Allardyce quotes bring storm of protest

SAllardyceSam Allardyce’s assessment of the Irons’ chances at Leicester City tomorrow (Sat) have been met with a storm of protest from fans.

Speaking in his press conference the West Ham boss had said: “At this stage of the season teams at the bottom can go on a good run, last year it was Sunderland. We’ve got to make sure that doesn’t happen against us.”

“Looking at the table, it’s very tight between eighth and tenth. We have a reasonable run in, some games are certainly more winnable than others. No game is ever easy.
“Leicester will be up for it and I think they’ve got great hope that they stay up. It’s happened before, Alan Curbishley did it here a few years ago. I did it at Bolton early on, Sunderland did it last year, Roy Hodgson did it at Fulham. When you’re fighting for Premier league survival it can bring out the best in players.”“I thought Leicester did enough to get something from the Tottenham game, it just hinged on a decision that went against them. For us, it’s about getting as many points as possible, hopefully we’ll build on our win over Sunderland last time out.”None of that went down to well with fans who believe he should be talking up the Hammers chances. Here’s a selection of comments from the ClaretandHugh forum.


  1. Im sure as the most flexible,sophisticated manager in the league he can overcome these tough teams in the relegation spots.Dear oh lord,every friday seems like deja vu.The next reason or excuse if we dont win on the saturday.If Sam has so much confidence in his ability why does he always go looking for excuses in advance.

  2. The paradox is precisely that: he thinks to be a sophisticated manager, but at the same time he always covers his back…

  3. It is just a standard friday in Samland i see.Any team we play now who are near the bottom Sam will have us believing are world beaters by the time the match comes round,lol

  4. I think tomorrow could be a tricky game,im pretty sure we have a decent record against leicester historically though.I have got to the stage now i would probably settle for a draw or to respect the point as Samuel would say ;)

  5. ahah… in honor of Sam’s philosophy I’ll get a tattoo… RESPECT THE POINT.

  6. If we play like we did at Burnley & Palace,even at spurs we should beat them quite comfortably.But if we play like we did against Sunderland they will turn us over for sure.

  7. Cue the excuses!!!!!

  8. Sam got his excuse in early by swanning off to dubai.he knows ges not up to the runin so treated himself and the players to a jolly as a payoff for him just going through the motions.nolan will play every game until he gets his 100th goal.the bonus for this must be huge.you can expect the curtis players to get plenty of appearances to bump up their bonuses and those who get a cut from it. As he said its about the money from placings (he must get a placing bonus) which shows whats important to him.Shame he is such a poor manager as he could have earned so much more if he were. Cream always rises but hes stuck at the dregs.

  9. Hi mattee the swagger didn’t last long,
    He is in a state of confusion,does not know if he wants to stay,does not know who wants him,what’s he going to do without Nolan who is coming to the end of his days,
    He knows if we don’t go on a run now and we don’t finish in the top 7 he will only be wanted in the championship again,
    Sorry BFS it’s all over its back to the little clubs at least you got 3 years more than at Newcastle.

  10. Newcastle fans couldnt wait to see the back of him.I was living just outside the Toon when he was in charge,i went up with work for about 10months.Even though the club was in a bit of turmoil before & after his departure they were just relieved to see the back of him.Couple of the lads i knew would have preferred they got relegated than keep him,lol


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40 comments on “Allardyce quotes bring storm of protest

  1. Just a question Hugh: why did you omit my first comment? I thought I was quite tactful… ahahah 😉

  2. Send again mate – dunno what happened there

  3. Why the hell cant the geezer just go into a press conference for once a build us up.Say we are a far better team than Leicester,they are bottom of the league & if we dont pick up 3pts he will be disappointed.When the Leicester players read or see something like this they must have suddenly thought they have turned into Brazil.For whatever faults Mourinho has at least he goes into the press & builds his teams up,makes the other team feel inferior.Yes i know he has a top class team but he would be exactly the same with a lesser team.Sams excuse making pre-game almost makes us sound apologetic for turning up at the other teams ground!

  4. Sorry but I can’t see what is wrong with what he said; it seems a pretty fair assessment to me. As for the storm of protest, I will no doubt be faced with a barrage of sarcasm for saying this, but any regular reader of your site will instantly recognise most of the commenters names as passionate Sam haters. That is normal for them isn’t it?

