Allardyce wants to be England boss!


Sam-allardyce-523256Sam Allardyce still hopes to manage England!

He had been considered a possible candidate to succeed Sven-Goran Eriksson in 2006 after an impressive spell in charge of Bolton, but the job went to Steve McClaren.

He had fallen out of the running when Fabio Capello’s time was up but he feels he could put himself in the frame if he impresses in club management when the job is next vacant.

He told the Daily Express: “As time goes on, you wonder how long Roy will be there. “hen the job does become vacant, you are talking about one of the most iconic jobs in international football, so you have to be on top of your game at that particular time.

“I would hope to be when Roy does finish, but you can’t see the future. Even two years in the future is a long time. I do know I was ready for it in 2006. In the end, they went for Steve McClaren, which was a massive disappointment.”

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  • rugbyirons says:

    The joke of the year! He couldn’t manage what he had without hoof ball.he needed the sort of players he wouldn’t even consider to turn our fortunes around.There is no point coaching younger players if all you can do is hoof, AND despite only needing to find 8 players,AC,Nolan and Rooney he still couldn’t do it.he’s a joke

  • Hammerman6 says:

    I can hear 75% of Irons fans cheering with hope & laughing at the same time !!!!

  • rads45 says:

    Im not anti BFS at all,but this is so typical of him,blowing his own trumpet at every opportunity.I love the way we are playing football atm,but when all said & done we have lost 3 of 7 matches this season.It is hardly a reason for him to be bigging himself up for the England job.It is only coz of the dross he gave us last year we are all so happy with 10 points out of 21,maybe if we had won 6 out of 7 he might have a reason for his self promotion.

  • baddowhammer says:

    Really is turning into anti Allardyce avenue,isn’t it.I can’t remember West Ham fans talking about our manager with so much venom before.Sign of the times i guess.If someone three year’s ago told me we would be seventh at the international break albeit seven game’s gone,i would have been pleased we were still in the Prem,let alone starting so well. C.O.Y.I.

    • No it’s not. I heartily approve of his football this year but are you saying his every word is to be accepted regardless of whether it’s true or not. And we are only quoting what he’s saying in other papers beyond that.

      • baddowhammer says:

        I didn’t actually mean you in particular you have been fairly balanced on the Sam issue.Of course he was involved in a meeting with the board,and thing’s were discussed as money was going to be spent and they wanted to make sure he knew the script.He was more or less forced into ugly football,courtesy of the Championship and money constraints.I knew he was trying to curry favour,but who want’s to look like a naughty schoolboy. p.s. love your site C.O.Y.I.

  • rads45 says:

    Well i said i aint anti bfs,so i dont think i am walking along this so called avenue.I just said that him talking about the England job is a lil ott after just 7 matches of which we have lost 3.If we continue as we are we will approx win about 14/15 matches outta 38.Probably finishing with about mid 50 pts,more than acceptable but i dont think people will be calling for him to manage England coz of this.Anyway,its a democratic country,we all have opinions,it makes none of us right or wrong.All we know for sure is that Sam is fat & that cant be denied 😉

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