Allardyce: “I’m not in control – we need to be quick”


waving sam_allardyce_1528056cSam Allardyce is busily claiming today that West Ham’s possible qualification for Europe via the Fair Play League has made it even more important to resolve his contractual situation the moment the season ends.

Claiming negotiations would need to be quick, “particularly if we are in Europe” he added: “If we are in the Europa Cup [sic], our first game would be on 2 July and there’s a lot to finalise, planning and pre-season, on the basis of that.”

He added that there was “a lot to negotiate” in terms of contract lengths for him and his staff; budgets; new signings, player departures and the club’s direction.

He said: “We then have to move forward as quickly as we can … There’s one thing we have done and always will do, which is when we’ve made decisions, not just me but the owners as well, we have pushed forward extremely quickly to try and secure the players that we’re trying to get to improve the squad.”

Allardyce said it was “not inevitable” that the Everton game would be his last at Upton Park as the West Ham manager and he warmed to an extremely familiar familiar theme.

“There is no news, as always [on the contract],” he told reporters. “It’s at the end of the season. It was always going to be at the end of the season and it will still be the end of the season.

“Two years ago, I signed on 29 May. At the end of this season, it falls in the same lines. We sit down and we negotiate. Whether I’m staying or going, that hasn’t been decided.

“I could do without this because of the speculation it causes but I’m not in control of it at the moment. I accept it but I could do without it because it gets more and more extreme, in terms of every time you’re answering questions in public, it’s more about the contract than the team. The team is the most important thing.”

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  • StingRay Stewart says:

    He ‘hasnt been in control’ for about 5 months,guys lost the plot totally!

  • mattefumi is waiting for 24 May says:

    Ahahah… Sam, listen to an ignorant pig… Make your vacation plans as quickly as you can. You and your wife, three months together, destination: Africa. There you’ll find a lot of hippos so you can explain to your own kind your sophisticated tactics. I’m sure they will appreciate and they’ll understand your brain. Enjoy your summer. Bye Bye.

    • Oh Matte I am sitting here helpless with laughter. Blimey – absolutely nailed it Looooooool

      • mattefumi is waiting for 24 May says:

        Ahahahah… 😉

      • TysonM says:

        Dont encourage your pack of moronic rabid dogs Hugh.You must remember this is all very,very serious.Forget train crashes in Ameica,Earthquakes in Nepal.This is all encompassing,a serious,serious issue.It must be debated for 24hrs a day without a glimmer of humour involved,im ashamed of you finding Mattes comments amusing,lol 😀

  • TysonM says:

    Will be great to see the back of this clown & look forward to a new season,new manager.Get back to not reading lame pre/post match interviews & everything being everyone elses fault but his.However this is only my opinion,one of a howling dog staring at the moon 😀

  • lezred says:

    Sam you can be in control of your car all the way back up north to Sunderland !!!!!!

  • pabloonechop says:

    Sorry to disappoint but would not be at all surprised if he stays. If Benitez isn’t available ( which he probably won’t be) will the owners take a risk on laudrup or Bilic ahead of moving to the OS? Surely they are tempted to give him a year,then change ahead of the move with premier status assured, and sell season tickets on the back of that. Not what I want but is what I expect.

  • canchaz says:

    I wouldn’t bet the bank on Sam leaving. There’s a better than even chance he’ll still be here next season and a better than even chance a lot of fans, including this one, will be disappointed

  • mattefumi is waiting for 24 May says:

    Ahahah… Sorry, I respect every opinion, but after I read these last two posts I give up… Again until we move to the OS…. Lol Where is the gun? I want to die…

  • Boys of '66 says:

    He is history.One way or another he is gone.I have the faith.

  • bubs says:

    canchaz to post on the trot and you never used be careful what you wish for,
    But you still covered the same subject with the same result,
    He stated he is definitely not signing a new contract and you know he can’t change his ways
    And remember he has 2 other contract offers already to consider,
    Matte not Africa there is enough people from there swimming in the Med trying to escape life in Africa can you even imagine how many will want to leave if Sam and family arrive ?
    Falklands is nice this time of the year.

    • mattefumi is waiting for 24 May says:

      ahaahh… you are right bubs, I’ve never seen it that way… Africa would be empty in a week, only Sam, his wife and hippos, but maybe also them would run like the wind after one day of Sam’s cunning tactics… lol

  • hammer4life says:

    If he is offered a new contract there’ll be an uprising, The David’s will not be able to lead a normal life. It would be hell for them. As a result Sam is gone. End of….

  • rugbyirons says:

    The bigger fear is that those die hards who are not local or STH will give up coming if he stays.I have 45 years of history of UP but if he stays then I won’t be wasting hundreds of quids coming to London to watch his crap. I somehow feel deep down I am not alone.

  • bubs says:

    If he stays rugby I will continue to communicate on this site with you good people but I will not watch another game until he has gone,
    Life is to short to let one fat northerner ruining my life,
    Come the revaluation

  • hammermolder says:

    You cant believe the rubbish you read in the papers,can you Hugh!!

  • Boys of '66 says:

    Good positive comment Molder,but i have seen his press conference,difficult to change what came out of his mouth when you watch it & this is what he said!

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