Allardyce’s D-Day next week!


Gold sullivan BradyWest Ham’s board of directors expect to decide Sam Allardyce’s future within seven days of the Newcastle game.

With pressure at near bursting point among the fans for a decision, the board will hold offer no announcements one way or the other – or even neutrally – ahead of D-Day.

The date of the end of season review meeting at which Allardyce will be given an opportunity to state his case for remaining in charge has not yet been arranged but ClaretandHugh was told today it will be within a week of the last game of the season.

Once the decision is made, co-chairman, David Gold and David Sullivan will head off to their annual Marbella retreat to plan the 2015-16 season.

However, we can reveal that it is not seen as an absolute necessity that a new manager is in place should the club refuse to offer the 60 year old a new deal with the board content to wait until as late as July if necessary to get their man.

There is without question  a mood for change inside the club although vice chairman Karren Brady may be expected to argue for a new Allardyce deal.

As the architect of the Olympic Stadium ‘dream’ she is expected to take the view that the 60 year old is a safe pair of hands to take us through our first year at Stratford and thus argue for a two year renewal.

However, that looks like an  uphill fight after an appalling second half of the season and the intense fan fury it has generated.

And the board may feel seriously reluctant to face down the protests from a fan base itself desperate for change after the howls of discontent at last summer’s ‘He Stays’ decision..

The ‘safe hands’ argument is a tough one to argue given a run of ‘relegation form’ results in the second half of the season which has seen the Irons collect just 16 points from a possible 60.

Additionally the fan fury which has arisen over the last few months is a direct contradiction to the board calling for Allardyce to rebuild a relationship with the supporters after last season’s review meeting.

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • Quickdraw says:

    Let’s hope the meeting is on Sunday and we all get the result we’re after BFS OUT

  • Stuck On 99 Forever! says:

    Just launch the geezer out of the club as quick as possible.Im sure Brady will get over it in time.Get a good looking manager next,she will be fine 😉

    • ssaunders says:

      Sorry 99 forever – Lady Brady is not a shallow character. What you have just posted is quite insulting. She is a very smart individual who has helped our club in leaps and bounds and have helped the David’s bring us to where we can view a very bright and hopefully successful future.
      Keep up the good work Karen, David and David.

      • StingRay Stewart says:

        Just another example of people taking themselves & football far far too seriously.Give yourself a day off ssaunders,you clearly need it.

  • ssaunders says:

    Sorry Sam, I have been a supporter of yours and I am grateful that you have got us back into the premiership, and very grateful that you have kept us in the premiership. For the first half of the season my support of you was justified but since Christmas we have only won games against relegation fodder and the belief in the team has dissappeared. You cannot motivate the team to carry on and get a win, to put up a fight, to battle and get 3 more points on the board. I hope you do against Newcastle (they will not go down anyway) but the time has come for you to move on. If we start next season the way you have got the team playing since Christmas we will be relegated next year. Sorry Sam, thank you and good luck.

  • bubs says:

    If Brady gets her way let’s hope she like to explain why there are empty seats next year and a drop on income from product sales,
    If all she is interested in is the financial side of the club then she should have no input in to the playing side,
    It’s coming down to a choice 50million supporters world wide who love football or 1 Lady who is only interested in money and is not a WHU fan,
    Make your choice DG and DS and we will truly know how you think of us

  • sibbo says:

    brady knows buisness. but she wouldnt know a good manager if he was standing next to her

  • bubs says:

    ssaunders 99 has his right to view Lady Brady how he likes and he did not insult her,
    She is viewing our club totally on a financial bases not like us as fans,
    I am sure like most a little bit of eye candy would not go a miss,
    You must have shares in the club not an interest in watching entertaining football,
    I would not want to put my job on the line if I aren’t as much as she does,
    But this is a column for football fans not accounts
    Keep up the good work Stuck on 99 for Forever

  • Usain Nolan says:

    As someone said the other day.Since when has supporting West Ham suddenly become such a serious subject.My years of supporting my club have been filled with real characters & great banter.Some of the funniest days of my life.Now it seems you have to be a politically correct saint & be white as snow to be an Irons supporter.Some people just make me shake my head the way they take it all so seriously.Incredible,it really is,lol

  • hammer4life says:

    Because the Board have completely screwed up the Sam situation to date why should we have faith in them that they will act quickly and appoint a great replacement? Their track history is not good. That’s what’s beginning to worry me…..

