Allardyce: Just call me Houdini

HarryHoudini1899Sam Allardyce reckons he has performed ‘Harry Houdini’ type heroics during his four years at Upton Park and  deserves to carry on.

Quite how the illusionist and stunt performer (right) who died 89 years  comes into things isn’t clear but presumably it’s a reference to promotion, saving us from relegations and performing what Sam may consider other miracles.

Discussing his record and future he said:  ‘I have had a great time here, I have enjoyed myself, I have enjoyed London.

sam-allardyce_1712364cI have done what I was asked to do which was deliver a team that, this time round, has not only been the most successful but the most entertaining, the most thrilling.”

Questioned on the length of contract he feels he deserves Allardyce said: “I wouldn’t have thought it will be any different to a two-year deal. Why would it be? The past two were over two years.

“Do I want to stay? It depends on the ­negotiations. There is a lot of negotiating to do: regarding me, my staff, the new players, the budget. And are we going together in the right ­direction?”

All those questions will be answered formally very shortly  despite a series of newspaper polls the decision has pretty clearly been made.

Meanwhile onto Everton at the Boleyn and let’s hope we can do without the spirit of a man born 141 years ago to help us through!


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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

29 comments on “Allardyce: Just call me Houdini

  1. Great picture,love it.Allardyce deserves the ridicule he gets.This latest statement is one of them.Im sure his fans will tell people he is Houdini but for me he just makes himself sound ridiculous.

  2. I have supported The Irons for almost 45yrs & let me tell you this geezer is embarressing to be associated with us sometimes.His constant forays into the press with his Flexible,Sophisticated ramblings & now this pathetic self promoting makes me throw up.Has he just taken us from 15pts adrift at the foot of the table to save us from relegation? Have i missed something.Didnt Houdini escape from things,does he think taking us from a european spot to middle table the ultimate escape,lol.What a total berk.

  3. Nothing this dude says anymore suprises me.He is clearly making himself look like the real deal to prospective clubs who may want his services to keep them from relegation.Pretty much the limit of his management ability.Geezers a mug,cant wait to not have to read his bs anymore.

  4. Just got love Sammy Boy,the Hippo opens his big mouth yet again & crap drops out.Bet he has lovely rose beds in his garden the amount of h*rse**** pours out of his gob 😉

  5. Di*khead!! enuff said.

  6. Guess we have got to give him the chance of a last few egotistical rants.Its only fair..Maybe they should play ‘Unchained Melody’ as he takes his seat tomorrow 😉

  7. ahahahhaha… I can’t stop laughing… lol

    Honestly, when he’ll go (9 days and then bye bye) I’ll miss his mountain of bulls*it…
    “I have enjoyed London.” and ” has not only been the most successful but the most entertaining, the most thrilling.”… Please Sam, tell me which is your pusher… lol

    Sam, you are a magician, you are Houdini, well: please replicate his magic trick for me.
    You chained like a big hippo inside a large tank of water, but be quick, I could not allow you to drown, we need you next year… lol

    Come on Sam, time is running out… ahahah

  8. serious question for sam if your so good why didnt your mate alex recommend you for man utd in stead of moyes answer he knows your a turdrate manager, you have never won anything and you never will,you think your so good and your not your clueless we got promoted through luck blackpool were the better team,with the team we had we should have won that league,leave now before you embarass yourselve even further,

  9. Cant believe some of the sh*t that comes out of his mouth.You have to read it twice to make sure you actually grasped what he was saying the first time round,lol,incredible what pony comes out of his big Dudley gob sometimes- ‘”I have done what I was asked to do which was deliver a team that, this time round, has not only been the most successful but the most entertaining, the most thrilling.” I mean,seriously,have i been asleep for four years & missed this most entertaining,most thrilling football.What a kn*bhead! 😀

  10. Most Entertaining,Most Thrilling is he having a personal pop at me BANKER
    I would sooner watch Ant and Dec than hie team performance,
    Trade description act covers this crap
    He comes out every Friday to wind up the Fans I hope every fan turns tomorrow on the plank,
    No to compare his self with that small fit man who could do what he said he could is Cobblers,
    If we enter negotiations with him then the board should be sanctioned

  11. Never been 100% against Allardyce but this is the biggest bit of rubbish i have ever read from him.He has said some things before to inflate his already ott ego but this is just a load of fantasy.He should keep his mouth shut if he has nothing sensible or realistic to say.Mourinho has an ego but he can back it up.This man is just all hot air & bluster.Never anything to back it up with.Foolish guy.

