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Allardyce may be getting contract “message”

Creepy AllardyceThere’s some interesting observations from West Ham correspondent and Sam Allardyce watcher, Dave Evans in today’s London24.com.
He has devoted his piece to the manager’s possible change of mood as a new contract persistently fails to materialise.

He claims that after the goalless draw at Queens Park Rangers, which saw the team fall out of the top 10, the guy appeared more animated than usual.

And when asked what he needed in the summer, Allardyce laughed: “A contract!.”

The manager added: “There’s only one thing that needs to be sorted out and that’s me to sit down with the owners when they’re ready and talk about me being at West Ham and nowhere else.

“Until that is resolved we won’t know which way we’re both going forward.”

As Evans points out that’s a “leap” from the usual “wait until the end of the season” routine and as a result he believes the boss  “is getting nervous about his own future.”

Evans declares: “Before, Allardyce seemed laid back and even amused by the constant 
questioning, but the never-ending links in the media to other managers and words from the chairmen as well as vice-chair Karren Brady about bad displays may have got him thinking that a new deal is not as assured as he once thought.”

The 60-year-old was also asked about his health, especially following angry tirades against officials that he has exhibited over the last few weeks.

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Allardyce insists that he is well aware of the situation, adding: “The first thing I said to the specialist after I had a stent put in was ‘Is it time to pack this job in?’

“He said ‘no, but make sure you don’t stress yourself out as much as you do. I see you on the touchline jumping up and down like a lunatic. Stop that, control yourself more and you won’t have a problem’.

“You can’t always do that, but I try and do it as much as I possibly can.”


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29 comments on “Allardyce may be getting contract “message”

  1. he’s getting a new contract board only care about staying in the league next season.

  2. Ahh,ok,so now we have the indirect get out clause for him slumping in the chair & chewing gum.It is to keep his heart rate down & to stay calm.What a surprise this should suddenly appear just a week or two after he got mullered for slouching in his seat looking disinterested.Now we all know,it is not disinterest in us but a way of keeping inner peace during the rough & tumble of a Prem Game.Maybe he will be doing yoga on the touchline against Burnley 😉

  3. Yoga more like Yoghurt to go with hes chewing gum & cuppa tea

  4. If his ying and yang is all messed up it’s probably down to tight underwear not to his stents,
    For a person who has 3 stents it does not make you tired and slouch around it has the opposite affect,
    But if his Feng shui is Fuxc up he needs to turn his seat around at the stadium and change thins around like put Nolan on the bench with Jarvis,and put Nene and Alfitano on the pitch,
    There I can feel the calmer changing already,
    Stage 2 BFS like me you hand in your notice and get on a plane to warmer climates and spend your hard earnt cash treat Mrs A to a new sarong and mules ( not donkeys )
    Sit down with a cold beer and listen to some tunes ( I for ever blowing bubbles )
    Then know you have done something for greater man ( all WHU fans except conkerpot )
    You can send cards to little Kevin and Andy stroll along the beach with Joey ( he won’t get another contract anywhere else )
    Opps just a dream ( but sometimes they come true )

  5. Damn i cant wait till we have no more articles involving the wise words of Samuel connected in anyway to West Ham.I must be a masochist going to the official site to read his ‘Manager on Monday’ piece.What an absolute load of bullsh*t he comes out with.He must think all Irons fans are a right bunch of gullible mugs,unbelievable! 😉

  6. Haha,good work Bubs,you have formulated an excellant plan of action for Sam & his kids,lol 😉

  7. Shame on you, you don’t even have respect yourself.
    He’s not a Man, he’s a mollusk, he’s spinless, a muppet, a clown.
    He says he could manage teams like Real or Man utd, but now he seems to pray for a new contract.
    Now the sophisticated mollusk is trying to impress the changing his pathetic attitude on the bench… Poor idiot, what an embarrassing muppet…
    The truth is that he is a good Championship manager, nothing more than this.


  8. *impress the people

  9. sack him full of lies and bullsxxxxt

  10. I dont care what manager you are,2 wins in 17 pretty much deserves the sack.Wouldnt be many other managers who would keep their job with a record like that & he only still has his because his contract is running down.I trust him no more than any new manager who may come in to keep us up.All this ‘Sams gives us stability going to the OS’ is the biggest pile of crap that was doing the rounds.Fortunately few people say it anymore because they know this mug could put us in trouble next year just as easily as any new manager could do.We wont go down next year,im sure of that.But all this muppet guarantees us anymore is lame excuses,useless negative tactics & football that could put a person with even the most serious case of insomnia to sleep.

  11. I’ve always said I like talking about football using irony; that’s true, but when I read words like these, when I listen to his interviews, even when I see his football and his substitutions, I understand that it’s not just about football.
    His attitude during a match and out of the match shows a lack of respect: there are a great number of fans who pay a ticket in order to watch this crap, or people at home who pay to watch on tv this crap.
    Should we accept this fact? I just want to remember that this so called manager earns 3 Million each year.
    For what? Lying on the bench chewing gum showing boring pathetic football and then embarrassing interviews.
    He’s taking the pi*s out of the people and he smiles when he does that..
    Frankly I’m tired and I can’t take it any more.


