Allardyce tells players: “Look in the mirror.”


sam_allardyce_2093173cSam Allardyce has told the West Ham players to look in the mirror at themselves and produce a performance.

Speaking at his press conference he said: “For me, the focus is ‘are you happy with the way you are playing? And if you aren’t then do something about it.

“Look at yourself in the mirror in the morning because you can’t kid that person. Deep down inside you know you are not playing, so just say ‘I have to produce wins with performances and entertainment value’ which is what we had been doing all season.”

With four games to go, the manager feels that they could get 12 points to thrust them back up the league, where he thinks they belong.

He insisted: “The true fact of the matter is we should have already nailed ninth place or better by a long way.

“We want to finish higher than 10th, but the more and more we don’t pick up three points the more the season ebbs away to a disappointment.

“I keep saying to the players, let’s not be a disappointment at the end of the season, because that is not good enough.

“We need to try and win every game. Four games to go we are still trying to reach the 50-point mark and finish higher than 10th if we can.

Games like Burnley at home, Aston Villa away, Everton at home and Newcastle away, if we reach our top form and be more ruthless we can beat them.”

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • Roman says:

    Allardyce should heed his own advice instead of always deflecting responsibility from himself.

    • GW says:

      So another Friday comes around and the blame game begins again. The self proclaimed “St never gets relegated” tells the players to look in the mirror as all the fault lies with them not reaching the magical 50 points.Its never my fault he claims, I set up the team to win he claims, it’s all the fans fault he claims, what has the West Ham way ever won you he claims. His harem of Shearer,Savage,Nolan and Carroll jump to his defence week in week out telling us that we are delusional,it’s the best we should expect, he’s the greatest manager ever blah blah blah.Sam look in the mirror yourself and you’ll see a reflection of an egotistical, optioniated bitter man who can’t say he’s made mistakes, look in the record books on how many trophies you’ve won and then justify to me and thousands of Hammers fans why you deserve 3 million a year and for us to even bother what your saying anymore.You have done your job now on your way I can’t be bothered with you anymore but no doubt you ain’t got the balls to look in the mirror yourself only at your bank statement which shows you a nice fat amount of money for being little more than mediocre

      • Rads says:

        Whats wrong GW,you cant be a*sed to go to the bottom of the comments or you like to make an impact,lol 😀

  • Rads says:

    What a surprise,the players have to look in the mirror but he is faultless,the team selections,formations,substitutions are all the players fault.This man is incapable of taking responsibility for anything.Not once does he ever mention his own obvious failings.Just lay it all at the feet of the players.What a surprise.This guy makes me sick.

  • TysonM says:

    Standard friday then.Hippohead blaming everyone else but himself.What a shocker.Theres me thinking he might say he & the players are to blame,lol,yeah right 😉

  • TysonM says:

    Didnt realize we had been producing good performances all season with entertainment value..Maybe i have been going to the wrong grounds!.We must be the unluckiest team in the Prem,we have been producing good performance with entertainmenet value & only won two of these seventeen games.How unlucky must we be.********!

  • mattefumi el loco says:

    Ahaaha… Now we can sleep soundly in our beds… The fool has done his usual pathetic thinking, the same every friday… The coward isn’t able to look himself in the mirror… it may break…


  • whambam says:

    If Sams going to look in the mirror it had better be one of them you get at the fairground

  • bubs says:

    2 mistakes today joined the political arena and went against Mrs Brady ,
    Backing Russell Brand what do expect a no vote ( until the end of the season )
    Then bring up a mirror,well BFS what do you see in the mirror,
    A old man with no where to go,blame anyone or anything for the trouble you have brought to our club,no dignity,no style in everything,no motivator of people,eft ect but you make a minority of people feel safe,your like a broken fire alarm look helpful but when a fire starts of no use at all,
    Nene and Alfitano are looking in the mirror to see if they are invisible,
    BFS FOR PANTO mirror on the wall am I a hippo fat and tall

  • HammerJeff says:

    How much more rubbish (on the pitch and from BFS mouth) do we have to put up with?! Wake me up in the summer when it’s all over!!! Coyi

  • Rads says:

    I guess we cant expect the self-proclaimed most flexible & sophisticated manager in the Prem to take any responsibility,it is ofc the players fault,why should it be anything he does.He is the Premiers Leagues best manager,it has to be the players,why should he need to look in the mirror himself.Ffs,can there be any club with such an egotistical joke of a manager.I dont mind self-belief & confidence,even a little bit of an ego,but this muppet cant back it up with actions or trophies.The Dead Man Walking still talking crap,what a change 😉

  • essexclarets says:

    Look in the mirror & see a fat northern #### standing behind him counting his money & chewing 2 dozen packs of gum.
    Allways somebody elses fault, every week he comes out & makes his excuse days in advance.
    HEY LISTEN UP… you are the manager, it is ur job to motivate the players, pick them up & put confidence back into the squad. You dont tell say “it’s all the players fault, look in a mirror, playing youngters is to blame, unlucky…blah blah blah”
    do us all a favour, go now & stop making our club a laughing stock….