  5. For me it is quite simple.He builds teams up so if we lose he can say i told you it was tricky,if we win he can reflect in the media how he masterminded a great victory.
    Well im not a Sam hater Scally,i will stick with him if he stays & live with it.Not a problem.But im also not so blind to see he has faults which if i see i will comment on.If someone writes something positive about him & i agree i will also comment.Pfff.

    • OK GreenStElf, I don’t disagree that he manipulates briefings, but then so do most managers. If he said Leicester were bottom of the table & were likely to be easy meat he’d be slated for that as well. Contrary to what several think, I’m not a Sam lover, far from it. I was seriously unhappy when he got the job, but having just read Leroys piece, in substance he said very similar things about Leicester and everyones agreeing!

      • Yeah i understand what you are saying about the leicester part of Leroys article,but he was hardly building Sam & the team up either was he.As i said,keep him or let im go,i will ride with it.But damn it does get boring always reading his friday media outings when he turns opposition into supermen,when we know in many ways it is only self-serving & covering his own backside 😉

        • Completely agree! It is very sad that people who are all West Ham to the core, end up ripping into each other instead of followers of lesser teams like the spuds. Hopefully it will be resolved, one way or another very quickly at the end of the season.

  6. Anyway even if they are sam haters it just proves that there are issues surrounding his management doesnt it.As i said im not fussed either way but i wont bury my head in the sand & believe everything is hunky dory,its far from that.

  7. I’m not a Sam hater , it’s just that we had such a great start to the season and it all goes belly up when Nolan & Carroll get fit. Sam seems to think that he has to play them when the system imposed upon him early season was so effective.
    Since christmas we have been bloody awful due to Sam’s selections and baffling substitutions.
    I have supported West Ham since 1960 and I was hoping for some excitment in my latter years, but if Sam stays then I will die a very sad and frustrated supporter and that will be a shame especially for me and also for all the Hammers fans hoping to go to the OS and competing in Europe again.
    Sam must go and we must get back to playing our best 11 . COYI

  8. Dearie,dearie me Scaly,do you really think i need to ‘hate’ a football manager.I really cant see your logic.An article is posted,the response is negative,what is Hugh ment to do,make up names to post views expressed by people who agree with Sam.If no one posts comments in agreement with Sam it is what it is.You cant come on complaining that it is only sam haters contributed,everyone can post comments cant they?.Sorry,hope i expressed my view with no sarcasm,it isnt my intention.

    • My comment was just that, a comment, not a complaint. Otherwise, I actually agree with you to an extent. If no one posts pro Sam comments then Hugh can’t make them up. I just don’t think it right to call it a storm of protest when many (not all) of the commenters Hugh highlighted are regular anti Sam commenters.

  9. He’s like a wet blanket – there’s no positivity from him!

    We should win this game easily, Leicester are dead and buried!

  10. I don’t hate anybody, maybe it’s better “Not Sam’s best friend”. I often prefer to highlight his wisdom not to forget who is our manager: prevention is always better than cure. I’m sarcastic. 😉

  11. I have never been part of a ‘Storm’ of protests before.Will it be on the news worldwide? Will i be famous?,lol

  12. Haha,tbh the guy builds a rod for his own back.He tells everyone who will listen he is the most flexible in the league,the most sophisticated around,how he could manage any top team in europe then he goes into a press conference sounding like he is running scared from Leicester,lol.How is he not going to get a bit of a slating after that!

  13. Once and for all to all you BFS LOVERS (sorry Kevin ) we are not BFS haters we are
    Entertaining adventurous value for money football lovers,
    Things BFS does not understand even with his money I bet Mrs BFS still is only allowed to buy bog/off products.
    We need a new start at the club and BFS had his chance this season to change,
    He chose his way,

  14. Here’s a thought, instead of all the sniping at each other about the manager, or indeed forever complaining about the manager, let’s all do something novel like actually supporting the team.

  15. Thanks for that thought Bob,but i think you will find everyone does support the team.A dislike of a manager doesnt stop people from supporting the team as players or when they are on the pitch.I will bare it in mind though,thanks.

  16. When you have such a diversive figure as Sam what do you expect Bob.He will always bring with him his supporters & his detractors.Until he goes it will remain the same.If he stays so be it,but if he goes i will be relieved that the fans can again maybe unit.Because any new manager,even if not universally popular will ever split the camp as much as Allardyce.Personally i think it has got to the stage were he is bringing too much distraction & unneeded divisions both in the boardroom & the fans.No one is worth so much hassle as far as im concerned & that is without his outrageous media remarks about himself & his managerial skills.

