Allardyce: ‘Slaven’s popular but mood can change’

Sam-Allardyce-edited1_2519771Sam Allardyce reckonsΒ he has left West Ham in great shape for new boss Slaven Bilic but snapped: “It won’t take much for the mood to change” if results go the wrong way.

Bilic is expected to deliver a more attractive style of football while ensuring the club remain in the Premier League but in fairly typical style he suggested the Crotian may struggle to match his own achievements.

Talking to The Sun he said: “I wouldn’t have thought he would have taken the job in 2011 like I did when West Ham had just been relegated and we had to build again.

“The foundation is there, but I don’t think you can talk about getting too much higher and getting into the European spots just yet. People have to understand that the position they are in is the maximum for where the club is at the minute.

“Of course everyone has higher expectations. Because we finished 10th in the first year back [in the Premier League], we built the expectation so high that it was always going to be difficult to match but we weren’t far off.

“I’ve left Slaven in a very good position so he’s not doing what I had to do. He’s not going into a club which has just been relegated or survived by the skin of its teeth. The players are well established, the club has been in the Premier League for three years and he has a great base to build on.

“Slaven’s popular and it will start off OK but it won’t take much for the mood to change if results aren’t going well.

“I’ll look out for their results. It was four years of my life, it was a new challenge and in my opinion it was a successful time.”

Allardyce took plenty of stick in his time with us and said: “You have to become immune to any negativity going on around you from fans or mediaThose outside influences must not distract you and you cut yourself off from that.

“It had happened to many West Ham managers before me. It wasn’t just a Sam Allardyce thing — it’s a natural thing that West Ham fans do. I know that having talked to Alan Curbishley, Alan Pardew and Harry Redknapp. It happened to all of them.

“Owners and fans want an instant fix, but sometimes that isn’t sustainable. It can become a success quickly and then fails in the end. But a sustainable success grows slower and you have to be more patient.

“Unfortunately patience is not something that football is very good at. The owners understood that but of course wanted to be better as quickly as possible. They are passionate because they are West Ham fans.

“West Ham hasn’t got a lot of history of sustaining its position in the Premier League — it’s flirted with relegation and been relegated twice — but we had started to enjoy the Premier League knowing we were good enough to be part of it.”

Allardyce said he is now enjoying his freedom and that he will only return to management if he receives an offer that suits him.

He added: “Right now I’ve got my own life back. I’m not tied up in the madness and it feels great. It’s probably the first time where I haven’t been at all concerned about what I’m going to do next.

“I don’t know whether if I never worked in management again it would bother me or not. It might do later down the line. I might get itchy feet but I might feel I don’t want to go back in.

“It also depends if somebody offers me a job and whether it’s right for me. I don’t want or need to take any old job. The beauty of coming to this stage of life is I can make my choices for myself and for my family.”


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59 comments on “Allardyce: ‘Slaven’s popular but mood can change’

  1. ahah.. and here is the wise prophet… ehi Sam not everyone is as idiot as you are… lol

  2. Is he still having a go at us fans, he just hasn`t got a clue, has he?
    Let`s see how he goes down in the history books, should be an interesting read!

  3. Oh hush your gums Hippo.Surfaced again!!Like a turd floating in the sea,bobbing along aimlessly.Never going anywhere,but never fuxking sinking.Sink you bast*rd!!

  4. What a PLUM
    Go and find a job in the championship with some unfortunate side,
    Your left a squad of low moral individuals,you left the club with a load of dead wood they can’t get shot of,you split the fan base and destroyed our youth academy
    So don’t sing your own praise and leave us the fans and the board and staff to put things right,
    Hippo do your self a favour and keep it shut

  5. OMG I despise this tosser. This just underlines why he was ALWAYS the wrong hippo for our club

  6. I’m actually surprised that this site is even posting irrelevance from the Dinosaur.
    Bollox to him

  7. Yes an anoying turd that floats in the bottom of your toilet and after 100000 flushes its still there.

  8. Do us all a favour Hugh,take this pathetic EX-MANAGER off here.I dont need to read his bullsh*t anymore.Only pleasing part was when he said he might not come back to management.That would be great.Another dinosaur bites the dust πŸ˜‰

  9. It’s not good Hugh when you are checking your blood pressure and this post comes on
    In 20 years time this hippo will have the same effect on true West Ham fans
    His last day in history as our manager will end up like Remembrance Day
    There will be old Fans were in something instead of a poppy ?
    Poison Ivy is my guess

  10. This guy has no respect. not for the fans, not for his fellow managers, not for certain creative players. How can he say that Bilic wouldn’t have accepted a West Ham job when they had just been relegated like Allardyce did ?
    With him it’s always about self-promotion, of course he has also taken West Ham as far as they can go in his opinion. So it wasn’t Allardyce and his abilities as a manager hitting a ceiling last season, it was merely the circumstances at the club.
    I cannot tell you how little I think of that man. Acctually I was convinced we should feel grateful for his work at our club, helping to stabilise West Ham in the Premier League.
    I’m totally losing the will though to show any gratitude to such a stubborn, egotistical, self-obsessed human being. Over and out.

