Alvarez Could Return Sooner Than Expected

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At last some good news as enforcer returns sooner than expected 

West Ham United’s midfielder, Edson Álvarez, faces a 5-6 week recovery period following a significant hamstring injury.

Fox Sports reports that Álvarez sustained a 6cm tear in his hamstring during a match against Jamaica while representing Mexico at the Copa América. This prognosis is more favourable than initial fears, which suggested a potential three-month absence.

Detailed assessments revealed a 6cm tear in the posterior thigh of his left leg. Initial evaluations were delayed due to swelling, but subsequent tests provided a clearer picture of the injury.

Álvarez described experiencing a “strong puncture” or “shot” in his left leg at the time of the incident, prompting him to seek immediate medical attention. He was carried off the pitch on a stretcher and underwent an initial examination.

To support his teammates, Álvarez, along with Mexico and West Ham, decided that he would start his recovery with the Mexican National Team while they remain in the Copa América tournament.

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  • Whippet hammer says:

    Posterior thigh as opposed to anterior thigh……what a relief.

    See the anatomy experts are excelling today.

  • Hammeroo says:

    6 weeks would give our warrior, Edson Alvarez, 2 weeks before we play at Cystal Palace in the opening Premier League game. I hope his recovery goes well because we really depend on him and his big heart for a battle.

    • Hammeroo says:

      Oops, sorry, I got my fixtures from Simon Leland’s list published in this website on 18 June.
      Simon appears to have made a bit of a hash of the formatting in the article because, on another look, it seems that we are away to Aston Villa on Saturday 17 August, which is a week earlier than the Palace game.

      It would be nice if Simon fixed the mess but somehow I doubt if he would be bothered.

      I had better get my fixtures from somewhere else.

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