Alonso news is a massive Hammers opportunity


Massive opportunity for Steidten to shine

West Ham’s technical director, Tim Steidten, is actively seeking a new manager, with Xabi Alonso – his former employee at Bayer Leverkusen – top of the list. However, there are concerns that securing Alonso’s services may prove challenging, given Leverkusen’s strong position in the Bundesliga.

The potential obstacle lies in the substantial cost associated with buying out Alonso’s recently signed two-year extension, estimated at £13 million, as reported by Hammers News. This financial commitment poses a significant challenge for West Ham, prompting worries that it could hinder our chances of bringing Alonso on board.

Moreover, Alonso’s desire to join West Ham is unlikely, considering his connections with mega clubs like Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, and Liverpool. Each of these clubs may present appealing reasons for Alonso to consider returning to them.

Despite these concerns, I remain unfazed by the situation. Steidten, credited with discovering Alonso and placing him in the Leverkusen hot seat, has already demonstrated his ability to make successful managerial appointments. If he did it once, I’m confident that he can do it again.

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Massive opportunity for Steidten to shine

West Ham appointed Steidten as Director of Football due to his impressive track record and excellent football portfolio. I am confident that Steidten’s network and expertise offer numerous alternatives to Alonso, all well-suited for the job. The fact that Alonso may not have been Steidten’s initial choice for the Leverkusen head coach position further highlights the range of possibilities.

In my view, this situation presents an opportunity rather than a missed chance. Steidten’s expertise and connections within the football world position West Ham favourably to explore alternative managerial options that align with the club’s objectives.

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