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Allardyce slams West Ham leak culture

West-Hams-Sam-Allardyce-a-009Sam Allardyce has told talkSPORT that whoever leaked that Bilic called players after the sack to ask where he went wrong is disgusting.

Big Sam said “I don’t know who leaked that in the press. Whoever did is disgusting. Slaven ringing up one or two of the players for a private conversation and it ends up in the press.

Suggesting the leak possibly came from a player Sam said: “If he has been too soft, then they have opened themselves up for a more disciplined regime [under David Moyes] and they can’t complain about it.”

Speaking about leaks during his time at West Ham Allardyce added: “I couldn’t control David Sullivan, he is the owner of the football club and however negative you told him those comments might be from Jack, he was always going to give Jack that information and let him tweet it.

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“You pull your hair out at the beginning and in the end you have to accept it for what it is and move on and accept that it is going to happen.Some of the time those tweets were really unacceptable, particularly the one about Kevin Nolan, who was an outstanding captain for West Ham.

“When it gets too personal towards one player particularly, it needs to be reined in. But you can’t stop it.”

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12 comments on “Allardyce slams West Ham leak culture

  1. B4 the haters start he isn’t far wrong

  2. How many times will the Dildo BROTHERS put information about the club on the net before they realise how much damage it’s doing, when do we here the Directors of Club’s like the SPUD’S, GOONERS, Man U, Bin Dippers etc shouting there mouths off…….. DILDO BROTHERS !! KEEP IT SHUT😬

  3. Whoever the leak was it is pretty low, on the subject of Bilic asking where he went wrong, seems like an adult approach to learn from your mistakes, it is not an uncommon practice to analyse things retrospectively with feedback from those affected. As some said though would have been better if he had asked those questions a long time ago.

  4. Only someone directly involved in the conversation could have started the leak. And if it was between Slav and a couple of players, then why are the Dildos getting it this time? I’d like to know which players Slav took into his confidence because one of them is the bad apple!

    • Could be the players true Jimbo.
      But agree and Surprised it took this long with how they are on Social Media that previous Managers have said some of the stuff said shouldn’t be. Think are all interested if sometime from now Bilic tells about his relationship with board. Tho such a good guy prob won’t & won’t right now bc of future jobs
      But we have a lot of leaks…
      And agree 32 Bilic is just trying to figure it out to not make same mistakes tho it might seem obvious to some who knows what it was like for Slaven and the buck stops w him.

  5. Well he wouldn’t have asked sakho ! !!
    Someone he trusted but obviously they didn’t feel quite so loyal !!
    There’s only one or two he would have asked ! I’ll keep my opinion to myself on this one !!
    Sullivan is a problem and people will jump to a conclusion but the truth is we will probably never find out , sugo need to button it , gold for instance a couple of weeks back was knocking wba supporters for leaving early and that we stayed to the end 😂 one of many clangers and degrading comments !! But player power in today’s game has no loyalty to anyone but themselves , money is the be all of everything ! Its killed the game IMO !😕

  6. I agree with you laz but they have got to stop making a mockery of our club. It’s just one thing after another and we are getting laughed at by everyone and as for the **** that leaked about slav giving players a bell I am just wondering if it’s someone that has only ever started 25% of the games he should have ??

  7. I’m like most other West Ham punters, I’ve got no time for BFS or his Football – although he did give me one of the best days of my life experiencing the Championship play-off win at Wembley – I’ve always thought him too full of himself, boorish, bullying and was always suspicious of his Transfer dealings and his relationship with Agent Mark Curtis.

    Having said that, there’s too much stuff coming out from within the Club that undermines the Manager and even some of the Players – stuff coming directly from Gold and Sullivan or their relatives unacceptable, it’s about time our Board started acting in a Professional manner!

    • …..and yes these International breaks are getting beyond a joke, don’t they drive you mad!

    • Don’t be a **** all your life . SA virtually saved us from oblivion . Recognize it and admit it to be true . Don’t be one of those hate for no real reason idiots . You didn’t like his style of football but , loved it when we got promoted and stayed there . …. think about it .
      Bilic, on the other hand was given far too much time and has almost succeeded in seeing us get demoted .
      Sullivan’s remarks “ should have gone in the summer “ are disappointing & disgraceful .
      The whole Board and Thier respective families need very much to shut the phuck up with Thier rediculous tweets . I don’t know of any other Club where the Owners have so much to say in order to build up Thier collective egos .
      Respect for a Manager runs deep and Bilic lost his with his crazy football . If you are going to criticize then , at least make sense .
      Moyes May not at first glance be our favorite choice but , he is better than Bilic by a distance . Not a Romantic explayer !,,, why do we need one exactly……?.
      I want to see my club get ahead and go forward ; under Bilic is was never going to happen but could have under SA . Now we have Moyes , untill the hate brigade take over .
      We are 18th in the league with a good squad .

  8. Kev cannot quite work out hope you are having a pop at on here ? Slav is our best manager for points per game average in the Premiership and I cannot understand why people still do not realise that it was the move that most people didn’t want to a stadium where it is bereft of any atmosphere apart from our own fans wanting to fight each other that has bought all this about and there are only three people to blame for this

  9. Bil155a -Avram’s PPG was pretty good at Chelsea. With us if I remember right he did a whole season & we got 35 points- less than 1 per game. So what does PPG prove, unless maybe you have two different managers with the same team against the same opponents? Not much…

    But I do agree with you that the owners carry a lot of the blame for where we are now.

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