  11. Come on Hugh it took ages to get rid of him and whenwe are all happy you put his ugly mug back on agin , he as gone forget him

  12. Well said H can’t be bothered to say another thing my blood pressure is good now

  13. He is some kind c##t. He is standing there taking the ****, everything good was down to him & everything else is the fans fault. He has taken us to the maximum level..? So 3 wins in 23 is the pinnacle.

  14. He is such an arrogant man.As H said,to say what he did about Slav in 2011 with reference to the job.It has nothing to do with him now,just sh*t stirring for the sake of it.Pointless.There should be a ban on this idiot appearing on here.Simple as that.

  15. Come on lads you should want him back,we’re doomed without him,be careful what you wish for and respect his point………….OMG Kevin had hacked my account but I’ve got shot of him now.
    You’d think this self obsessed egotistical fat b#stard would love our club he’s got Β£12million reasons to do so but no he just can’t help himself. Time he waddled off to his mudhole laboratory to continue his genius hippo work at destroying the people’s game.

  16. I reckon he won’t work as manager again but will be hired in some capacity as a TV pundit, MOTD, Sky Sports Saturday, BT Sports, whatever. The media for some strange reason love him, all calling him BIG Sam as if they were all best mates, meeting every week in a pub quiz or on the golf course.
    I fully expect Slaven Bilic to do a fine job for us and give us exciting football, decent cup runs and steady progress.
    No doubt at that point Allardyce will crash the party claiming he could have done the same or more if the owners had backed him the same way in the transfer market, if he had been as lucky with injuries as Bilic and if the board had only shown more patience to allow Allardyce to develop our squad.
    Allardyce will never accept that another manager may actually be better or maybe just better suited for a certain club.

  17. I knew the ******* wouldnt be able to keep his fat mouth quiet for long.I knew as soon as we had a new manager he would turn up in the media to tell evryone how it is all his platforms laid,he got us to this great position.What a ****er!!!

  18. Tongue in cheek poll!
    Should Fat Sam be banned from this site?
    Vote NOW!

    Vote: http://www.poll-maker.com/poll336475x865d4648-13

    Results: http://www.poll-maker.com/results336475xD6598fC6-13

  19. Oh do shut up Allardyce,youre pathetic.Clueless manager with a big mouth.We aint interested anymore.Read your crap for four years.What you say means nothing to our club anymore!

  20. On the plus side this tired old claptrap from BFS does make us appreciate our new manager even more. We know Slav wouldn’t speak like this,he has dignity,intelligence and a great love for our club and us fans. All this and he hasn’t even officially started yet.
    The good times are here now and anything our ex manager has to say is now irrelevant and like him best left in the past.

    • Yeah maybe…. but Slav will get slagged off by some of our fans at some stage. You can bet on it.

      • You’re right oldgit but I’d say they’re the same careful what you wish for,it’s all about the points not the entertainment merchants that didn’t want him to go.
        For the record I used to say like you thank you Sam and good luck but he just continued with his stubborn,arrogant,singleminded,stick with his favourites,stick with his failing tactic (not plural cos he only had one),disdain for the fans,rejection of talent,rejection of youth (until a certain contract was signed),non caring,full of BS excuses ways summed up with his nonsense today and I turned against him and on him and have no regrets. The board may have felt the same or they may have listened to us the majority. Either way he’s gone and I will no longer thank or respect him.

  21. Oh dear,the Dudley D*cksplash has raised his head again.Still banging out the same horsesh*t.Bonus for him now is he can be disrespectful to the new manager as well as the fans.Must be a real positive for him.Fat Tw*t!!

  22. It’s a shame he’s considering giving up management because I can’t see anyone else taking Nolan and O Brien off our hands. He talks about WH not having a great record of maintaining its PL status but off the top of my head I think we have been in 20 of the 24 seasons. It just goes to show how little he knows about this club its history and its fans. Two words for this loser. F*** O**

  23. He is talking like he did us a big favor by becoming our manager. Let me explain something Mr Allardyce “YOU DID THE JOB YOU WERE PAID TO DO”. Has this joker ever been offered a job at a real top club anywhere in the world..?? Will he ever be offered a job at a real top club anywhere in the world..?? I think everyone knows the answer to that question.

