Allardyce still talking next season ….sigh!

waving sam_allardyce_1528056cOn a day when most Irons believe they will be seeing Sam Allardyce in the Boleyn dug-out for the final time, it comes as no surprise to hear the man himself declaring his survival intentions for next season!

Yesterday in his London Evening Standard column he was admitting that when he heard string of candidates linked to his job he had to believe there may be no smoke without fire.

This morning however, he’s singing another song commenting that if we reach Europe next season he will take no risks with the club’s Premier League status.

The Irons are set  to claim the extra qualifying place if they hold off the challenge of today’s opponents Everton… Mr Allardyce holding off a challenge for his job maybe somewhat more difficult!

However, he’s never been short on self confidence and declared: “I won’t take any risks to our Premier League status. “I will take the criticism about not putting out a strong team for the FA Cup, the Capital One Cup and the Europa League.

“I will not put our Premier League status at risk at any stage, whether that is the beginning, middle or the end of the season.

“Staying in the Premier League is more important for this football club, more than any other club in the League.”



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27 comments on “Allardyce still talking next season ….sigh!

  1. Keep going to the bitter end,i look forward to waving you goodbye today.It will be a joyful moment.I will be the one with the middle finger salute,though i guess there could be many 😉

  2. Too bleedin right Ray,dont mind giving Nolan a warm send off if he goes.Even though he has been a bit of a nightmare this season he has done us proud in the others.Hippo can do one though,cant wait for wobble belly to walk down the tunnel for hopefully the final time as our boss.

  3. Personally i wouldnt care if Allardyce took Nolan & Carroll with him.Let Fulham or whoever else have Zippy,Bungle & George 😉

  4. A lesson to be learned Sam. You have to make decisions for the good of the team not to satisfy individuals. So stop playing Cole who contributes nothing and drop Nolan who is to slow for the premier.

  5. I bet Nolan starts again today,possibly his last home game.Daddy Sam wont leave him out i suspect.Just another of his many ridiculous decisions this season,invariably to the deteriment on the team.The guys a joke.Cant wait to get rid of him.He doesnt give a damn about us,if he did he wouldnt always pick Nolan.


  7. If he does start Nolan he is totally taking the ****,especially after the way he plodded about at Villa last saturday.He is shot to bits,its just a sad fact.

  8. Let’s hope that picture is Harry Hoofdini waving goodbye

  9. Cracks me up when i see these bloody Sammerettes who claim Benitez,Moyes,Bilic are all no better than Hippo or just a sideways step,lol,ffs,they have him as some sort of Messiah.But i guess it is difficult to be better than a man whose claim to fame is that he doesnt get relegated.Something for all these other managers to try to emulate & recognise as making Sam the godfather of prem managers.What a bunch of berks.Im sure some of them are in Sams ****ing pocket,taking a bung to applaud the fat ones incredible abilities 😉

  10. Ahahah… Come on Samuel Houdini, this is your glory day: All the People are waiting for your last great, incredibile trick: At the end of the match you’ll disappear forever. I’m sure you’ll receive a standing ovation. Lol


  11. I think everyone should bye a packet of chewing gum & all throw it onto the pitch for him at the final whistle.He can pick it all up as he does his lap of honour.I must remember to buy some on the way to the ground,lol

  12. Sounds like whistling in the wind to me. I hope and pray he won’t have any further decisions to make as to who plays in Europa League games and who doesn’t.
    Most fans are sick and tired of Allardyce marking games and competitions as important/not important or winable/not winable.
    Hopefully we only have two more games and then he will have no more say whatsoever in team selections, players we buy and sell, tactics, formations etc.
    Plenty of clubs out there who might be grateful for the stability he tends to bring (for a while) and the safety first respect the point philosophy.
    I can see plenty of fans watching West Ham games solely on teletext next season if he stays.

  13. Of coarse Sam wants to keep this job its the best job that he could possibly have .. No other club above us in status will want him, No other club that pays a higher salary will want him… The other clubs that want him will be championship or scrapping for Prem survival and thats what he is good at so it makes sense

    He soiled his panties at Christmas when he realised where we were in the table, a different manager would have kept things the same and let it roll.. he was talking about being in a false position and changed a winning formula to screw it all up

    Sorry Sam but we have moved beyond your capabilities so your services are no longer required, Oh and your football bored me to sleep

    We need to move to the next level playing some exciting football, This next few years is our chance to join the big boys and win some silverware & become as BIG a club as we know we can be. Sam is NOT the man for the job, he proved that to us all in December

  14. I agree Dainon, in my opinion he proved that not only in December, but in 4 years… Lol

  15. Bye Bye BFS the bell tolls,
    You could have given us Nene or Lee up front and gone out knowing we were right all along,
    Matte TV or Internet

  16. Paul Merson on Soccer Saturday ‘Yes Sam has been like Harry Houdini with West Ham’ ‘if they get rid of Sam they better start praying’.Haha,**** sake,he will get a big drink off of Sam at the next social function they meet at.Orange juice ofc.What a load of ****!!!

  17. Nearly always the same pundits kissing managers ar*es,pity a few more aint more honest,instead of sitting on panels as so called experts & too **** scared to be honest!

  18. Typical Hippo,playing at home & we have Cole up top on his own near as damn it.What a ****ing joke! & people wonder why other fans get ****ed off.

  19. Hi bubs, I’m at a rave party… I see my 2-year-niece today… Lol Yesterday I bought a little stuffed animal for her: an hippo. I’m calling it Sam… Ahah
    I can assure you that it’s true… Lol


  20. This game is awful from us.Bloody Downing stuck on the right wing.Midfield like they have got cement blocks weighing them down.Respect The Point! boring,Sam Out.It has to,has to change!!

  21. Good to see RodentHammer giving everyone a masterlass on Pants.F*ck me the guy rates & loves himself as a genius.Knows everything about what players should do.How it should be done.Why they aint doing it.Surprised someone doesnt tell him to shut the **** up,lmao

    • You aint wrong mate.Its a nightmare,you say anything & you get him explaining the bloody stuff like he is a prem manager.Does my melon in mate.Wish he would shut the **** up sometimes 😉

  22. There’s certainly going to be an awful lot of disappointed fans if all this talk and rumour linking us with just about every available manager turns out to be nothing more than just that, talk and rumour.
    For me, I’m still in the hope for the best but prepare for the worst mindset in this whole saga

  23. Ffs,canchaz,everytime you come here you spread doom & gloom,lmao

  24. 3 wins in 20,new 2 year contract for Mr.Allardyce pls.wan*er!!!!!

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