  17. I guess this all boils down to what everyone wants, a string of wins for the run-in, the price for which would almost certainly be, a new contract for Sam, or a continuation of the way we’ve played since Christmas resulting in a farewell ‘present’ for Sam

  18. ‘Storm of protest’ or just the regular default mood setting of this sites users…? I wonder what it was like around here when we were REALLY struggling under Zola and Grant? I shudder to think. I hope the new manager, should one arrive, gets afforded a little support. Sure he’ll be carried on the shoulders of all down Green Street on his first day but if we’re nothing short of title contending entertainers winning 5-3 every week within the first month I suspect he’ll be for linching. Or is just personal with Allardyce?

    • Whats to be personal about.Its nothing to do with being personal.Its nothing to do with winning 5-3.Its nothing to do with being title contenders.I guess if you dont like what people say on here then dont bother coming to such an ‘anti-Sam’ site.If you enjoy watching matches like the Sunderland one good luck to you.If the 3pts is so precious to you by any means then Sam is your man.But why should others pay to watch garbage because you want an 8th place finish by anyway it comes.Come bring me a picture of Sams Trophy Cabinet,i want to see what this flexible,sophisticated manager has won in his long career.

    • Im sure there is something about freedom of speech in the Human Rights Constitution somewhere BH.Not that i have read it recently.Even if people do have hate Allardyce there is no prison sentence for it yet i dont think 😉

  19. The trouble with Allardyce is, that being cautious is second nature to him. That’s why he tries to shut up shop, if we have a lead, or “respects the point”, when scraping a draw.
    That’s why so many of our first half performances are so dire. He seems to want to keep things tight, to see how the opposition are going to approach the game first, instead of having a right go from the start. This invariably puts us on the back foot from kick-off. Then after changing things at half-time, because a) his preferred system isn’t working again, or b) he’s realised that the opposition aren’t as good as he’d make us believe, we actually start playing some decent stuff and he then sings his own praises!!
    Even when he was given the brief at the start of the season that we needed to play more attractive, attacking football, he still had to revert to type in the end.
    Enough is enough. The Cautious One must go!

  20. Dont care whether BFS stays or goes anymore,im past caring.If people like watching his running scared football & are happy to pay for it then good luck to them.Im off to Leicester to support the boys.Im allowed to do that without liking Sam i assume or are the Pro Sam Police going to bar me at the turnstile for not liking their messiah 😀

  21. If we put in a bad performance in against Leicester and I’m not happy with the result then I’ll slate SA, if on the other hand we play entertaining football and win then I’ll big him up. My feelings towards him are reflected in how I feel after the game and I can’t adopt other people’s love/ hate for the bloke, it’s not healthy

  22. BIGGIN did not say need to be title contenders or score 5 goals or let in 3 just want to watch good football just need entertaing so don’t go on about BFS all the time it’s you who has the problem you defend BFS but don’t care about the rubbish he dishes up,
    Please BIGGIN watch some good football for the next month who ever plays it and then ask yourself do you want any more of the rubbish BFS gives us ?

  23. Its team selections like today that is why people are fed up.Yeah maybe we will win but for the love of god we are playing the bottom team & we go there with one lone striker.What other manager with nothing to lose with regards to league standing would do that.I despair of the guy i really do.If Allardyce fans think this is fun then enjoy it but this cautious stuff is ridiculous!!!

  24. Guess we can look forward to another week of people telling us we need Sam to bring stability to the club before the move to the OS!!!
    2 wins in 14,yep,this is the stability we need.Bunch of blinkered a**ewipes.Since christmas it has been last season all over again.But still people who dont like Sam will be called the minority,senseless & lacking intelligence.Yeah sure we are.Wake up & see what is going on for the love of god & stop telling people Sam is doing a GREAT job.He isnt!!!!


  26. Sam fans are delusional.They have forgotten the garbage of last season,the woeful results since christmas.They are living off a few months at the start of the season which was sprung upon Allardyce anyway because his favs were injured.This is what they call stability.

  27. Our form Chicken is called relegation type form since christmas.Unless ofc you are Sam fans,then it is called stability until we move to the OS.

  28. This result could actually be the turning point in support of SA but I refuse to have a go at fans who want him to stay even if I don’t think he should or will

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