  12. Don’t worry Tyson anytime now little Kevin will be back with the times,dates and games where these feats took place then your know wether you were asleep in a coma or are there drugs out there free on the NH we are not getting,
    Possible if you go the quack and say you have a serious BFS BULL**** problem you can get a supply,

  13. Houdini? I’ve heard it all now. That being the case would someone kindly punch him in the stomach for gods sake. Is there no end to this dullards self promoting, delusional ravings? He’s been banging on about how well we did up until Christmas but it is my firm belief that we did so well inspite of ‘A lard arse’ and not because of him. If Nolan and Carroll had of been fit from day one he would’ve played them and Valencia and Sakho wouldn’t of gotten a look in. How do we know this? Because as soon as they were, he did. That also would’ve meant that there would’ve been no diamond for Downing to play at the head of either. To say that this man is the total opposite of everything our great club stands for has to be the biggest understatement since Noah looked out of his kitchen window and said “You best get the washing in love, it looks like rain.” He also keeps spouting on about the fact that’s he’s done everything asked of him. I beg to differ. He was asked as bare minimum for a top half finish,a ‘GOOD’ Cup run and a more expansive and flamboyant style of play. Now we may scrape top half but the playing style has gone back to his default setting of ‘complete dross’. As for the cup run? Ha. Priceless. Taxi for A lard arse….Bill it to me.

  14. Lol,spot on Green.Good stuff.He is just a gobsh*te,plain an simple.He should engage brain before spouting off a complete & utter load of sh*t.Maybe he could become editor of Bellends site,he would fit in well there 😉

  15. Bellend just cant let it go can he,even manages to slag someone else in the process.I think he is actually infactuated with this place.Maybe he wants to adopt a rabid dog,lol

  16. I agree Sam! You have done everything you have been asked to do and all true West Ham fans will thank you for that but I’m sorry your not the man to take us the step further. C O Y I

  17. Haha,ok,so if you dont want to thank him you are not a ‘true west ham fan’,lol,ok,if you say so.Damn,im not a true West Ham supporter.Only been to 32 games this season,but all counts for nothing becuase i dont want to thank Allardyce.Havnt seen him thank us too many times when we have travelled away & been pathetic.Havnt seen him come over to us or acknowledge us too many times after matches.Didnt know thanking him was part of the criteria for supporting West Ham.I prefer to give 100% support to the team during the 90mins on the pitch.Still in your world that counts for nothing.Ok,tomorrow i will thank Houdini just for you S T I.

    • STI? STD More like. Thank him for what? Doing what he’s paid to do? I think there’s room in his taxi for one more. Bon voyage.

      • Ok,i went Infection,you went Disease.All ends up itchy though whatever you call it.So i have been told anyway,lol 😉

      • Yeah come on Green times have changed since you last had itchy nuts.Its STI now not STD,lol 😀

        • You say Tomato, i say Tomarto. Lol. Well im old ain’t i. Think last time i had itchy nuts was around about the same time that Mervyn Day was taking over from Bobby Ferguson. Ha.

  18. Lmao,just another toss*r paying a visit from Bellend Towers i expect.

  19. SDIA- Stupid Delusional Idiotic A*sehole

  20. ahaha… I don’t want to thank you Sam. lol

    A not true West Ham Fan.

  21. Yeah we must thank Houdini for the great escape he performed.For a couple of months we played excellant football,then he got the chains off & could turn us into a bunch of negative robots,the ones he loves so much.Thanks Sam,youre my hero,pffff.As for taking us out of The Championship,he did his best to **** that up as well.Even in the final the mighty Blackpool were better than us.Yes thankyou again Hippohead,happy retirement in your mud bath.

  22. And it’s no thanks from me
    I will put a Fiver into he is not worth a tenner

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