  12. When i read his Manager on Monday on the official site it just made me mad Matte.He is on there blaming the downturn in the season on injuries & playing younger players.What an absolute load of garbage.This is the guy now blaming injuries on monday who said on saturday after the game in interview that you cant blame injuries.The guy just blows it out of his a*se,he really does.Unbelievable!.

    • ahahah.. I know Rads, this man is fool… just look at this photo… lol Is the face of an intelligent person? lol

  13. Does Sam have some sort of ‘Fairy Story’ book that he uses for his interviews? I just read one reported on ‘Hereisthecity’ where he claims the two reasons for our giving up last minute goals is, first injuries, which caused the second, which he claims forced him to use the young and inexperienced players on the books.
    I tried to figure out who these young and untested players are. Is he talking about Cresswell, who he has lauded as one of our best all season, or is he referring to Ginge or Winston. Maybe it’s Song or Kouyate or is it Noble, maybe it’s Nolan. Could he perhaps be referring to Adrian.
    I am lost.

  14. Yeah but what makes it worse Canchaz is that the article in hereinthecity has taken his quotes from the actual official wet ham site from his Manager on Monday article.These are the reasons he is given on our clubs official site.Everytime this jerk opens his mouth just more & more crap comes out.Its getting way beyond embarressing.He also tried to defend our performance at Citeh by saying we had more possesion up there than we did when we beat them at home but it was just the result was different.The guy is a totally tool.I really just cant take anymore of him.Ffs,people on other sites say you shouldnt disrespect him or call him anything other than Sam but quite frankly he shows we fans no respect & deserves to be ridiculed with the rubbish he fires out of his mouth 😉

  15. He must go for me to remain a hammers fan if he stays I will be taking up another sport to watch and talk about until he goes,
    He is my worst nightmare and I now spend to much time being angry,life is to short I now start hoping we don’t win just to see the back of him how bad is that,
    MY NIGHTMARE NOW HAS A HIPPO IN IT ( more beer I think)

  16. Ahahah… Imagine if he stays… I’m going to be a curling or badminton lover… Lol

  17. Haha,im just watching Barca v Getafe.It is 6-0 a minute into the second half,lol,they score 6 in 46mins,it takes us 2 months to score that many,lol 😀

  18. Ahaha… Ok rads, that’s true, but we can admire long balls all the time… Lol I’m going crazy…ahah

  19. ha ha bubs you having nightmares about the hippo wasnt it Allardyce on the tv ad for selling mattresses with Nolan as the little bird next to him

  20. Ha ha remember it well slumberland I think nice blue pj,s,
    More like the Hippo goalie in bed ****s and broomsticks,
    But they were good thoughts not a nightmare,
    My version is a bit like a male ugly Betty doing the cat walk in a mankini with Nolan as his gay makeup man girl all taking place in our new stadium with the 2 Daves clapping while Carroll sit on the sideline with both legs in plaster 2116 week 2 of the new season and we are in the championship because they gave him a 2 year contract and we were relegated with the lowest ever point margin,
    PLEASE WAKE ME UP IN 4 weeks when BFS is sacked

  21. So Moose on Talksport tweeted earlier that he has heard negotiations have opened between the club and Allardyce. David Gold is getting defensive of the recent performance as well. Maybe Sams days are not quite as numbered as we thought.

    Any truth to it Hugh?

  22. Well if they want to keep a manager who has given us 2 wins in 17 they are mugs.Cant see it myself,but you never know.If they do keep him not only are they keeping a manager who would have never been given a new contract at almost any other club but it just shows a total disregard to the fans who have to endure his lame football.Who the hell gives a new contract to someone who had us in the crap for long periods of last season & has given us two wins this year in the league,at home to the mighty Hull & Sunderland,lol.Nah,i aint having it,i think its just moose sh*t 😀

  23. Lol,thats it then,they have said all along talks will take place at the end of the season but moose tweets negotiations are under way so we should all believe it.Moose is full of crap most the time 😉

  24. ahah… anyway, I have never seen a situation like this… Where else a manager like BFS would still be in office? Elsewhere he would have been shipped to Barbados a long time ago… But not here… here maybe there is a chance he signs a new contract… I’m speechless..
    Please Davids give him a new long contract, he really deserves it.

  25. Moose is employed by TalkSport to give them stories. It’s not on the site. Thus I don’t believe it can be true. If it is and he’s witheld it from his employers I wouldn’t want to be where he is standing. Sounds like a little Sam PR to me mate

  26. Is Alex Ferguson available?

  27. If not ,Joe brand!

  28. Or even Cameron OH GOD,

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