Allardyce’s chance to make us all happy!

OxfordSam Allardyce has a way to claim some real favour with the fans before the end of the season.

And if he is indeed to leave, there’s also a way he can be remembered by them for one good reason in the years to come.

Perhaps it hasn’t occurred to him – perhaps if it has he doesn’t particularly care about the option – but it would do him no harm! There is nothing to lose.

I’m talking about Reece Oxford – commonly accepted as the most exciting young Hammer to emerge in many years – and the opportunity the manager has to give him his first team debut.

Were Sam to do so he would mark out a little spot in history for himself as the first manager to give the kid his chance when in years to come he becomes the massive player and possible England captain many are predicting.

That may just appeal to Mr Allardyce don’t you think!

And the truth is that West Ham with nothing to play for other than mid table respectability he Β can easily afford to make such a move. It’s not even a gamble.

Many believe Reece will be impacting on things next season anyway and every single one of us want to see the lad given his opportunity – even if it’s only for 20 minutes as a second half sub.

I doubt Β it will happen but it should as should more inclusions for Morgan Amalfitano and Brazilian Nene.

None of us expected the Brazilian to be very involved when he arrived…he hasn’t been and that again demonstrates the predictability entrenched in our managerial system.

Every one of us can call virtually everything so come on Mr Allardyce: prove us wrong, give us an injection of much needed excitement…play young Reece!


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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

24 comments on “Allardyce’s chance to make us all happy!

  1. The chances of BFS playing a homegrown young player in any of the remaining meaningless matches – zero!

    BFS doesn’t do youth, he’s not interested, he relys on what he knows and his Agent pal for any input into the squad – sad to say but a fact!

  2. There must be some sort of mistake, It may be that Sam has misread Oxford’s age, 71 instead of 17… It’s the only possible explanation I can think of.

  3. In four seasons he has done nothing to encourage youngsters & give them opportunities so why should he change now.He did of course play them all against Forest last year when he hung them all out to dry.He will always go for tried & tested.Though im sure someone will come on to fight his corner by mentioning Phil Jones or some random guy from 15 years who was 17 & played 30mins in one match.I propose Sam as the new Head Of Youth Development at the FA if his contract isnt renewed πŸ˜‰

  4. I have researched Sams’ career and he has never given youth a chance. The only time he did for us was last year where ha played 7 in one match and absolutely ruined all confidence any of them might have had, and guess what they have all been ignored since or sent out on loan or released.
    He has ruined the Acadamy status we enjoyed and ruyined many a young mans future by his intrangience towards blooding youth. The owners must have noticed this, he only plays tried and tested players regardless whether they have slowed down or lost form, take NOLAN, JARVIS & O’BRIEN for instance all played instead of fitter younger players cos he is too scared to try them. HE MUST GO NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I doubt Allardyce even knows where the youth team play their games,probably never been to watch them,just gets one of his stats sheets sent about each one of them twice a season.BFS OUT before he makes us relegation fodder again.Last season was bad enough,now he has us going in the wrong direction again.We can do so much better in our choice of manager.He is so limited in his management it is embarressing!

  6. Come on we are talking about Big Fat Sam here, Academy players? he only used them once in a cup tie, sent them out like lambs to the slaughter and then grinned all over his face, told you they are not good enough! while he played his favourites regardless of form. Roll on the new manager!

  7. Don’t people ever get bored of BFS out comments??

  8. Personally i get no more bored of reading these bfs out comments than i do to watching us being 1-0 up, Sam deceiding to protect the lead with 25mins to go & we concede & draw.As has been the story so many times this season, reading this doesnt cost me my hard earned πŸ™‚

  9. The only thing that bores me to death is watching West Ham play. That’s why I can’t wait for BFS to leave, but before then I cannot emphasise enough my dislike for him. BFS OUT.

  10. Matte BFS OUT
    the old Biggin Hill Shetlands has moved to Essex ( bad sign )
    With the next 3 games all winnerable he will pick Nolan and gang to make it look like we need them and not take a chance of youth making him look stupid,
    So don’t hold your breath.
    BFS OUT ( sorry Essex)

  11. Although there is no chance doesnt Burke deserve the game first?

  12. Weren’t Nolan, O’Brien and vaz te young once when he played them? Hate to say it but the real reason he might not have given youth a chance and they’ve all been released us because they weren’t good enough, just a thought.

  13. So Lee,Poyet and Potts were all released
    Even if Boothe and Oxford are in some people’s opinion to young why was Henrey not good enough for us but can play against Liverpool for another team ?
    Why because we write the truth about BFS does that make us BFS haters ?
    We voice our opinion about his method of football not hm verbally then BFS lovers turn it into a personal thing.

    • ahaha… yes bubs, any way you look at it the obvious solution is the right one: BFS OUT.
      The facts speak for themselves, I’m kind of tired of repeating them.

    • potts is going to be released as he isn’t good enough, he’s lucky he got the extra year, Lee won’t make it either with us. Boothe? If you mean Burke then why not try him out now, have a good look and see if he’s up to it, Henry going out on loan was a smart move imo, young, foreign and new to the league, would’ve been madness to chuck him in at the deepend and I’m not against youth, if your good enough your old enough I just don’t see the point in throwing sub standard kids in just because we as fans are desperate to find and love the next cottee nor am I a bfs lover, if there is such a creature.

      • To be fair on this one Doneil Henry isnt particularly wet behind the ears,he is 22 in a few weeks time & has played 14 times for Canada.It isnt like he is 16/17 like Oxford with no first team experience.With the defensive problems we always seem to have it seemd a little short sighted to send him on loan.But he is shagged now till next season so it is immaterial i guess πŸ˜‰

        • He’s very wet behind the ears for the most competitive league in the world regardless of how many caps he has for Canada, he could just as easily been the next Alex bunbury if we’d thrown him in head first, as it is looks like he’s going to be a real find.

          • I think you are doing the lad a diservice if you think at 22 he couldnt hack a bit of first team exposure.Southampton seem to have no issue playing many players far younger than Henry,exposing them to the Prem.If he is going to be a real find then surely he was up to a few chances round the first team.Alex Bunbury was a ridiculous signing based on one hatrick for Canada.It isnt even a comparable arguement.But you are probably right,,you have your name in purple after all.It means you have greater knowledge i guess πŸ˜€

          • If the boy isnt going to get a chance round the first team then surely he is going to stay wet behind the ears with regards to the premiership forever & a day.At 21 there was no reason to not give him some squad time or a place on the bench.With your theory New no youngster will never not be wet behind the ears.The only way they will gain experience is to be exposed to it,especially when we had the injuries.James Tomkins was playing at his age & the experience he gained at that age has probably made him a far better player for that experience gained when younger & being given his head.

  14. I think some people just dont care about the style of football or entertainment value,for them it is just about how high we finish in the league.For me the way we play football is of major importance & if we sacrifice 1 or 2 places in the league to play a more traditional style of west ham football i will take that.Allardyces football might get results but it comes at a cost that im tired of watching.He can only achieve so much as a Premier manager,thats why he never will be & never has been considered for a bigger job in the league.No top team would even consider his style as suitable to achieve anything.

    • You hit the nail: but BFS lovers don’t want to understand this obvious fact. I’m not sure this one can be fixed, welcome to the BFS Brigade πŸ™‚

  15. I,he been a fan since 1962, and nothing,s changed? That,s why its bubbles, it,s west ham. That makes them so frustrainly entertaining.

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