  • bubs says:

    DG will be telling us later we are not a joke club,
    Correct but are manager is and that what we keep telling you DG,
    As Essex said laughing stock ( another word for joke club ) do something about it don’t keep putting it off,
    Wait till the end of the season is starting to sound like the previous government left us with,

  • mattefumi el loco says:

    Ahaha.. Anyway, if I was BFS’ wife, I would file for divorce because of shame… I would ask him the maintenance allowances… Lol

  • Chickenrunner says:

    This guy is incredible,every time i think he cant out do himself in the bullsh*t pre/post match interviews he out does himself over & over again.He really is getting beyond a joke.We as a club & supporters dont deserve this sh*t anymore!

  • Rads says:

    Lol,why should it be a surprise Chicken,the ars*wipe has four or five days to plan his excuses.He has been talking about getting to 50pts for two months now,lol.We are still waiting muppet! 😉

  • bubs says:

    If he motivate the players as well as he fuxks you off Chicken we would be top of the league,
    The problem is you can’t turn a page in the papers and his not on it talking rubbish,
    He is on the radio the TV,
    Tonight I get the privilege of reading the evening standard and his column
    It’s like a reoccurring nightmare,
    Why is he not being blocked by the owners it’s bad for our club,

  • Chickenrunner says:

    He does f*ck me off bubs,i have never felt so much contempt for a manager in my life.I saw someone mention the agent gig,well it stinks imho.If you take Cole out of the equation,he was let go though subsequently came back,we have seven players still from our Championship season.Many players have come & gone but is it just coincidence that five of the seven who remain on Premiership wages are all with the same agent as Sam.None of these players apart from Tomkins offers anything to this squad another alternative couldnt have done in the last three years.I know that obviously they have contracts,but so did many of the others sold.It takes the p*ss as far as im concerned.

  • BoleynForever says:

    Allardyce has said that tomorrow it is vital that we keep a clean sheet. FFS

    Why is it Vital? what if we won 4-2, or 3-2, or god forbid 4-3. A win is a win but the difference is that each and every West Ham fan will go away from the ground very happy.

    Once again even with all the stick he is getting, even with just 4 games left and nothing but pride to play for he still wont change will he.

    Btw has anyone checked KUMB out, still loads on there saying Sam is a great manager, Sam is taking us forward, Sam must get another new deal, Sam has overseen a great season, Sam’s football is not as bad as made out, we will regret it if we part ways with Sam, ect ect ect.


    Nearly all those making those daft claims are from people who do not actually go to the games.

    Sadly it is idiots like that which will help keep the Dudley Dinosaur in a job with us.

    For the good of our club, the good of the genuine fans and for the good of many of our Sanity, please do the right thing and get rid of him.

  • Chickenrunner says:

    Yeah there are many on there who still hail Sam the King.Most just look at the table on a sunday morning & thats good enough i think 😉

    • BoleynForever says:

      You are right when you say they just look at the table.

      We all do, thing is I see us 3rd to 11th and still slipping.

      No one expected us to be top 4, no one really thought we would be top 6.
      But to go from 3rd to 11th is a disgrace. From a plus 10 goal difference to -0.
      Shocking football,
      3 wins from 21. Humiliated in the cup by WBA.
      Throwing the Chelsea away game in order to beat Arsenal. (which we still lost)
      Leads being thrown away, late goals conceded galore.
      Players not trying because it is clear they have been told not to get booked so we secure our place in the Europa League.
      No pride, passion or commitment from the players or the manager.
      Nolan still getting starts ahead of Morgan and Poyet.
      Nene being left to rot.
      The list goes on.

      I truly am stunned that some still back him and even more stunned when some say it has been a fantastic season.

      This season and last has been the worse I have ever witnessed in my 25 years as a Season Ticket holder.

      Football for me is about entertainment and under Sam we have next to none.

      • WHU647580 says:

        Hasn’t been a fantastic season. But it has been better than last year football wise.

        We shouldn’t of slipped so far but it just shows the squad and perhaps manager need work.

        • BoleynForever says:

          “But it has been better than last year football wise.”

          No it has not. Don’t even try and pull that one.

