Allardyce: “We wont change attacking game!”


Sam Allardyce admitted that West Ham were not good enough at Leicester but claims he won’y change what he calls his attacking football” policy “because we believe that’s the right way forward for us.”

Speaking after the match on Sky Sports he said: “To not get anything is bitterly disappointing based on the chances we created.

“Too many chances went begging. If we had got another and got our noses in front that might have knocked the stuffing out of Leicester, given their position.

“But because we didn’t they always had that little bit of hope and belief that they might get the winner and they did.

“It was a little bit fortunate for them but that’s what happens when you don’t take your chances, sometimes you pay the price.”

Although ninth in the table, we have now won just one of our last nine Premier League matches.

But Allardyce said: “It’s quite a shame really because that’s only the third defeat by a team below us this season, that’s how good we have been against teams below us, but today we were not good enough.

“We have scored more goals this year than we ever have in the Premier League, we are playing more attacking football and that’s what we will carry on doing.

“If it doesn’t bring us some results we are not going to change based on the basis that we think that is the right way forward for us.”

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  • mattefumi69 says:

    Ahahah… BFS don’t even know what it means “attacking football”… Maybe he believes that kick long balls to the striker is “attacking football”… This is called prehistoric football. Poor sod…

  • mattefumi69 says:

    * Ops… doesn’t not don’t…

  • bubs says:

    He is realy taking the pee now,
    How can playing 1 forward and playing Nolan be considered attacking football,
    Why was Nene not played along side Sakho or even Cole,
    And to swap Sakho with Cole how is that attacking,

  • whambam says:

    Hard to keep up on here with the ‘hang Sam’ threads, you post on one then another 4 pop up

  • essexclarets says:

    At least he had already got his excuses in before the game.

  • bubbles says:

    What a DISGRACE .Cole, Noble ,Nolan and Song…. Can anyone tell me of a team in P/ship with 4 worse players in it ????? Attacking football with Nolan and Cole … is the fat t–t having a laugh .

  • Tony Hammer 61 says:

    Attacking game? At no point did we have 2 strikers playing in tandem. He brought Nene on with 4 mins + injury time left. He replaced our top scorer with Cole – not bring him on to assist Sakho. He wastes Downing out wide to play Nolan who is so far his best it is embarrassing. He is not fooling anyone with his rhetoric. A tough decision has to be made by the board at the end of this season. Allardyce is NOT consistently getting the best out of the squad of players he has. Simples

  • indelec says:

    Rues missed chances, hang about they missed a penalty, missed a clear one on one with adrian, and had the ball cleared off the line, think Pearson would have been ok saying that comment not sam, as for the commentators, I laughed so loud when they said nolan will be enjoying the game today as he is hanging around up front with sakho, doesn’t matter how many strikers we have he is always hanging around up there, brings nothing to the team as doesn’t have the ability to bother getting back to help when they attack, passing ability is terrible, I for one wouldn’t mind the last 8 games with the likes of poyet being played in songs position, Reece Oxford being given half a game here and there to see how they play with not a lot of pressure on to get the results and to give them that feeling of being in that quality of game, not with sam though hasn’t really given any youth even the ones bought in a chance,

  • lifeissobeautiful says:

    It was a really open attacking game of football. when Leicester best Man U 5 – 3 earlier in the season I thought they would survive in the premier league. They haven’t done great since then but have been beaten by fine margins at times and probably deserve better than their league position suggests. It was an entertaining game which on another day we might have won. Hats off to kouyate and Adrian. Both had great games. Both must be serious contenders for player of the year.

  • hammer180 says:

    With sooooo many potential premier league would be managers writing in, Gold & Sullivan must be spoilt for choice LOL. 4th in the league at xmas, oh how many really believed we would be there now, this is not Disney World! Hey would you believe that if you play more attacking football you also give the other team a better chance to score!! Noble and Song played well, did you notice the superb pass to Kouyate? Yeah lets play the boys in the team, the last one was Defoe who usually only came on for the last 10 to 15 minutes, remember. At long last WHU has become more stable and not like a yoyo, don’t cut the string yet not just yet!!!!

    • StringRay Stewart says:

      Clearly if if you play attacking football more it alllows the other team freedom to play as well,but we dont seem tomhave come put of it too well this season when we have gone with a defensive set up have we.Especially when trying to protect 1-0 leads & we have been told to sit back & allow teams to come on to us.It has failed to epic proportions this season.As for using Defoe as an example of a youngster coming into the team,i think you are in a timewarp.Can i throw at you Noble,Tomkins & Collison just off the top of my head.I wonder if you are more the prawn sandwich man,not the other guys on here.

  • sibbo says:

    get sam out NOW

  • Tony gore says:

    Chelsea,arsenal and a few others have bought their success. Do you really want west ham to buy theirs, MONEY TALKS

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