  24. So glad he graced us with his presence. We would be in non league by now if he didn’t.
    there will be 3 teams each year begging him to come & save them.
    The Sam Allardyce Premier League

  25. Thats what p*sses me off when people say we should show him respect for what he did for us.Well 1) He wasnt the only bloody manager on the planet who could get us promoted & keep us up & 2) Why the bloody hell should we show respect to the guy that never & still doesnt give a **** about we fans or our new manager!.He is a f*cking scumbag!

  26. I knew when I saw this article in the paper it would bring a wave of abuse. F*** sake Sam, you’re not our manager anymore and have no connection left with the club, keep quiet for once and stop giving people more reason to hte you!

    • Go back over these pages Chelmo and you’ll see that fans keep mentioning Fatty all the time. Seems like a lot of fans can’t move on either.

      • He did the job, I know what you mean but his tactics werent pretty. Butsome people will remain bitter. Best thing BS can do I think is stay away from tabloids as anything he says is only going to upset people, even if it’s seemingly harmless.

  27. I’m glad that fat Sam has gone but it would seem that I am one of the few who recognises that he did what he was brought in to do and I’m thankful to him for that. I think most people knew what we we were going to experience but needs be etc. West ham were down and could have easily been out.

    Other managers relegated us but never get the abuse that fatty does. Mob rule? I dunno.

    Anyway, I’m old enough to recognise that there isn’t much wrong with that article above. can’t see any outright lies which would wind people up so much.

  28. Oh hush your gums Old Git,jog on back to Wetpants.The ******* took the job for Β£3 millionsheets,not to do us a favour or be respected.You wanna lick his ass go for it.But you are a mug if you think he deserves respect or should be thanked.Thanked for what? Leaving us in a ****ing mess?

  29. No,no outright lies,just him blowing his own trumpet like some sort of saviour.Giving it the big one about him accepting the job but doubts Slav would.Why even mention that.Its immaterial.He took the job for the dough,coz lets face it no prem team where banging his door down to employ him.Nah i will never thank him.He got paid well over the top for what he did.Thats all he needs.Not bloody thanks.

  30. Old git if you are so good at reading what we say you will also see it repeatedly that it’s not that he looks like a hippo or is fat or let’s his mouth run away with him
    It’s the shxt football
    He played and expected us to thank him for it,it’s not the disrespect he showed the fans and are great club that makes us so unhappy
    It’s the fact that by his self he nearly destroyed our club and its history because he knew better,
    If you want to here praise for him go back to wetpants and talk to his fans

  31. Lmao,i think a little of the old Rabid Dogs reappeared tonight,amazing how hippo can change the mood πŸ˜€

    • Grrrr woof woof lol you’re spot on but to be fair the fat man started it. I think we all had to get it off our chests and now we can carry on in the new happy era.
      Peace and love haha

      • Only two things can get me annoyed about the Irons.One is the hippo talking ****.The other is people thinking we should thank him,lol,

        • Like I explained to oldgit in the novel above I used to say thank you,goodbye and good luck but the more I reflected on what he’d done to the team,the fans and as a person I reflected on it and realised he was destructive so I’m happy to tell him to f@ck off and don’t come back BFS

  32. Ahah… That’s true stuck… We only have to see a Sam picture to let all the blood rush to our brain… That’s like waving the flag in front of the bull … πŸ™‚

  33. Trouble is we’ve got a couple of years of this arrogant vulture claiming credit when we win and saying I told you so shen we don’t. I suggest group C&H meditational yoga for all of us hommmm lol

    • The fat man thinks he built the foundations. My opinion is that Bilic has to destroy them and start all over again. So he has two jobs, not only one. πŸ˜‰

  34. Seems we took the signs down too early.Best go up again πŸ˜‰

  35. Lmao,love it,fish sh*t & hippo sh*t,both regularly know to pour out of Allardyces mouth πŸ˜‰

  36. Haha,too disrespectful.Remember Rads we are ment to respect & thank Samuel for everything he has done.Bow to the Messiah,saviour of our club πŸ˜€

  37. ahah… nice rads, I found this one, my question is: what is it for? πŸ˜€


    • Haha behind the fence is the rest home for those that believe football is a one dimensional results game with only respect for points and clean sheets,all entertainment is banned. It’s run by Sam and his housekeeper Kevin lol

  38. Blimey we started with bullsh@t,everyone went apesh@t,then a small dose of respectful horsesh@t,a bit of hipposh@t and finally some fishsh@t. We’ve had more sh@t than a season load of BFS press conferences.
    But worry not friends the sh@t times are over,we’re into the golden Slav times where the mighty Irons will be taking the p!ss once more.

  39. No comment.

  40. Anyway I’m happy if Hugh writes articles about Allardyce. They serve to underline How ridiculous he is πŸ˜‰

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