Allardyce reckons Reid deal “not verbally done”

reidchelseaSAM ALLARDYCE has elaborated on Winston Reid’s refusal to sign a new Irons contract saying: “He’s been made a million offers going on for over 12 months.”

But the player has been snubbed and the club has now clearly run out of patience with the Kiwi defender.

Allardyce said: “It’s difficult to think Winston is going to stay. I think he believes he can do better, that he can find a bigger club and financially benefit more than what we’ve offered.

“I find it unlikely it’s not already verbally done. That’s football. But I’ll carry on picking him — why cut your nose off to spite your face?”

High-flying Hammers will only listen to big-money offers for Reid in this month’s window andf speak head of tonight’s FA Cup tie at Everton the manager said:  “What is it, £1.8million a league place?

“You shouldn’t grasp a fee just because you will lose them for nothing in the summer.”


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6 comments on “Allardyce reckons Reid deal “not verbally done”

  1. BFS alienating him seems stupid to me as is winding up the Punters against Reid – whatever BFS is trying to do is a mystery to me!

  2. I think Sam is actually suggesting the deal might already have been done, “I find it unlikely it’s ( a deal with whoever) not already verbally done”. If he is going, and I think most people believe he is, then a his agent reaching a verbal agreement with another club might account for the apparent lack of any interest in him? I don’t blame Sam or the club for losing patience with him; total silence from him/his agent is frustrating and very unhelpful if we need to replace him. Surely he could say “I’m off” or “I’m keeping my options open” or whatever. I hope he stays but if he goes then so be it; he is a good defender but way off the best. .

  3. Hugh

    As Scalyback says, your headline is misleading. Sam is suggesting that a deal HAS probably been done.

    To the point, Reid’s behavior in this matter is not what we want from players. He has a right to play where he wants but if 3 million quid a year is not enough let him go. As other’s have suggested, he’s got well above his station and if he goes to a big club he’ll be warming the bench. But maybe he’s such a mercenary he’s happy to do that for another million a year. Amazing to think the loyalty players used to have when they were making a few hundred quid a week. Now they are multi-millionaires they don’t care. It’s very sad.

    • Loyalty?? Get real – what loyalty does a Club show to a player?

      Reid’s got to look after himself, I don’t like it but it’s a fact!

      • If you read what I said properly you will see that I said that he has a right to play where he wants. I also made not mention of demanding loyalty, I pointed out the sad fact that none exists now.

  4. Loyalty on either side is a long distant thing of the past.Clubs look for best deals as do players.Clubs continually try to improve the squads with no loyalty towards the guys that have taken them to a certain level.They look for better.Players are the same,looking for the best deal at a bigger club or often just a bigger pay packet at whatever club.Loyalty doesnt even come into the equation anymore.Its just a romantic notion.

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