Allardyce talks up a West Ham future!

Sam Allardyce – describing links to the Sunderland job as “pure speculation” – is bravely talking up his Hammers future.

“Pure speculation,”  was his response when asked before adding: “I’m West Ham manager and I’m contracted to West Ham and don’t expect anything other than somewhere along the line we’ll be talking about a contract here.”

When asked if he saw himself at West Ham next year, he said: “If that contract is right, yes.”

West Ham boss Sam Allardyce will be keen to see his squad get back on the winning track this weekend at the Emirates.

On Sunderland’s position he added ahead of Saturday evening’s game he added: “They’ve moved very swiftly for a replacement which is giving them the best possible chance of improving their results.

“It will be one of those for us that makes the game more difficult with a new manager coming in and the fact they lost 4-0 last week.

“I think the players of Sunderland will be very hurt by the fact they let their fans down and also be feeling like they’ve let Gus down and they’ll want to do something about it.”

He said: “The experience of Dick Advocaat is one they’re looking to draw on and get something a little more out of the players than Gus managed to do and more importantly to get points on the board.

“When you see the experience of a man who’s managed across the world I wouldn’t have thought there would be too many surprises for him coming and managing in the Premier League.

“There’s a different level of football in this Premier League in terms of its quality and intensity. It’s quicker and better and just as skilful as anywhere else in the world so I think it’s more about him getting used to his players and how best to pick a system with the players he’s got to get a result.”


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23 comments on “Allardyce talks up a West Ham future!

  1. Now over to the owners and lets see will they make the right decision – the one they should have made last summer. At least they have more knowledge now i.e. even giving him the resources he needs he still could not deliver on the expectations of the fans. I also believe the players have not developed – take a look at managers like Pochettino at Spurs – he has developed and improved the team over the season – you cannot say this about BFS, bye bye is the opinion of the fans now I hope this is the opinion of the board.

  2. “If that contract is right, yes.” Probably he’ll ask for a pay raise thanks to his sophisticated job during this years… Why don’t the owners give him a kick in his a**?

  3. if he gets a new contract for the club it means the owners are going to sell, heis a third rate manager not good enough for the premiership

  4. I don’t even want to think about the possibility he gets a new contract; if it will happen, it will mean there will be no project and the owners will have will have to assume their responsibilities. To err is human, to persist is of the devil.

  5. Great news,i hope the owners show more sence than most of the people on this site.
    Big Sams claret and blue army.

  6. Haha,oh yeah because people who dont want or rate him have no sense.In whos opinion,just a Sam Lover like you.Cheers for your input that we have no sense but i guess if the board dont offer him a new contract they have no sense either with your logic.Maybe you should put in a bid for the club,you seem to be the sensible guy.

    • To be honest I think Sam is staying,I dont think Reid, Noble or Tomkins would have signed long term contracts without Sam being there.
      When you think how far we’ve come in the last 3 years,under Sam,i don’t understand the negativity on this site!!

      • I think they signed because he is going.As for the last three years,last year was shocking,this year has been awful since christmas.Where is the improvement,we have invested more money to finish in the same or similiar position without many if any more points.We had most these points before the turn of the year Our record was something like 9-4-4 pre christmas,now something like 10-9-10.Wheres the improvement? We are regressing not improving.

        • The season isn’t over yet Tyson,we’ve had some hard games,if we hadn’t let in late goals against ,man poo and spurs,not Sams fault,the season would look very different,you cant always judge form by results

          • Yeah the season is over to all intents & purpose.As for the Spurs game not being Sams fault,ok if you say so.Yes we have had some hard fixtures of late but that hardly covers 1win in 12.You have been reading too many of BFS’s excuses,now you are using them.

          • This is exactly what the managers in the bottom 3 always say as they get relegated.Our performances were good,we deserved far more out of the games we played,we had bad luck,conceded late goals,we should have stayed up our performances were far better than the results showed 😉

  7. At least i have the sense to be able to spell sense right 😀

  8. Hahaha,well maybe he will have to go to S****horpe or Burnley next year to sing Big Sams Claret & Blue Army.Must be related to Sam i guess!

  9. Haha,so now we cant say S-c-u-n-t-h-o-r-p-e without the swear filter kicking in.I think it is a little too efficient Hugh 😀

  10. It’s official, reading his keyword “negativity” I’ve understood: Conker is back.

  11. Sam makes a great pitch for an international manager coming into the premier league – I hope the Davids are listening.

  12. Things don’t change always one person who can see no bad in BFS,
    another week another defeat but no new excuse just a stand in spokesperson,
    We need that point or three now before real panic hits the team,

  13. Lol,you always have a few Bubs,now because we aint winning its ok because the performances are good apparently.Doesnt matter we are sinking down the table through rubbish form,its ok to only win 1 in 12 because the performances are good.I have always thought good performances generally bring good results.We must just have the worst luck in the league i guess 😉

  14. Rads you have to wonder how many relatives Nolan,Allardyce and Conkerpot have,
    I always thought hammer fans had a good general knowledge of football and that is why after all these years I have been proud to support them but now results are more important than entertainment but what I don’t understand is we are not getting points we are not getting entertained but some still want the fat man and his boys ?

  15. I don’t think that he has been under such high pressure in a game for us since the play-offs, I’ve never known him to make excuses ‘before’ we have even kicked off, this is not only because the poor amount of points over the last 10 or 11 games but because every fan will be watching world wide on Sky expecting at least a win and a half descent performance, it’s not only us that will be judging him but future employers, would Sunderland really want him if we got turned over? I don’t think so, will he be able to say “I know they beat us/ got a draw but they have sacked their manager” no, that puts the idea into the David’s heads. This is D-Day and he knows it. For the fans that have backed SA, there is no argument and could probably even join the rest of the anti Sa fans who (and no true West Ham fan wants us to lose) are in a win win situation in as much as 3 points or a new manager
    Pressure?, all adds to the excitement and expectations of the club we love

  16. I saw this on another site and it sums it all up, about Sam. “over paid,over rated and overweight”

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