  • rickthehammer63 says:

    are G & S just hoping that they are a premier league club for when they move to the white elephant which is the OS so they can sell to the highest bidder as that what it seems everytime Brady opens her trap. Also she dont pay to watch this tosh ive never liked our owmers & couldn’t care less for them as for hippo getting us up we had the best squad ofplayers but went up through the back door just wondering what would of happened if we didnt we they have sold up & took hippo with em to start a circus & had Brady as the bearded lady or is OUR club in a mess as we dont get the truth just fobbed off with crap I think imo there scared to get shot of the hippo

  • mattefumi keeps the faith says:

    Football is a very serious matter, especially with a manager like ours. I’ll always remember him in this way…

    Sam Neo in “The Matrix”


    Sam thinking about a cunning substitution


    Sam in a asylum


    Sam at little Kev’s Confirmation


  • HamburgHammer says:

    That policy of waiting till the end of the season to talk with the manager is crap and outdated. With the two transfer windows you have some very defined markers where you can switch managers.
    I would make a case and say even NOW would be a good point to make a decision (Is the Newcastle game really going to make much of a difference now ?).
    You either think Allardyce is still the best guy for the job, then by all means give him another two year deal and get it sorted accordingly.
    If not though our board should be confident enough to send him on his way NOW and begin serious negotiations with potential replacements.
    Even if you don’t get target number one you should still be able to put together a deal attractive enough for target 2-4. As long of course as you are aiming high enough with the replacements which we should do being a London club about to move into the OS.
    We cannot offer CL, but we are probably one of the most attractive clubs in Europe right now. And according to Sunday Supplement journos West Ham are rumoured to spend big in the summer to add quantity and quality to our squad.
    I just don’t get why we still have to wait another 7-10 days for the board to make their decision on the manager. It doesn’t make sense.

    • Green man says:

      It makes sense if they’re waiting to hear back from any potential and favourable candidates. They’ll keep him hanging on as long as poss so if no one wants to come to us they’ve still got ‘A lard arse’ to fall back on and could offer him terms for yet another two years. Or they could bin him off now,not find a suitable new boss and then have to go back cap in hand to try coaxing him back a la Carlton Cole.

  • mattefumi keeps the faith says:

    I agree Hamburg, especially when the fans have had enough of this clown called manager.

  • HamburgHammer says:

    It’s a principle they can maybe keep in their other businesses, but it doesn’t work for football. I hope this dithering around for another 7-10 days doesn’t cost us a decent replacement manager.
    Klopp apparently in Turkey as we speak to talk about taking over at Fenerbahce.
    Big club, bound to play in the CL, would appeal to Klopp’s passion.
    But not Premier League, I reckon if our board put together a decent offer Klopp would choose us over Fenerbahce.

  • mattefumi keeps the faith says:

    Unfortunately I think Klopp won’t come, here in Italy the journalists take it for granted that Benitez will be the next manager. I would be also equally happy.

  • HamburgHammer says:

    Benitze would be a big step up.If I could choose I’d still take Klopp.

  • ChelmoHammer says:

    Just read something linking us with De boer from Ajax. Who next….

  • Usain Nolan says:

    Yep De Boer has surfaced or resurfaced a bit in the last few days.I think we should get Villas-Boas.He just won the russian league with Zenit but an ex-player said AVB football is rubbish,that Zenit score a goal,settle for 1-0 & spend the rest of the match hoofing it forward,lol,he did actually say ‘hoofing’ as well.He sounds just the guy we need,a Sam twin 😀

  • bubs says:

    It’s no good talking about a new manager at the moment there is no vacancy,
    Sorry lads I know you are all trying to be positive,but you will be even more frustrated if Mrs Brady gets her way,
    And iknow you are going to say there is nothing we can do about it so we may as well dream,
    But it’s becoming sad that even now people are posting that BFS should be kept as a backup,for me there is no furture that has BFS in it and I can’t see where the 2 Daves do not understand this,
    Even if the main candidates turn us down Rafa,Bilic ect ect
    I would sooner offer Gus Poyet or Di Canio the job and go for a new ride then stick to this old banger,

  • HamburgHammer says:

    Allardyce wants another two year deal and no paycut. Cannot see the owners agreeing to this with all the ramifications that would bring, unrest among fans etc.

  • bubs says:

    Hamburg even if worked for nothing I would sooner poke hot needles in my eyes,
    It’s like he knows where the bodies are buried and someone is scared to pull the trigger

  • jwood362 says:

    Saunders take tour tongue out of his your not a dog, are you?

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