          Sam had fck all to do with the early good form, once he got things back to his way the football as been worse than ever.

          The manager needs work? Are you for real. Daftest thing I have seen you say yet.

          He is 60 years old and nearing retirement, his approach to games has always been the same, his style and tactics have always been negative and his football has always been some of the worse ever served up. He will never change.

          The manager needs work. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

          Sam Allardyce never has had a place in football management, sooner he quits the game the better. He is an utter embarrassment to the sport.

          • WHU647580 says:

            Yeah it really has in my opinion.

            You of course have yours.

            when you break a 30 year old record for points plus the number of goals scored and a positive GD for so long it really has,.

            Such a bitter and narrow attitude to have Boleyn…..next you’ll be telling everyone that Sully bought ALL the players and Teddy took all the sessions.

            Yep the manager needs work as in the “position”

            Christ sake you’re pretty angry eh.

  • WHU647580 says:

    Serious question…..(Bubs / Matte – whatever you “think” not here to cause trouble, even though we have differing opinions although not as different as you may think)

    Why is it a manager ( or especially this/our Managee) MUST criticise himself?

    (Although the other day he did say they were both to blame).

    Also ehat other Manager in the PL comes out pre or post match and says “you know what, forget the players, they gave everything, blame me I got the lne up, setup, line up and subs wrong…..I didn’t get them motivated that’s all my fault”

    Because I’ll be honest I don’t think it happens and at best only once in a blue moon.

    As I said, honest question and interested in your thoughts

    Thanks, peace out.

  • WHU647580 says:

    Boleyn……so you’re saying only fans that go to games right now (and may not want him gone just yet) are genuine?

    what about fans who’ve walked away from their ST for whatever reason, financial managerial, board or whatever?

    What about fans who went a lot back in the 80’s & 90’s but can’t go now?

    what about fans who live half way round the world and only get to see a couple of games live and travel thousands of miles to do it?

    Just curious that’s all.

    • BoleynForever says:

      Fans who go to the games are the live support of the club. They are the ones who put the money, time and effort in. If you went back in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, but cant go now is irrelevant, because it is the here and now that we are talking about.

      Fans who do not go are just as important of course. Just as entitled to their opinion, But when you go to the games you get a much better perspective of everything and you get a much better understanding of what the attending viewer wants. I would say those who go are easily 80% in favour of getting a new manager in.

      Anyway whufc647580 I just figured out what your game is and going on what the others are saying it seems best to not get involved.

      • essexclarets says:

        I think you we find that most of our income is from Sky..etc. because some people can or cant go makes no difference. Anyone who says that your opinion only counts or means more if you go to every game is in my opinion a t##t. Are you a better supporter because you can afford to have a ST?? Every single person who pays for sky sports, BT sports etc is as much a life support as st holders.. i’ve been a hammer for 40 years no one is a bigger better supporter than i am or any other true supporter.

      • WHU647580 says:

        Excellent post Boleyn thanks for all that.

        Firstly it’s the TV paying public around the world that have more of a direct impact on clubs finances, our ticket revenue is at about 20% of our income now.

        I’m happy I went through those decades and was part of it, before the birth of the modern game and the immediate self gratification fan we see al too often now.

        You’ve figured it out have you Boleyn…..okay mate, well done.

        • TysonM says:

          Ffs,just you just go round popping at every person who posts on here.Every damn person i have seen post you have followed up with some sarcastic mainly inane drival from the Encyclopedia 647580.Is there anyone you havnt disagreed with or had a go at in the last two days.You are one pathetic man,everything i despise in people,an opinionated jerk who just looks for conflict.Why dont you jog on back under your rock!

          • WHU647580 says:

            Have a read back Tyson….plenty of agreeing comments with users.

            If people want to leave comments like “i know what you’re doing” (when they dont) what do.you expect back?

            I’ve responded to his comment with my own opinion, its not popping….it’s opinion.


  • Chickenrunner says:

    Do you only actually come on here to question peoples comments or tell them they are wrong.Everytime you come on here its the same sh*t.Lets question other peoples beliefs or in not so many words try to tell them they are wrong.You get right on thrupennies tbh.

    • WHU647580 says:

      I’ve asked a question chicken…..that’s all, is that allowed?

      We all don’t have to have the same opinions okay? They can vary.

  • BoleynForever says:

    Plenty of managers take the blame, very few come out and blame everything on the players.

    Sam has never once taken any responsibility, he always blames everyone else. He has zero respect for anyone and even when we lose and go on horrific runs such as we are now, it is never his fault.
    To continue to lay all the blame at your players feet is a disgrace, no wonder we are so poor at the moment.

