the media.Remember Sam said he never reads media about him for or against.Poor Sam,i do hope his self esteem isnt dented.We all know how insecure he is about himself πŸ˜‰

    • Btw,that height comment makes no sense,but crack on πŸ˜€

      • Oh it does if you can stop to think about it.

        • Still dont see the significance,the guy made a comment about lending Hugh a few inches & you made some comment about small people & height.Dont really get what you needed to say it for is all.Maybe you have an agenda against Hugh,lol πŸ˜€

    • For the love of god,why take things so seriously.People are just having a little fun.Why take it so seriously like it is something important in life.It isnt,its just football when all said & done.Far more imporatnt things to worry about in life than this!!

    • ahahah… ehi WHU647580 it’s not a funeral, don’t worry. Sam is still here with us watching over us…

    • Why do you comment on this site?? If you dont like the articles or other peoples views on here. Be a nice little boy & #### off!!!!! ☺ oh & take that fat northern #### with you…
      please x

      • Oopps, soz for the implied naughty words…

        • It makes me laugh.You get guys come on here slagging people for attacking Allardyce,then you go to other sites & the same people are having discussions about how Allardyce doesnt give youth a chance,plays wrong formations & other uncomplimentary things about BFS.I think they come on here to be argumentative then go back to the safehaven of their prime site & start the slating of Sam on there,haha,bunch of muppets πŸ˜€

          • ahahah.. tyson did you find conker somewhere else? One day I entered on google the word “conkerpot” and I found a twitter account with a modified image: haahah… Carroll like a warrior with a sword in one hand and a shield in the other and who decapitates a player of another team… I don’t know if is conker, but I almost died laughing… ahaha I miss him…

          • No forum is a safe haven, they all have different opinions and users. The only thing that does my head in, is Hugh’s continual agenda, it’s been going on over 2 years now, when SA goes, he’ll try and convince you lot it was his worked that showed the owners the light.

      • So only people that agree should comment/respond? I barely comment on this site, because quite frankly it’s ****, with a Sun “Exclusive” mentality for people who like lots of pictures in the papers……

        • ahaha… thanks for your deep metaphor… I’ll make good use of it… BFS RULES.

        • Haha,ahhh,you poor sensitive little lad.Can we buy you an icecream to say sorry.Just make sure you dont drip it on your Daily Telegraph.Dont take things so seriously.As someone said earlier,its only football.You are not sat in a house in Syria have the crap blown out of you.

        • And just for the record… I have eyes to see and ears to hear, I have no need of spoon-feeding by nobody… BFS RULES.

        • Have you read the name of this site?? I thought it was called ‘claretandHUGH’ so who do you imagine might air their views on here… I know it might be difficult for some but there is a clue in the title…
          if on the other hand it was called ‘claretandWHU647580’ then people might take your views seriously. If i read something i dont like or agree with i do one of two things, 1. Put my views over in a way that doesn’t just rant at everyone that doesn’t agree with me, or 2. Leave the site and go else where.

        • Which is presumably why you are here.

          • Just following my reason 1.
            just because I may not agree with everyone about everything it doesn’t mean i’m always right

        • Terrible that you come on to here & swear,it is the type of language i would expect from people like us who only look at pictures in The Sun because we cant reid or wright πŸ˜‰

    • Haha,no i didnt find flowerpot,lol,just some others you see come on here saying Allardyce should stay but then you see them on other sites moaning about different things The Mighty Messiah does,lol,it amuses me πŸ˜‰

    • I have a no swearing rule here but u really are pushing it you twerp. This was reported first by BT And then virtually every media outlet in the country. What a total berk you are.

    • I have a no swearing rule here but u really are pushing it you twerp. This was reported first by BT And then virtually every media outlet in the country. What a total berk you are.

    • The only problem with you silly little comment is that it is on about 50 other sites as well after Mr Allardyce chose to tell the world on BT Sport.

  6. I can just imagine Cantona listening to his defensive plans for the match,mind you he could have done everyone who is fed up with his bs a favour & Kung Fu kicked him πŸ˜‰

  7. Yeah sure,he has done nothing to bring the negativity about him on himself has he.As for pressure,i would have thought pressure as a manager comes with not winning matches.Nothing that people say on a forum.I would have thought 2 PL wins in 3 months is what is making him feel any pressure.

  8. Having watched BFS say he wanted to be at Man U i did s******. Maybe it’s not too late. Never say never. Lol
    i reckon he was right up there top of the list when Fergie left, what a shame he was doing so well with us that we wouldn’t let him go. Go Sammy, go Sammy.

  9. Its funny,a couple of months ago sites were still generally pro sam.But now if you go to them suddenly you see headlines like Sam has lost the supporters,Arrogant Sam will never change,Stubborn Sam,blah,blah,blah.Then this place gets called the anti sam site,haha,there are as articles appearing now elsewhere,it has just taken longer for the penny to drop πŸ˜‰

  10. That’s strange, they always put their trust in Samuel unconditionally… I thought he was a kind of religion… it’s really strange… πŸ˜‰

  11. Allardyce is delusional to say the least.I say it again.Over rated,over paid and overweight.

  12. I think people would give him a bit of a break,a small one at least,if he wasnt such an egotistical,self promoter.He continually tells the media how fantastic as a manager he is but does nothing to back it up.The empty trophy cabinet bares testament to that.Managers dont need humility or to be popular but fans get fed up of listening to him banging his own drum when he then does jack sh*t to back it up.Unless of course he is happy to be remebered as the boss who kept people up.Hardly goes hand in hand with his claims about his ability in the media.He talks a good game,but delivers little.

    • Yep,i agree,i will never hate a manager of a football club,whats the point.I agree they dont need to show humility but i really do get sick to the back teeth of his jaunts into the media to tell the world of his wonderful world beating talents,only to then yet again deliver a season of nothingness.If he wants to go to the media to say he is the most flexible manager,the most sophisticated,could manage real madrid easily then fine say it.But if you are going to make these claims then deliver of them.But he never does.He is just all hot air & no substance.Hopefully only 7 more matches & its goodbye to his ego & blank cv in the trophy section.

    • During an interview it would be enough to ask him this question ” We know you are a sophisticated manager as you stared before. Please Mr Allardyce can you yell us which was your greatest success during your long career? Which is your secret? Thanks.” His face and his silence would be priceless… πŸ˜‰

      • * tell not yell

      • Haha,Dudley the Dinosaur is too busy for interviews on Thursdays,he is drawing up up his manuscript on excuses & what a superb team Stoke are ready for his pre-match press conference tomorrow πŸ˜€

  13. Chicken runner has absolutely nailed it. Bang on

  14. hope to hear over the tannoy Mr Allardyce as left the building instead of Mr Moon

  15. Ahahaha.. But just one minute…

  16. Ahahah… But just one minute…

  17. my mobile’s gone crazy… sorry πŸ˜‰

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