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Alternative rollback models could sink or save the Hammers

ESPN have suggested two alternative rollback models considered by the French league that could be used instead of points per game if the Premier League cannot be finished.

Roll back to Gameweek 27

This is the last time all teams had played the same number of games, before Aston Villa and Manchester City were in the Carabao Cup final.

 Compared to simple PPG, the top five would stay the same but only three other positions would be unchanged. Spurs would climb three spots to take a direct route to the Europa League group stage, while Wolves would have to wait on the results of Man City’s appeal for a place in Europe. In the bottom three, West Ham and Watford, who beat Liverpool 3-0 after Feb. 24, would be relegated with Aston Villa and Bournemouth reprieved.

Eight teams would drop places under this method: Sheffield United, Wolves, Arsenal, Crystal Palace, Southampton. Newcastle United, West Ham and Watford; it would only need a vote of seven to stop this rollback.

All results after Feb. 24 would be expunged.

Roll back to  Gameweek 19

This is the league table after each team had played each other once.

 Compared to simple PPG there would be limited change to the top of the table, with Spurs and Wolves in the final Europa League places, but some teams would suffer marked drops that would affect Premier League prize money — each place is worth an extra £2.5 million. Arsenal would drop five places, below Brighton, into 13th while Watford would slip into the relegation zone. Newcastle would go up four places into ninth. Seven teams would drop places under this method: Manchester City, Wolves, Arsenal, Burnley, Everton, Southampton and Watford; so there is a block of votes to prevent it.

Only the first time each club has played each other is counted.


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2 comments on “Alternative rollback models could sink or save the Hammers

  1. No, no and no. Weighted Points, Average points. No. Have the teams with a game-in-hand play out their single match behind closed doors, or whatever, then tally the points and be done. The table is decided on actual points at the end of the season. Either bring those clubs current and tally points, null-and-void or (my favourite) finish the season eventually no matter how long it takes, then start next season late (the messiest solution, but, without a doubt, the fairest). Allow player contracts to expire, etc. as they will, and clubs will only have that to moan about and let teams field whatever players are on the books. – oh, and screw the daylights out of the TV companies. Their fault for paying all the monies up front – they’ll not go bankrupt – but clubs will.

    There, I’ve solved it.

    Oh…And…not watching ze germans unless West Ham is a Bundesliga team.

  2. Any artificial finish deciding positions is a complete and utter no. A complete sham. No integrity – football a joke. I’ve just had a good idea- scrap actually playing games just do each season based on – what the pundits say ! Or for example wind direction on any given day. ! Might as well save a lot of hassle and wouldn’t get into this position again. No need to actually play a game- which is all any artificial finish is.

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