    He should be backing them in public like all good managers do.

    That is one of many reasons why so few fans have any respect for him. He needs to learn some humility and at least now and again put his huge ego to aside.

    Fans Are also fed up of hearing him compare himself to Wenger and making daft statements such as “I am the most sophisticated manager in the league” or “I am good enough to manager Manchester United or Real Madrid”

    He may be deadly serious with those comments, but the rest of the football world just sit back and laugh at him.

    • WHU647580 says:

      How can he back a team that is on a run of 2 wins in 17?

      If he did, im sure you’d be upset.

      They have to take responsibility as well as him.

      he admitted blame the other week, go look.

  • Rads says:

    Haha,war break outs again,647580 turns up,dismisses peoples comments as garbage near as damn it & it all kicks off again,lol.Same sh*t different day.Get back in your bunker Matte,he will be coming for you after he has finished with Boleyn.Love it! 😀 😀

    • mattefumi el loco says:

      Ahaha… I’m here in my bunker lying on my bed, chewing gum and watching tv… What’s happening? Lol…

    • WHU647580 says:

      Which bit of my post/question dismissed anyone’s comment as garbage?

      WTF do you see when you read lol

      Not coming after anyone and asking whoever wants to respond, I only mentioned Matte/Bubs because they directly replied the other day on another article and seemed a bit ****ed off.

  • TysonM says:

    Didnt pelligrini just a few weeks ago say blame me,it was my fault.I have heard many managers admit to getting it tactically wrong on the day or saying that they maybe should have done this or that different.That maybe they should have put a sub on earlier or replaced a player earlier in the game when they do post match interviews.To say that other managers dont admit to their own fallibilities is rubbish,total horsesh*t in fact!

    • WHU647580 says:

      Now you mention it you could be right about Pellegrini, he did say something.

      After that I can’t remember too many doing it.

  • TysonM says:

    Anyway,how the hell does anyone know what every manager says in every interview throughout the season.To say a manager doesnt admit something is bs.You probably see a 30sec clip on MOTD or Sky,a few words in the paper on a sunday or the day after a match.Most people here probably wouldnt have a clue what someone like Pulis or Koeman has said in all the press through the week.To say other managers dont admit to their errors is bs.You probably havnt even got a clue what most prem managers have said across the whole media his week,let alone all season!

  • bubs says:

    Just a comment from one of those that don’t count because I am no longer able to go to games every week,and I am sorry that I followed our club all over England and Europe for 45 years,
    I wonder how our club would function if we only sold 35k shirts a year and other produce we might get a sponsor like £1 shop and have enough in come to loan a couple of Nolans,
    I know there is a lot of shxt stirring going on because people want to change the subject from the wicked witch and her magic mirror,
    Boleyn you are a better supporter than me sorry but other things happened in life and I had to move away,
    647580 sorry can’t use the prefix you don’t deserve to be connected to our club what have they not got something exciting on wetpants.com and you thought you would drift over here like a lame fart,

    • WHU647580 says:

      So you play the victim card because you’re an expat and clearly think that what some have said Is wrong regarding “fan status”

      Then you go and tell another user you don’t know that they are not worthy of being connected with the club.

      Youre f***** priceless mate!

      I’m an expat too

      FFS you couldn’t make it uo, could you?

  • BoleynForever says:

    Bubs that is not what I was saying at all. I do not think I am a better fan than you or anyone.

    I said fans who go on a regular basis get a better perspective than those who don’t. They get a better understanding of what the feeling is among the other fans who are attending.

    I didn’t go in the 80’s so I don’t have as good an understanding of things that went on than those who did regularly go.

    When I read comments from fans who admit they have not been to watch us live for 5, 8, 10 years or however long it may be and they also say they don’t get to watch all that many games, yet they say those of us who want Allardyce out are not proper fans it does quite rightly stick in my throat.

  • bubs says:

    Boleyn it’s ok I know sitting in the ground and listening to the fans screen abuse at BFS for 90 mins gives you more perspective,
    You have let him bate you mate in this day and age where I can watch every game with a clear view and rewind and watch it again with perfect clear uninterrupted picture then read all the views in the press or on the Internet
    Then talk to all you proper fans very day nod listen to your views ( and I do listen )
    I do think of myself as a faithful true forever fan Untilidie
    But I am not wearing those shirts
    I would sooner wear Matte,s mini Kilt
    Boleyn he is a twxt

    • WHU647580 says:

      So can I bubs, all in glorious HD as well for a fraction of the ticket prices, its great

      But deep down I’d rather be there any day

  • Tony gore says:

    Wot??another thick comment,look in the mirror yourself, you will see a .

