Allardyce return? Sing loud and proud to Slav

By Pete Ellis

West Ham host the Mackems this week which of course means the return of “he who must not be named”

It could be a very spikey afternoon if one or two give in to their worst instincts and the big question is what sort of reaction he is going to get?

BilicAs a younger man I would have been more than ready, willing and ableย to hurl a flurry of sarcastic put downs, but now, I don’t think I’ll bother.

We can act like petulant kids, or we can do what the club has done this season – show class, style and dignity, while letting the football do the talking.

Slinging abuse at our former boss may serve a purpose and satisfy some, but I would argue that serenading our new gaffer with songs of praise in the loudest possible way, will leave a bigger impression on Sam than any abuse or dietary advice we might throw at him!

waving sam_allardyce_1528056cLet’s focus on us. It’s served us pretty well so far this season.

The past is the past for a reason. We are moving on, and our time with Allarcdici served a purpose.

Let’s be bigger than Big Sam
(No sniggering at the back !!!!)



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20 comments on “Allardyce return? Sing loud and proud to Slav

  1. Im 100% sure he is going to get massive amounts of abuse from large parts of the crowd, right or wrong I’d bet a large sum of money on it .. I’m flying in special for this match just to make sure ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I totally agree and this is what we could sing LOUD and PROUD

    We got Bilic, Slaven Bilic,
    I just don’t think you understand.
    He’s Dave n Dave;s man
    He’s better than big Sam
    We’ve got Slaven Bilic!

    I think you might recoginse the tune.

    • Think we all know what we think of Sam’s last season and what he thought of us !! Love the song ssaunders. That’s the way to go..lets show him were bigger than he ever thought we were. Sing the songs give him a polite clap.. When its over forget about him..He would prefer the abuse so his mates can tell him he’s well out of it.. COYI

    • I love that, although “Gold & Sullys man” may be easier to say (otherwise people may think we have a stutter)!

      Good work ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Love it , the song that is .plus plenty of abuse !!!!!

  3. BFS just makes me feel negative, his outlook on Football is negative – ‘respect the point’ and all that – sit deep – long balls – hoof it!

    Booing him will give the impression that you care about him and I don’t, I dislike his arrogance, his approach to Football and his attitudes to the West Ham punters – he’s just not worth the waste of energy. The best thing will be to ignore him and treat him with disdain and total indifference!

  4. I agree Michael, give the fat oaf the silent treatment , that will have more effect than acknowledging his prescence.
    Come on all you real fans of West Ham, GIVE SAM THE SILENT TREATMENT, much more effective.

  5. His football was boring but he did his job and got us promoted and into a position where we could advance to where we are now. Avram Grant deserved all the abuse he got and more. Not sure BFS deserves booing as he provided a platform to enable us to move on, and we are better for it. I think we would show more class if we just ignored him despite him being less than graceful in his comments after his departure. I know I will be in the minority but I have seen it all in my time as a supporter.

    • When you say he made a platform?????? What with ?? A seveventeen million sicknote? And a bad taste, which billic has righted,.

    • And by the sound of it learned nothing !! This cretinous oaf is a lump of lard who beggars no respect at all like the respect he showed us , give it to him loud and long win or lose , he disgusts me in every breath he takes . I’m in my sixtys now but I’m a proud east end boy and am not prepared to give this dikc for brains any civility at all . I suggest people who don’t like our childish remarks move on to wet pants with some of you’re own PR muppets .
      He insulted the club the supporters our tradition and even you which you can’t see .sometimes you can’t be nice , this is one of those times !!!! Like it or lump it .

  6. Whilst I think you’re all absolutely right, I doubt the memo is gonna get round in time for Saturday ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Just ignore him. He didn’t understand our club at all but he did the job!
    The best thing we can do is stick six past them!!
    See you there!

  8. Agree 100% but on the final whistle when the points are in the bag give it to hum big time,
    I hope the players know how important this game is to us I am sure tubby has made it clear to his new unfortunates,
    Wonder how many of their faithful will turn up to watch some entertainment for a change,
    We need to start putting these bottom teams to the sword and then we can push on and try and get that 4th place which is not out of reach,
    This is a game for the purest who love football

  9. I hope he gets absolutley ragged.Guy is a pig.Nice debate on Wetpants at the moment.Of course the Guardian reading turds are in the main being tarts who will clap him like the returning hero.Whatever!!!

  10. Most of the Wetpants users are chinless wonders.They will sit there politely clapping.Doing what they percieve to be the right thing.to their long lost hero.W#nkers.

  11. I d love to put a turd on his shoulder??? Then he,d have two?? Love you hippo.LIKE F***.

  12. Can still feel the love,may it never go away,

  13. Ha ha lol bubs.Well it has certainly made the Fat Sham lovers on Wetpants come out in force.Sad b#stards telling people we should clap him & recognise his achievments.Some real c#cks on that site.Mind you what so you expect from fans who think they could run the club!

  14. Oh yeah there are some right know it alls on Wettie.Think they know everything about everythingThat ****ing Johnsie does my head in.Thinks he is some sort of expert who is never wrong.Kn*b.Fat Sam worshipper.

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