  • BoleynForever says:

    Sorry Boleyn who is a ****? Me or are you referring to someone else?

    • Tony gore says:

      Sorry, I was referring to fat Sam.

    • BoleynForever says:


      Sorry Bubs who is a ****? Me? or are you referring to someone else?

      I class you as a true fan and loyal fan btw. Your opinion is as valid as anyone else’s.

  • mattefumi el loco says:

    Ahah… Boleyn (maybe you know I’m not a Sam lover), I live in Italy and unfortunately I can go to the stadium like you or other fans in London. But I think I’ve got a good perspective of what is happening and what is right or not (obviously in my opinion that seems to be similar to your opinion). So who am I? I don’t go to the Boleyn but I’m with you… I’m a mysterious being… Lol… I’m saying this friendly… 😉

  • Rads says:

    647580 has brought bad karma with him,he has created a battlefield & then vanished,lol 😀

  • bubs says:

    The man with numbers 647580
    But after telling Hugh this is a Anti Sam Site I think you may find out your time here is short

    • BoleynForever says:

      My time here is short? Oh boo hoo.

      What is Hugh that childish that he cant accept other people’s opinion and criticisms of him. Are you his father. or minder?

      This is an Anti Sam site, And I am pleased it is as I cant stand Allardyce and cant wait to he leaves us, I would not wish him on anyone.
      Every other West Ham forum knows what this site is and all the ones I post on bash this place left right and centre, even many of my fellow Anti Sam posters belittle this site because of it’s clear agenda.

      I actually defend it as much as I can. I have had people dig me out because of my defence of Claret and Hugh.

      Bubs I really cant be arsed with you any more, you clearly are to thick to talk to. All your posts make no sense and it seems you are only trying to stir bad blood and cause pointless rows.

      Try with someone else you cretin.

  • mattefumi el loco says:

    *can’t go to… Sorry

  • mattefumi el loco says:

    Ahahah… Sam lovers, if you need help, call the emergency freephone number +44 647580… Lol

  • Rads says:

    Personally i dont really care what other site bashes this place.Most of them are just hypocritical b*stards.All up Sams ar*e for two or three months when we were doing well,all digging out people on here & i now see the same people on other sites who vociferiously defended him slagging him to bits.The same people who next season if he goes will in the main be relieved he has gone & will be reminising with eachother about the awful football we had under Allardyce & what a muppet he was with his negativity,team selections & other fundamental stuff he regularly messed up.

  • bubs says:

    Cretin a person who is unintelligent who mixes with other cretins stupid brainless child like
    yes Bolyne you have got it right can’t spell either,
    But how do you fell when a cretin can get under your skin,
    If you are anti DG,BFS,and Mrs Brady what do you like ?
    Don’t answer you can’t be arsed,
    Going to have a beer I will take my passport in case they think I am only 8 or 9

  • Rads says:

    Someone let me know when 647580 has finished dissecting every persons comments.I guess it could take a while,Zzzzzzz 😀

  • WHU647580 says:

    Just responding Rads…..seems like the decent thing to do.

  • Rads says:

    Ah you f*ck,you are just looking for arguements.Dont try & give me that old pony 😀

  • WHU647580 says:

    I’ve asked an honest question that’s all.

    If people want to argue that’s up to them,personally I like a bit of debate/conversation, not everyones cup of tea I admit.

  • Rads says:

    No,you want an arguement.You are not happy with a debate,thats too cosy.You are looking for full scale confrontation.Dont waste your time with me.Forums dont get my juices flowing,boring 😉

  • I will always accep[t different views nut won’t be called a retarded See You next Tuesday or anything like it – so Boleyn is not Forever

  • bubs says:

    647580 as a ex pat which lovely country are you stationed in,
    Just guessing that’s your number not prison number ?
    Rads you going tomorrow?

  • Rads says:

    Sorry bubs,didnt see this.Too much crazy chaos going on on here today,lol.Yeah i am going,hippohead wont keep me away.He will be history soon then i can banish him from my mind & start to enjoy the Boleyn experience again.As i always have until this tactical genius started getting us playing dross for the best part of four years.No matter who takes over they cant get us playing such tepid,coma inducing crap as he has dished up to us with his keep a clean sheet,respect the point bs.

  • bubs says:

    Hopeful as ever Rads I hope it’s a good game you and the faithful deserve it
    I would say wish I was there but knowing what’s been happening I would just come away delusioned,
    Hope I am wrong about the result but just have that sinking feeling,
    Speak after the game

  • Tony gore says:

    Mirror mirror on the wall,I’m a Pratt so say you all.

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